Who Is A Perfect Master?
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1972


Dear premies, I would like to explain one phenomenon to you today. Actually we might call it a phenomenon, but it's not. It's not an extraordinary thing. This Knowledge has been preached by all the saints, by the galaxies of saints that have been coming to this Earth, to this planet Earth. Not just one saint. Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha … all the saints came into this world and gave us something, something that we always have required, something that we want even now.

Today we are looking forward to attaining Peace, to attaining satisfaction. And we most likely think that Peace, or so-called satisfaction, lies in materialistic things. So what do we do?

I was in Los Angeles, and I was talking to many rich people there. So what they do is just buy a car. After some time they get fed up with it and they sell it or just throw it in the dump. And they buy a new car. And then they get fed up with it and throw it in the dump. They look for satisfaction in these things.

Many people look for satisfaction in materialistic things. Some people want to see their cupboard filled with money, piles and piles of money. Other people who cannot work, who cannot do any business, who do not just want to buy cars and so on, and do not want to see money, drink. They drink liquor. They think that their satisfaction, their Peace, lies in liquor.

But if we see, then we'll find that as a matter of fact Peace does not lie in all these things. Peace lies beyond anything that we can imagine, somewhere where our mind cannot reach, somewhere in infinity.

Now, to look for the Peace, we have to search. Because whenever we want to find something,

we search. Suppose a man comes in this hall and he wants to go out, and he doesn't know where the exit is. He searches. So for the convenience of those people who want to search for the exit, they have put the marks there saying "Exit" in both Japanese and English.

In the same way, when we want to search for Peace, when we really want to learn Peace, when we really want to understand Peace, when we really want to be in Peace and one with Peace, then always God incarnates Himself in this human body on this planet Earth, and gives us this Peace. He reveals this secret to us.

I think that there are some people here who have read Gita. Lord Krishna says in the Gita that "Whenever there will be a decline in true religion, I'll send myself forth into this human frame, into this human body, and I will reveal, I will save the saints, the people who believe in Truth. I'll save good and I'll destroy the evil. I will abolish the evil."

Now this is not the promise of only Lord Krishna, but this is the promise of all the saints. Because if we look into these historical matters, we'll find one thing: that religion was started to show us Peace. Religion was started to bring us to a conclusion, to bring us to a point where we could realize something, where we could pray to God. But today - not only today, this is history - religion has always been making people fight.

Hitler wanted to conquer the world. He wanted to reign all over the world. But what did he do? Killed Jews. Why? Because his idea came: "Kill Jewish people! Just kill them."

Then when those kings went from Arabia into India, they went to conquer India, they went to reign over India, this idea came, "No, because they are Hindus, they are Kafirs (non-believers); they must be killed." This point of religion came in again.

Today the same thing, I believe, is happening in Ireland. Now what is religion doing today? What is religion?

As a matter of fact, we have to understand this point. The word "religion" has started from the word "realization." And realization of God is the true religion. So today, we have to find the source Who can make us realize this Peace. And the source is here. But we do not know it!

History is a pendulum. We are all very familiar with the pendulum of a clock. And it swings from one point to the other point. We know very well that when Lord Christ came we did not realize him. There were only very few. There were actually only twelve apostles who understood him. And we know that we did not actually understand who Jesus Christ was.

And now, if Jesus Christ comes today, if we go out of this auditorium and some man comes and says,


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1972

"I am Jesus Christ," what will we do? Now I don't know here, but if this happens in America, what will people do? They are going to stone him. Even if he is True, they are going to stone him. Because they think this just cannot be. People have always been trying to judge something they do not know.

For instance, if I try to judge how he (the translator) speaks Japanese, I cannot judge him. Because I don't know Japanese. Or there are people here who just understand Japanese, and my English, they do not understand me and therefore they cannot judge me. Only those people who can understand English can judge my English. Only those people who can understand Japanese can judge his Japanese. The same way, If we can realize that Knowledge, the fruit of the tree, only then can we judge the tree: whether it is an apple tree or a guava tree or whatever type of tree it is.

What I mean by this example is that if there is a board which says, "Guava tree"


- and maybe we aren't familiar with it - if we go there and we see this written (guava tree), we think, "Oh, it's a guava tree."

So we go out in the town and say, "Oh, there's a guava tree right outside of town." Suppose I tell everyone "There is a guava tree. Let's go and eat some guavas there." So they all go - or only the lovers of guavas go there - only the lovers, because they know what guavas are. So they go there. And when we go there and we take a bite, it's an apple tree.

So what happens is that people do not understand, do not realize what the Truth is. Because if those people, those priests who were criticizing Jesus at that time if they had taken his Knowledge, if they had realized this Word - they would not have criticized him. And the governor, Pilate, who crucified him … after he had already done that, he was very sorry about it.

So now today we have to make sure that wherever we put our foot down it's solid land and not water. Otherwise we are going to be a dead body. If we just walk right into the ocean, what will happen? First you'll go down and then go up and be a dead body. So understand one thing. Make sure that wherever you are placing your foot, it's a solid place.

So today we have to search for a Master. And we can search for a Master, but we may not be able to find him. Because there is an identity. There is a way, there is a method, to look for him.

Now if I say, "Okay, find a man," there are so many men sitting in this hall that if I tell someone to find a man, any one will do. But if I tell about a particular identity "There's this man. He has this name and this is his figure. This is the height, this is the weight, and this is his photo," - anyone can easily go and pick him out. And if he is not there, they can just simply say he is not there.

So we must know this identity: what type of teacher to find. Who is the teacher? He has not got a stamp on his forehead saying "Perfect Master," or "He can give you Knowledge." He won't be stamped on his forehead. We have to find out. How?

First he will give what we call a spiritual discourse. He will tell us that this type of Knowledge is possible, is available. And then, finally, he will give this Knowledge to us, if we ask him. Because Jesus says, "Ask and it shall be given; knock and it shall be opened unto you." And when we ask him for this Knowledge, and when he gives us this Knowledge, and we get Peace, only then can we see. That's the only method we have to be able to say, "Okay, this is a Perfect Master." Because he has given us Peace. Because he has taught perfectness.

Who is a Perfect Master? Well, many people mistake this word, "Perfect Master." They think it means that if you cut his body, blood won't drop out because he's perfect. It's not like that. A man who teaches us math, we call him math master. A man who teaches us physics, we call him physics master. A man who teaches us perfectness, we call him Perfect Master. He teaches


us perfectness. He teaches this Knowledge which is perfect, thus we will call him Perfect Master.

There is a very practical example about this, about how we always search for God outside, while God is actually within inside of us.

There was a traveler, and he had some money. And a thief thought, "This man might be coming from foreign countries, and he might have some money with him. I must take this money." So he said, "Traveler, may I accompany you? You won't mind, I hope."

And he said, "No, no, for sure. Accompany me. Two are better than one."

And they both started walking. And this thief started inquiring about everything; "Where were you?" and "Why were you there?" and everything.

And he said, "Well, I'm a poor man. I went to foreign countries because I had a big family and I had to feed the whole family. I had no money, so I earned some money. And now I'm bringing about 500 dollars into this place. And I have got 500 dollars right now."

So they both went. The way was very long, so they stopped at this inn. And they went inside this inn. The man who owned the money got dressed up, and then he went into the lower hall to dine. And the thief started searching for the money. They both had their beds in the same room. He started searching for the money.

And he searched under his pillow. He searched in all his luggage. Everywhere. And he couldn't find a single cent. So he simply got upset, and said, "He's kidding me. I was supposed to kid him; he's kidding me." And he got very upset so he went out of the room.

And then the next day they started walking again, and again he inquired, "How many dollars do you actually have?"

And he said, "I have got 500 dollars."

So he didn't believe it but actually he gave it another try. They both went into an inn again, and the same thing happened again. He searched again, and he got nothing. And again he got upset.

Anyway, he went with him to his house. When this traveler reached his house, he took a bag of 500 dollars out of his pocket. He took out five dollars and said, "Here are five dollars for you. If you want to buy anything or get anything, please do so."

When the thief saw the 500 dollars, he freaked out! Because he knew that he had searched everywhere thoroughly, and he couldn't find those 500 dollars. And the 500 dollars were there! And he said, "I don't want your five dollars; I just want a question answered."

He said, "What is the question?"

He said, "I am a thief. And now you are securely at home and nothing is going to happen to you. But I'm a thief and I was after these 500 dollars of yours. So whenever you used to go to dine in the lower hall, I used to come into your room, and try to take the money away from you. And whenever I did this, I never could find the money. I searched under your pillow. I searched in your luggage. But I couldn't find a single cent."

And he said, "Well, it's simple. Before you used to come into the room - you remember, the beds were in the same room - so what I used to do was take the money and put it right under your pillow. And I used to go out, dine, and come back and take the money right from under your pillow. So if one day you had looked under your pillow, you would have found 500 dollars. Your luck!"

So in the same way, we have got this money right under our pillow. We search outside and we will never be able to find it till we go at the last moment. But then, even if we had only five dollars, we would not be able to take it because of shame.

So now, today we have to look for a method. And so far as this Knowledge is concerned, I can give you this Knowledge because I have it. I can give you this Knowledge. It's not a box. It's within inside of us. It's built in. It's not an optional accessory. It's built in within inside of us. It's not something that has to be taught to us. It's within inside of us. The day this thing will break, the day this thing will be abolished, we will be abolished.

Because who are we? This body is like a house; this is like a frame. Blood is like cement mixed with water. Bones are the bricks in it. And there is framing and coloring and designing. And one day, what will happen is an earthquake will come, something will come, death will come and finish us right out of this world. So we must understand, we must realize our destination. Why did we come into this world? We come here and we do not finish our purpose.

Suppose I came here to see Osaka. I come into Tokyo. I get out at the airport. And that's it. lbw, And then after some time I just go right into the plane and go back. What was the use of my coming here? I came to see Osaka and I never went there. I never visited Osaka. What was the use? I come into this world; I do not find a purpose. And there is a purpose. Why has God given us this body?

There's a very particular purpose behind this.


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1972
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji or Guru Maharaj Ji, The Perfect Master: Fat And With Chin Bloated With Fat

If you want this Knowledge, I can give you this Knowledge. Because if I know A-B-C-D, I can go around the world teaching people A-B-C-D. And I'll still remember the A-B-C-D. Because it's in my brain. In the same way, if you want this Knowledge, this is the source of Peace I have realized. And I have been able to get into Peace through this Knowledge, through this medium. And I have been able to approach many people all around the world and I have been able to give this Knowledge to many people all around the world. And they have understood. They have realized this Knowledge. And they are in complete Peace.

Now I am here in Tokyo to tell you about this Knowledge, to preach to you about this Knowledge. Because even Lord Buddha taught four noble Truths. Lord Krishna taught this Word. He talks about this Word in the Gita. And when we go into Bible, there John talks about this Word: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." If we go there on the other side, we will find Mohammed saying the same thing: Paknam. If we go into all the religions, we will find one thing. In all the scriptures, we will find one thing: the Word. What is the Word? Something that is not speakable.

Because we must remember one thing: The definition of the Word is: "In the beginning was the Word." In the beginning. "The Word was with God; the Word was God." It means this Word is God. It is not in alphabets. It is not in 'A-B-C-D.' When we say, "G-O-D," it is not an appropriate word for God, even though we may define it into three forms (G for Generator, 0 for Operator and D for Destroyer). We might say this. But this is not God. God is beyond this, much beyond this. And if we reverse the word "God," it will come out to a word which is not even appropriate to be used for God, the supreme power, supreme energy.

The scientists have defined this power as being energy and they say energy is never created and never destroyed. This is that energy. And we have to understand this energy and be one with the energy. Only then can we understand. Only then can we realize why we have come into this world.

If there is a box which is one foot by one inch - one foot long and one inch wide - and I have got a stick which is two feet by two inches, can I fit that stick into this small box? Can I fit it? No. Why not? Just because the stick is too big and the box is so small. This is a very common-sense thing. And if I ask any one of you, you will smile at me. You will laugh at me. You will say, "Don't you

Now, here people think I am missing common sense. But as a matter of fact, people are missing common sense! And the common sense is that God is infinite but our intellect is finite. We can only record words from A to Z. And when we speak any language, we speak in alphabets. When we speak English, it doesn't matter if we speak for five hours, six hours, ten hours, one hour, or one minute. Anything we speak in English is limited. It ranges from A to Z.

We cannot keep quiet and speak to people. Can we do that? Otherwise, the pilots or the captains in the airplanes will take the microphone, tune into the frequency, put the microphone over their mouths, and keep quiet. But we have to speak, and when we speak anything, any expression, we speak from A to Z. Any word, any alphabet is composed by putting letters together. Our mind is finite There is an end you can see: a beginning "A" and an end "Z."

So understand this thing: That if we want to realize God, God is infinite. To realize God - so big (not just this big, much bigger than that because it's infinite) - with our mind only this big, how can we squeeze God's energy into this small brain? So we have to be infinite first to understand the infinite one.

And now I am here. I can tell you something. I'll be going to Australia on the fourth. On the third there is a program here, and on the fourth I'll be going to Australia to preach the same Knowledge. And this year we have got a very, very jumbo function, a very big function in Delhi, where we expect an unlimited number of people. And maybe one more jumbo jet might go, but four from America and two from Europe have been filled, and they are going to India this year. Why? To attend this function. To understand something more. Now I am preaching the same thing to you here: the same thing, the same Knowledge.

you might find a description of this Knowledge in the scriptures, but you will not find this Knowledge in the scriptures. Why not? See, it's like this. If one man goes, takes the scriptures, and says, "There it is," what he is actually doing is driving on a highway to Osaka, and then he comes under the sign that says "Osaka." If we have to go to Osaka, there is a sign on highways that says "Osaka" and there is an arrow pointing down.

So what people are doing is driving their cars and stopping under the arrow! And the highway patrol comes and says, "Why do you stop here in the middle of the highway?" He says, "Because I want to go to Osaka, and it says 'Osaka.' Osaka is here! And I stopped here because Osaka is here."


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) When He Was Guru Maharaj Ji, The Lord Of The Universe, 1972 "Peace lies beyond anything that we can imagine, somewhere where our mind cannot reach, somewhere in infinity."

It is like that. If someone asks me, "Where is the entrance you came from?" and I say, "there," then he starts crawling on my hand! There is the entrance! This hand is not the entrance. There is the entrance, right there, which I came from. In the same way, even if scriptures describe this Knowledge, scriptures are not this Knowledge. If the scriptures are this Knowledge, then imagine: "It's a Word. A Word. Only a Word. You understand "a" and "Word." Not words; a Word. And how many words does a scripture have? How many words does a scripture have? A million. Or more than a million, I guess. And scriptures are so thick.

First there was one scripture made. One scripture couldn't satisfy people, so there was another scripture made. And when that couldn't satisfy people, there was another scripture made. When that couldn't satisfy people, there was another scripture made. Five or six scriptures were made. And after those scriptures, nobody could understand any one of the scriptures. That's why keys to the scriptures were made. Still nobody could understand. That's why priests of the scriptures were appointed in the churches, in the temples, in the mosques: to explain to you what is written.

Now, I hope you have understood what my basic idea is. And now I would like to explain this point. If someone is crazy, he doesn't have anything up here, and if I just beckon him like that (hand gesture), he won't understand.

So what I'll have to tell him is: "Put your left foot in front, then right foot, then left foot, then right foot, and keep your nose level towards me. And repeat the process." And if someone is intelligent enough, my beckoning to him will be enough to call him, and he will just come to me right away.

So if you are really seekers after Truth, if you really want this Truth, come! I can show you this Truth because I have it. I can give you this Truth.

This Knowledge does not come from East or come from West. The sun comes from East, and we don't say it's an Eastern light. We say it's the sun's light. This Knowledge is within inside of us. And always the Masters have been coming from East to show us the way. It's like the sun coming from there and giving us light. But light is not Eastern.

North, south, east and west have created so much duality in us. One thing we have to understand: north, south, east and west were made by those people who were sailing. They had a lot of difficulty going around the world, so what they did was they took a globe and divided it into so many parts, and made a direction. The directions were made to travel, not to put a duality there. And now they have put a duality there.

So now I will conclude my satsang, this discourse. And if you want to realize this Knowledge, it's realizable, because it exists. If Mr. Nixon is existing, if Mr. Nixon is alive, he can be seen; if not personally, then go and stand before the White House. Some time he will come out and you might be able to see him. But Mr. Kennedy does not exist, so you cannot see him, even if you stand before the White House. He was visible a time ago when he was alive, but no longer now. He was president of America.

So now, if you want to see God, you can see God. Because God exists. And I can show you God. I don't actually mean that God is like a switch that has to be switched on and there it is. But you can know, you can understand this phenomenon. You can understand this Knowledge if you want to.

Thank you very much.