Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Peace Is Possible
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Peace Is Possible


Guru Maharaj Ji's first of five satsangs given on February 19, 1977 in Denver, Colorado

Well, welcome to this program. It's more like a festival than just a regular program and what it really shows is that every program can become a festival. Every single one. Because by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I've really seen that …

I was just going to come out here and have a meeting. Nothing really important. But just slowly it started developing and came to a point where it was like, "No. Let's have a program."

And … let's have a program!

So I call up and I say, "Okay, we're going to have a program." And before you know, the whole thing starts to grow. The whole thing starts to develop.

And the reason we have all assembled at this program - of course, tomorrow there's going to be darshan and there's going to be the satsang program where everybody's going to be. But the reason why we have all come here is really to try to understand, consciously or subconsciously. (Maybe a few people have come here with definite objectives in their way, with a definite reason why they have come here.) But to me, all of us have come here to really understand what is Knowledge, what is Guru Maharaj Ji, and to participate in the most important role of our life, which is satsang and service and meditation.

And I know through that - and this is why I tell all the premies - that through that, we can really experience, we can really know, we can really understand the purpose, the meaning, why we are all here.

We work and we work. We work maybe to have an automobile. There are people who work to make an automobile. And then there are people who work to supply that automobile with gasoline. But, beyond all this chain reaction, we are here. And what is the meaning of our life is what we have to understand.

And not only at this point, during this very period, but when Jesus came. When all the Perfect Masters came, what did they try to tell us? "Understand.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Peace Is Possible
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Peace Is Possible
Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Peace Is Possible
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dressed As Krishna Who Makes The Possibility Of Peace Possible

"To me, there is a way, there is an answer,
to all the world's problem. And I've realized it
and I want everybody else to realize it."
Recognize the meaning of your life.

We recognized, as individuals, the meaning of life as being work. "Get this. Get that." And that was it. But now human logic which has been persistent for such a long period of time is coming, sort of, to conclusion.

We are going to run out of gasoline and if they do find a solution - solar energy or what have you - they'll have to change every engine that they have manufactured so far to comply with that. Even if it's solar energy, any kind of energy, they'll have to do that. Which will be an incredible expense. Which will be an incredible, illogical thing to do. But it's all coming down to a conclusion. It's all coming down to one point. Where are we? Who are we?

There's a humanity. There's a whole race. And what's happening to it? Has it ever been any better? Ask ourselves. At one point we call it barbaric times, "barbaric period." How did we evaluate that? Because people were getting butchered, people were getting massacred. No logic. No understanding. No rights were being given to people. It was just happening at random. Somebody would say, "Okay, kill." And people would get killed.

And here we are and we have everything. We have gone to the moon. That was a fantasy. At least in Indian scriptures, people really believed that people did go to the moon just like that. And you can watch the TV news or something and see this 747 piggyback with an American Rockwell little airplane that's supposed to be a shuttle bus from Earth to moon. You watch all these things happen. Are we any better off? Have we really realized the purpose of our human life? Have we?

By going to the moon, how much satisfaction has it really brought us? By inventing an automobile, how much satisfaction has it really brought us? It was clearly said, "Come on. These automobiles are not going to take over the horses." Well, they certainly have taken over the horses. But has that brought us satisfaction? No!

But people who have realized this Knowledge, people who have recognized this Knowledge in their lives - something has brought them satisfaction. And that wasn't an automobile. That wasn't because people went to the moon. That wasn't because things happened to them. It was simply that they recognized Knowledge. And that is why we are all here, to proceed in that path, to understand Knowledge more and more and more, so it can really manifest for us, so it can really happen for us.

And I'd like to welcome you. I don't know what the name of this whole function or festival is because it just happened, just like that. But let's make it a love festival, where we share love. And not a physical love. Not a love that a little child expresses towards candy or an ice cream or something like that. But let's call it real love, that really goes beyond everything else.

So, maybe this is what it is. It's the Love Festival. And we all have come here just for one reason. Because we love this Knowledge and we want to understand this Knowledge. Because we love Guru Maharaj Ji. And that's the - that's the reason. And there doesn't need to be any more reason behind it and there doesn't need to be any more reason before it.

Just before I came here I was watching TV and they had this special report about the whole peace movement, about war and stuff. To me, yes, fifty thousand people went there with candlelights, fifty thousand people demonstrated. And Vietnam is over. So? Have we got satisfaction? Do we individually have peace of mind? Ask yourself as an individual. No.

It's not a war, an ending of a war or a beginning of a war. It's a war each of us has to face. That's what we have to protest. And then that war of mind - when that is ended - it's going to bring us true satisfaction. And I think, if you are doing satsang, service and meditation, you would understand that. Because that's the war that we have to protest against. It's people's minds. It's people's theories. It's people's individual concepts that do not agree with each other.

Okay. Maybe I'm a congressman, maybe I'm a little employee. And so I go into this congress where all these congressmen are sitting. What does it do? Do you really think they come together with a lot of brotherly love? Sit down, one person says one thing and everybody agrees on it? No. They have discussions. They really get something else. Because, I remember in India, it would get so blunt, that people would be throwing their shoes at each other!

But to me, there is a way, there is an answer, to all the world's problem. And I've realized it and I want everybody else to realize it. And premies, this is the reason why we all come here. To realize that answer. So, if we can all come together and really understand what I have to say and really understand what this Knowledge is, it is not impossible to bring peace into this world. It really isn't.

If it were a thought - even if it were an imagination and somebody imagined it, it's possible. If it were not imagined, unthought of, then it would be impossible. But somebody thought it and it's possible. Because nothing is really impossible in this world.

So, enjoy yourself for about twenty-four hours and then you'll go back to a satsang program again and it will be beautiful.

Thank you.