Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Nepal 1975

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang
Nepal / May 3, 1975

A translation from Hindi

It's a great pleasure that I have this opportunity to express my opinion in this beautiful land of Nepal. This Knowledge that I'm praising isn't made by me. This is that Knowledge which is inside of the whole universe. This Light which has been called chandana and Noor Elahi is that Light that I reveal.

Today many people think that because this country is poor that that's why it's suffering. America is a rich country. Why is there suffering there? Being poor isn't the reason. As long as there is no peace, there will not be Ram Raj, "equalization." But that peace is not possible without Knowledge. I'm spreading this Knowledge everywhere because this is the Truth which people are looking for.

Man is searching for this Knowledge in so many different trips. Some are bathing in "holy rivers," some are performing austerities, some are rubbing ashes on their bodies, some are growing their hair. But still, man can't find this Knowledge. Without going to the feet of the Satguru, it's impossible to have this Knowledge. This is that Knowledge which Mira Bai said can be neither cut nor burned nor stolen. It can be meditated upon constantly, twenty-four hours a day. This Knowledge can be revealed only by the Grace of Satguru.

What's the purpose of this human life? It isn't just to eat, drink and work. There is something else. There's a certain reason that God has given us this human body. This world is just like a big fair. We come here to this fair and we live. But whenever we come into this fair, certainly we buy something and we try to enjoy ourselves. Dear premies, if we come into this fair and then go away empty, what was the use of coming? If we don't fulfill the aim of our life, it isn't good.

This Knowledge is the true Knowledge. Today, people don't understand the value of this Knowledge. Yet the world must have spiritual balance. There was a time when the aspirants had to serve the Master for twenty-five years. They had to perform very hard service without even knowing why they were serving. Then if Guru Maharaj Ji was pleased, he would give them Knowledge. But in this Kaliyuga, only by meditating on the Holy Name can we cross the ocean of confusion and suffering.

Today, people are totally confused. They don't even realize that this Knowledge is inside of them. That's why I go from place to place to give this Knowledge. More than three million people have received this Knowledge and have derived benefit from it.

This is the Knowledge that was revealed by Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was standing before Arjuna and said, "You cannot see me by these mortal eyes." For a second, even Arjuna must have been confused at what Lord was saying to him as he looked upon Lord Krishna.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Nepal 1975
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) After Being Deposed And Disinherited in Nepal 1975

"This Knowledge is that Light which can show you
the real direction of your life. You don't have to
wander here and there. So receive this Knowledge
in this very form you have. You can receive
this Knowledge. I can give you this Knowledge.
It will fulfill the purpose of human life."

To see that Divine Form we're trying in a different way. But we have a thirst for this Knowledge. We have a sickness and so we need this Knowledge. If a person has a sickness of heart and you give him medicine, he can't be cured. In the same way, we can't be cured without this Knowledge.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Nepal 1975 Having His Feet Kissed
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Nepal 1975 Having His Feet Kissed
If someone in the desert wants water and you give him fifty kinds of food, he won't be happy. Because he wants water. So this world has a thirst for Knowledge. And as long as the world doesn't have this Knowledge, it won't be happy.

We've received this human body so that we could realize our Creator. So we must understand this wonderful opportunity that we have. We don't know when we'll have to leave this body. We're here in the world so that we can receive this Knowledge and meditate upon it.

Look. If whatever I'm saying, you are listening to, that's one thing. I can explain it to you so many times, but if you are just listening without paying attention, that's another thing. If a man is dull, no matter how many times you indicate for him to come, he won't come. You have to say, "Put your left foot forward, and then your right foot, and then your left foot, and point your nose towards me." But when there's a wise person, all you have to do is just point your finger toward him and he will come to you. So dear premies, you've received that Knowledge you came into this world to get. You understand that the only purpose for coming in this world is to gain this Knowledge.

We have to find this Knowledge. For that, Lord Krishna said to go to the living Realized Soul and ask him with humility and great reverence and with a guileless heart. Some people ask how the true Realized Soul can be identified. You won't find any sign on his forehead. His Knowledge will satisfy your heart, as the giver of water is someone who gives the water which quenches your thirst.

I really have nothing more to say. It's good to listen to more satsang and consider it. Some people give wrong information about me. They say, "His is only a business to make money," or something else. But when we put into practice this Knowledge, which is the witness of Truth, there isn't anything like business.

This Knowledge will bring you Light and show you the Truth. For example, a man is sitting in a dark room and there's no light from the light bulb. There's a chair and everything, but because there's no light, he can't enjoy the room. If he finds the light, he can see and touch and feel.

So dear premies, this Knowledge is that Light which can show you the real direction of your life. You don't have to wander here and there. So receive this Knowledge in this very form you have. You can receive this Knowledge. I can give you this Knowledge. It will fulfill the purpose of human life.

How much can I sing the glory of this Holy Name? Saint Tulsidas said that even Lord Ram could not sing the glory of this Holy Name. When there wasn't any language, still this Knowledge was there. For example, you see this microphone. And you also have a language with which you are able to describe this microphone. But the glory of this Knowledge is beyond description.

The Holy Name is the only real boat which can take you from this shore to the other shore. So if you want to cross the ocean you must have this Holy Name.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Nepal 1975
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Wearing A Very Big And Very Flashy Crown