By The Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji

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Volume II Issue 4 Winter 1978

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"By making human beings experience the Self, the Perfect Master instantly relieves them from the miseries of the world and makes them happy."
- Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Hans Maharaj

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Radar Control - Guru Maharaj Ji / New York March 2, 1974

"That person who comes to save us, we call him our Savior, we call him our everything."
"Man always needs the Perfect Master, who can come to guide him, who can tell him, who can explain to him, what to do now, what to do now, what to do now."
"If you keep doing meditation, keep doing meditation, and keep in touch with the Perfect Master, then you have nothing to worry about. Really you haven't. And then, everything just becomes so clear, and so beautiful. Everything becomes so clear and so beautiful that I can't even explain to you how much, how clear it becomes, how beautiful it becomes."

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Only One Reason Guru Maharaj Ji / Denver / February 19, 1977

Truly, we're just about approaching the end of this century, okay? Doesn't matter what you think, doesn't matter what you believe, I know one thing. There's only so many dinosaurs that lived. And there's only so many dinosaurs that produced oil. And there's a lot more cars than there were dinosaurs. And I think we are just about at the verge of it all. There have been predictions that by 1985 - which I think might be an over-calculation or might be an under-calculation. But around that time, let's figure it (five or six years is a drop in the bucket) - this world is supposed to be out of gasoline.

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Prayer Of The Heart - Guru Maharaj Ji, Hans Jayanti, Kissimmee, Florida, November 8 1978

O Guru Maharaj Ji, you are all powerful. There is nothing you can't do. I know that you can save me. I know that you can let me go, too. But I pray to you as humbly as I can, that if you find it in your heart, in your mercy, in your compassion, to save me, please could you? Could you please make sure this boat gets to the other side? Please prevent me from jumping off the boat. Please help me.

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Who Is A Perfect Master? - Guru Maharaj Ji / Tokyo / October 1 1972

Dear premies, I would like to explain one phenomenon to you today. Actually we might call it a phenomenon, but it's not. It's not an extraordinary thing. This Knowledge has been preached by all the saints, by the galaxies of saints that have been coming to this Earth, to this planet Earth. Not just one saint. Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha … all the saints came into this world and gave us something, something that we always have required, something that we want even now.

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Learn Patience Guru Maharaj Ji / Questions & Answers / Toronto / September 25, 1971

You meet us with so much energy. Do you ever get tired? No. No. In a function which takes place near Delhi, I am awake three days and three nights doing the work. Three nights and three days. Only awake. Are you tired? No, God will be tired instead of me (laughter).