Premies acclaim Guru Maharaj Ji

Alone at last, my Master's promise fulfilled.
The heart exposed, the sacred restored and the love I feel in my heart is
My Beloved stretched me and confronted me, held me close and then, when my heart knew the difference, pushed me away.
Confused I wandered through this world in doubt
Then, in a moment of silence, my heart spoke to me.
I listened and felt the wonder of my Master's gift well up mode and I knew why!
My heart beat faster to a new rhythm and my mind now knew its place as I witnessed the transformation of illusion reflect my Beloved's gift.
My Master's enjoyment has become my enjoyment,
My Master's love has become my love,
My Master's devotion has become my devotion and my Master's smile is now etched on my soul.
Without my Beloved's care I would not know who I am.
Life has now blossomed into its own most glorious image and fills me with eternal gratitude for each precious breath.
From India to London, the Palace of Peace to Malibu, I have watched you blaze a silent trail to the hearts of many.
I have been blesbsed beyond belief to witness your grace and elegance.
Like a thief in the night you have stolen the hearts of many and placed them within the sanctuary of their own being.
From Australia to California you heal our broken hearts and set free our poetry of devotion.
From this devotion fly the actions of our hearts and our tears of appreciation.
From this appreciation our rejoicing begins and the heart's song is heard in the breath of change.
With all my heart I offer my gratitude and myself and I thank you for this most perfect vista.

Milky Cole

At 6am Golders Green looked like paradise

Norma Wilshaw

On 19 May 1970, Noel Philpott first appeared in our west London flat. He spoke enthusiastically of a 12-year-old boy called Maharaji, who lived in India, and gave "Knowledge." My baby was 10 days old, and Noel was disrupting the "happy home." I wished him far away.

Noel frequently held court in our lounge, singing songs he had written for Maharaji. I made a point of not going in the room, but the music would draw me in, as it drew people from the street.

I was preparing lunch one day when Noel announced "Maharaji will give satsang in London. Come and listen." It was 19 June 1971. I made every excuse. "You can take the children and it will be something different to do," he said. Reluctantly, I went. At Conway Hall, Holborn, Maharaji sat on makeshift stage and spoke in broken English about car mechanics. Why, I wondered was he speaking about car engines?

After Conway Hall my husband and Noel spoke of nothing but Maharaji, and would disappear for days without explanation. One evening I'd had enough. A house had been rented for Maharaji in Lincoln Street, Chelsea. Perhaps my husband was there! I dialed the number and asked for him. "Sorry, he is receiving Knowledge," said a gentle voice. I wasn't used to demanding, but demand I did. "He is my husband and I want to speak to him now." Finally he came to the phone. I insisted he come home immediately. Most days that summer were spent in Holland Park with the hippies. Many were premies of Maharaji. They inspired me with their sincere expression of love when They spoke of their Master. Within two weeks of hearing Maharaji I began to visit the ashram in Alba Gardens. Listening to him speak was heaven.

One evening while eating dinner in Alba Gardens, Ashokanand asked who I was. I explained. Charnanand took me by the hand and led me up stairs. To my joy and horror, we stopped outside Maharaji's door. Charnanand knocked and entered. He spoke in Hindi to Maharaji. Instinctively I knew what was being said. "This is the person who telephoned Lincoln Street and

It was a wonderful and magical time.

gave her husband hell!" Maharaji had been listening on the extension when I made the call. He heard every word.

Now he looked down at me and said "How come it is OK for you to be here, but wasn't OK for your husband?" "I didn't understand then Maharaji, but I do now." I replied. I can still feel my face burning bright red as I backed out of the room.

I received Knowledge from Ashokanand on 13 July 1971, in Alba Gardens. The session took all night. At 6 o'clock in the morning, Golders Green looked like paradise.

Many happy days were spent with Maharaji. Whenever we heard he was arriving in England we would change clothes, grab the kids and head for the airport. It was a wonderful and magical time.