By The Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji

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Volume III Issue 3 Autumn 1979

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God is present in everyone's heart. So God is within, 'heart' is within. To fix our attention within ourselves, upon God, is devotion. And then we become a devotee, If we don't fix our attention there, then how could we be a devotee?
- Param Hans Satguruder Shri Hans Ji

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Pictures Of God - Guru Maharaj Ji / Guru Puja Festival, London, England / June 21, 1979

"There's these people who are called intellectual. Mr. Know-'em-alls, you know. What they think is right, correct, true. They don't care about the other person at all. Even if the other person is saying exactly the same thing that they are saying, still they are right and the other person is wrong. And sometimes, this is the kind of wheel that we get caught in. Sometimes this is the up and down and up and down of this mind that we get caught in.
When Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is powerful enough to do anything in this world, don't you think it is definitely powerful enough to make your every word satsang and every action a service and every moment of your life indulged with the beauty of meditation? Oh yes. It certainly is."

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Realize This Secret Guru Maharaj Ji / Miami Beach, Florida / June 16, 1972

"Religion" has come from the word "realization," and the realization of God is the true religion. If you have realized God, if you have seen God, practically, then only are you really following a true religion. Otherwise, you are trying to follow in someone's footsteps, but you don't know whether they are of a man or of a lion or of an elephant. You are trying to follow in some footsteps. What is that Knowledge? If we have received that true Knowledge, then we will be completely satisfied. God is the embodiment of perfectness. God is the embodiment of satisfaction. And if we have understood God, if we have realized God, then we will be completely satisfied. We won't run as we run today after these materialistic desires which have no limit to them.

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The Source Of Peace - Guru Maharaj Ji Lima, Peru November 19, 1976

Then I remember I was really excited. We got this turntable which had a little switch on it and it took a 90-volt battery and you wouldn't have to crank it or anything. It even had a speaker built into it. It even had a volume control and a tone control. It went on and on and then I came to America and I looked at these things called record changers. It was fascinating for me. You stack up all your records, turn it on, play one side, it drops the record, plays the next one, and drops the next record. Great. I took one to India with me. (It blew up, didn't last very long.)

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The Omnific Word - Guru Maharaj Ji Answers Questions / Hollywood, California / August 11, 1971

You were talking about how things are hurrying up now. You're giving Knowledge to anyone who asks, where before it would have taken years. Why are things hurrying up now? Because God has to come and rule this entire world. If there will be only two or three people who know that Knowledge, how will God be able to rule? There should be lots and lots of people, so God can do that.
So how is this different than other times? In the Bible it is written that there will be a Kingdom of God or heaven on this Earth. And we can see. Because it is written that before that kingdom there will be famine, thunder, this and that. You can see nuclear bombs ready. Guns and machine guns. No need to waste energy. Just push a finger, guns go off. Yes?

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"You can get me whatever you want to. Sure. I'll accept. But for one time when you do what I ask you to do, that's what makes me really happy."