By the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji
FALL 1978
élan vital: the vital force or impulse of life


"You must understand that it is your duty to obey the Perfect Master's Agya. Everything lies in this.
Whatever He does, He does for your own benefit."
- Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

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The Abandoned Question   Holi Festival, Miami Beach, Florida, April 8, 1978

Because it's like the connotation is way dropped down in some people's heads when you mention the word, "Guru Maharaj Ji," or "Guru." But nevertheless, what it means is Perfect Master. Nevertheless, it means the one who can take us out from darkness and put us into Light. You can have a million ways of saying that, and you can say it in a million ways. But the point is, every time a Perfect Master comes in this world, he just doesn't go like a parrot, "You need Peace; you need Peace; you need Peace; you need Peace," but he shows the way. He shows the method to that Peace. And that is the beauty of the whole thing. That is the most incredible thing.

It's Our Effort 24
It's Our Effort   Lisbon, Portugal, May 14, 1976

But see then, this is the same way -- maybe it's not exactly the right kind of an example to give, to give an example of garbage, concerning Knowledge -- it's not similar. But the way it works is that if we really don't realize the necessity of Knowledge in our life, then we are not going to even try. We're not even going to try to gain that experience that Knowledge has to give us. That use becomes obsolete. The Knowledge itself then starts becoming obsolete in our life.

And then, as you must have heard in my satsang, vegetables are very nice things. We eat them every day. But if you bring tons and tons of vegetables in your house and don't eat them, they will rot. And when they rot, they won't be very healthy, and they will just really smell bad.

You Are Responsible 38
You Are Responsible   Excerpts: International Conference with Guru Maharaj Ji in Orlando, Florida, November 11, 1975

And I, by my agya, give you a service to perform. If you cannot do it, if you in any way doubt it, if you in any way back up from it, then I hardly know a place in this world for you. I am not condemning you; I am just saying I hardly know a place in this world for you.

Here we are, in this human body -- always waited for our Lord. And that Lord sits in front of us, and we don't even know what to do. A job, an agya that he has given us becomes a burden for us. Well, I think hell's got to be vacated for somebody. Because if there are people in this lifetime who think like that, then that's what they deserve.

The Everlasting Thing 44
The Everlasting Thing   Satsang on Tape from India to London Premies, March 1971

Jesus came in his time, but you people were very sorry, and we people were very sorry, that we were not there at the time when Jesus came. So that means we had to miss that occasion. And we know that God has made everybody equal, so He has made every occasion for every man equal. He even exists in this Kaliyuga, or this present moment, to tell us the Holy Name. Otherwise we can't live in this world.

And Jesus came, Krishna came, Rama came, Guru Nanak came, and they all gave the same Peace to people, and said, "Oh, listen …" They came for that Word, that Holy Word. And now listen to me, what I am saying. I've also come to give you the same Word. And if you just listen to me properly, you'll find that you'll hear the same Word.