Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji

Hans Jayanti • 1970 • Delhi

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1970 If it were possible for the Lord to feel tired, if Guru Maharaj Ji could ever feel tired, then he'd surely have lost hope by now. Shishupal criticized the Lord 101 times! So, if the Lord were to feel tired, he would've lost hope by now. He wouldn't bother to keep coming.

But he comes for the people of the world and they don't recognize him. You must understand and have faith in my words. All I ask is your love. All I ask is your trust. And what I can give you is such a peace as will never die. I only need the opportunity.

If I have the time, dear premies, what won't I do? I have so much faith in Guru Maharaj Ji and I pray to him, "O Guru Maharaj Ji! Increase my faith two-fold. And increase it three-fold in those who don't love you. Increase it for them five-fold so that they too are blessed."

Look! I often notice that those people who received Knowledge at the time of my Guru Maharaj Ji don't even come now. They were fortunate to have received Knowledge at the time of such a great saint. So how does this happen? Why are they ashamed? I don't feel shy about anything.

It isn't because I'm a boy or because I have a manly heart within me. Brothers, it's a year of testing for us and I bless you all so that the Lord and Guru Maharaj Ji will shower Grace on you, so that you may succeed.

So, dear premies, tell the people that we are devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji … Forget about your social respectability, and put yourself in meditation, the remembrance of God. One day you will have to sacrifice your social respect, so leave it now. What is there in that? One day all have to die. But what can happen if you die while meditating on God? Do not misunderstand my words. What else is there? I declare that I will establish peace in the world.

(Translated from Hindi)

You think I'm small and at such a young age I will not be able to do anything. But this age is the age of the body and not of the soul. The body is twelve years old, not the soul. And I have a soul. That is how I'm speaking. If my soul leaves, I'll be dead. What difference does it make whether my body is ten years old or two hundred years old? My soul has no age. Whether I am very old or very young, listen to me. Guru Maharaj Ji is such an ocean of Grace, what shall I say about him? How is it possible to understand him? No ordinary person can sing about the love within him, about the love of Guru Maharaj Ji. Only a true devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji can sing about it."

(Translated from Hindi)


Hans Jayanti • 1971 • New Delhi

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1971 That secret of all secrets, what is that? That secret, that thing will be opened only by Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji has that power; Guru Maharaj Ji has got that thing. And when he shows us that thing, then in our hearts there will be complete peace."

(Translated from Hindi)

Now you, my devotees, have definitely received this Knowledge, knowing which there is nothing left to know. See, if I have fifty-six kinds of delicious food before me, eating these varieties of food will satisfy my hunger. I am confident about that. By eating these foods, my hunger will be finished. But the condition is that I have to eat it. Without taking that food, can my hunger go? No, the hunger will not be satisfied. Because I know that this is the one and only food which will satisfy my hunger. Still, if the food is not properly utilized, not taken into action, then it is of no use.

In the same way, my dear aspirants, after taking this Knowledge, if a man doesn't meditate on this it is of no use to him. When the Western people are initiated they are told to meditate constantly. Then they say, "What is this business of meditation?" Because they are so lazy they have become ashamed of meditation. They can't do meditation. But those who are really eager for Knowledge, they do meditation.

Now you see that 360 of them are sitting before you. By whose might and power did they come here? Did they come only to enjoy the flight on a 747? No. There are many 747's in their countries and they can travel on them easily. They have come here to listen to the glory of that Knowledge more and more. They have Knowledge, but now they have come here to hear the glory of that Knowledge in holy discourse.

Because they know that by seeing the Lotus Feet of Guru Maharaj Ji and by hearing his nectarful voice, serving under his Lotus Feet, all the sins of lives together are washed off. I have made it clear about these things already. I asked them: what was the religion of the father of Lord Ram? The father of Lord Ram was present before Lord Ram came to the Earth. You may not regard him as a father for that period, but still he was there. Then tell me, what was his religion? Before Ram took birth what was the religion of his father? When primordial man was here, what was his religion? What temples were there?

I'm not criticizing temples here. I'm simply stating the fact that what temples were there at that time? And if there were any religion, then what was that religion? Know that religion. Accept that religion. All these other religions were created recently. We have to know the original thing, that thing which is primordial and eternal.

What is that primordial thing? What is the Name of God about which it's said that when a man receives that Name, he receives everything?

(Translated from Hindi)


Hans Jayanti • 1972 • New Delhi

Guru Maharaj Ji gave satsang in English, then in Hindi, because about 3000 premies from the West attended the program.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1972 … You want to realize Him perfectly. You want to realize Him just absolutely. And to do that, you'll have to first understand what is God. Because the word "God" is something like "Red Robin Hood,- you know? Because when small children are going to sleep, mothers always come and tell them a story. So it's just like that. Somebody just pets their dog or before people just go to sleep at night, they watch television with their mothers or with their wives and so on. It's just like those cartoon funnies. It's like watching a "Roadrunner" show on television. You just watch it and just know it's a roadrunner. You just know it.

In the same way, God has become like that to you. You just hear that word … because at the end of the day on U.S. television they always give that prayer, "Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be -"

So this is what it has become. But this is not the way God is. God is much more than that. And to realize Him, to understand Him, we have to go and realize what is …

… In Indian scriptures, Guru has more significance than God. Why? There's a very logical explanation for this, how actually Guru is "bigger" than God. See, let me explain it in my way. When I was born, God existed. Before I was born, God existed. After I was born, God existed. Three things. Before I was born, in the past, God existed. Later, when I was being born, God existed. And after I was born, God existed.

But I never knew God. I never knew Him. Either He was ashamed to turn out of holes or whatever - I just never knew Him till Guru Maharaj Ji came in my life, till Guru Maharaj Ji came in my way, and showed me and revealed to me that secrecy. And the day he did that, it was the day I knew God. So to whom should I give significance?

This is something that you can decide. To whom should I give significance? God was there. I was there. I was alive, God was there. And God was right in my heart. I just never knew Him. To whom should I give significance at the moment?

Because he is the one who revealed that to me, he is the one who told me. I never knew it that God existed. He is the one who practically revealed God, that, "There it is. Now understand it."

So understand why Guru has come into this world, why a Perfect Master has come into this world: to give us, to reveal to us, the Knowledge of what is called perfectness.

We say, "Alright, alright. Let's make it today. We can receive Knowledge," and then say, "No, tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. We will realize Knowledge tomorrow." It just won't work out. It's just not that way and you just won't be able to understand the secrecy, that actual understanding of this lifetime. You will just not be able to understand how this Knowledge is, how this Knowledge has to work."


Hans Jayanti • 1973 • Houston

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1973

I can challenge all the intellectuals of this world. I can challenge all the scientists of this world to see if they can comprehend with their finite brains what this Knowledge is, if they can understand what I talk about, if they can just understand it. I challenge them, because they just can't. It's an individual experience that they have to realize themselves no matter who they are. They ought to understand it themselves.

And then, it's just fantastic. It's just far out, no matter who they are. And this is that thing that I am talking about. That Light that shines without the sun, that Light that is self-effulgent within inside of us, that primordial vibration that is sustaining us in this human body - what is it? To understand it, to comprehend it, I challenge all the people of this world, except premies, because they have understood it. They have recognized it. I can't challenge them. I just can't. They'll answer me back. I'll lose my bet on it.

But the people who haven't, I can bet on, because they don't know what I'm talking about. It's just too far out for them. They say, "Wow, ain't that fantastic? But I guess it is too far out for me."

Listen, even if it is, why don't you understand it? Why don't you realize it? Why don't you feel it within inside your heart? That love! There is love in this whole world and we are missing it. Can you just believe that? I think it's incredible. Because that love is right there.

And those people who have understood this Knowledge can really feel it within inside their hearts. They can really dig it. And people who haven't - forget it. For them it's dash, dash, dash and a big question mark.

But listen, it shouldn't be a question mark. Because the answer - that love - is right there. That love that we want to feel for everybody is right there. But we have to open it up. And how? By meditating. By being one with that perfect harmony.

See this microphone? If this microphone were facing toward those people, it wouldn't be able to catch me so clearly, it wouldn't be able to amplify this voice so clearly. But because it's facing directly toward me, it can do a beautiful job. Same thing. Same thing right here. Because our minds are unfocused, because our minds are just completely scattered into this world, we just cannot comprehend, we just cannot focus on that perfect love and perfect harmony. But when they are focused on it, oh boy, it's really beautiful! It's just really - I can't describe - it's really gorgeous. It's incredible.


Hans Jayanti • 1974 • Toronto

Dear premies, we have all assembled here for this very beautiful day, for this very beautiful occasion, which is the birthday of our Lord Shri Maharaj Ji, who sowed this tree under which we are now, who sowed this tree which now provides the shadow in which we can go when it's very, very hot, and the sun shines very strong and we can't bear it. And the darkness of this world comes and then we can go under this tree. And it's very beautiful. We have been making this celebration, this festival, for such a long time now. And no matter what circumstances there are, it's always so blissful, so beautiful - this function.

Because everybody can come, and it's like, so much love. Although it's hard to sometimes understand why it is so blissful, it is. It just turns out to be the most blissful thing for all of us premies. Maybe sometimes the world doesn't understand. Maybe sometimes it's very difficult for them. And don't blame them. You can't blame this world for that …

What this Knowledge is and what that Truth is within inside of us - when that is revealed, then we understand. And then we will laugh at ourselves. "Wait a minute. How come I was building on these conceptions? How was I doing this?" And it all becomes clear. And all it takes is this Knowledge.

And so, I am really happy to see all the premies. Because it's just really beautiful. Like I said before, you can never, you can never sit down and say, "How come it's so beautiful to see the premies?" Because it just is. And then, besides all the circumstances that arise, like preparing and coming - I mean, it's almost like a big drag. And it's made worth it by seeing all the premies. It's really made worth it.

And so again, there is not much to say. There really isn't. There has never been much to say. Because understand - try - smile. Look, you have reached it. You have had it, what you want.

And more meditation brings you closer and faster towards that point, more and more. Really, what else is there? Except to smile. Understand. Because its so, so beautiful and so glorious. It's like, hallelujah for that perfectness!

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1974


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1974

You have to understand that this function that you are experiencing right now is always going on within your hearts. And that that Grace and that love and that bliss that you experience in one function is always there, always vibrating to Its maximum within your heart."


Hans Jayanti • 1975 • Orlando

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1975 "Guru" is a Hindi word, a Sanskrit word. And I agree to the fact that bringing that word into the West might be an extremely odd thing. But then I also agree to the fact that why even call it "West" and "East" when the whole universe is one?

Let the language just be a factor of communication. Let it be just so that we can communicate between each other. And Guru Maharaj Ji, or "Guru," represents something, means something. It's not a meaningless word. It's not an image of somebody. But it is a meaning. Rather than being the noun, it's a verb. And what it really means is it shows action.

I believe that the books that are used in America are quite different than the ones they use in India. But still they say that any word showing an action that takes place, that is a verb. And to me, "Guru" is a word that shows action. But to me, "Guru" is not a noun. It's not a name. It's the function of a person, of somebody who comes into this world to save us. And the particular meaning of the word "Guru" is "gu" meaning darkness and "ru" meaning the Light. The one who takes us away from the darkness that we are in and puts us into the Light is called "Guru."

At one stage or another, we understand the complications of this life. And then finally, we really start understanding that there is somebody who can save us from this life, who can really save us from the misery, who can really save us and pull us out from what we have gotten ourselves into. And when we go and surrender, when we go and dedicate ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji, then is when something happens, something clicks. I don't think anybody can define it, what really

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1975


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1975 You see, I have realized Knowledge. I have experienced that bliss. And I have become one with it. And I want you also to become one with that bliss, with that true consciousness that you have realized, like I have, so that you can be in that stage which I promised you, so that you can be in that perfection that I promised you."

happens and what really takes place. But something happens - something so beautiful - and that puts us into the place that all our lives we wanted to be in.

… You see, I can have five tires, which will give me one extra tire because a car only needs four. I can have a hood and I can have a trunk. I can have a steering wheel and the engine and the transmission and the differential wheel and the drive shaft all in three different rooms. I can take a car apart and put it into different sections and put them into different rooms but that does not give me a car which I can really use. That car that I have taken apart does me no good. It benefits me in no way whatsoever.

We go out, buy a $4000 car and we are pretty sure that those tires don't cost $4000. We know the steering wheel doesn't cost $4000 and we know the engine doesn't cost $4000. But the whole thing, when made usable, does cost $4000. Well, as a matter of fact, you can go to a jet and that might cost you millions of dollars.

So it's like, we have an energy. We have something that we have experienced and realized in this lifetime, which we know the world is hungry for. We have that energy, but it's all scattered. All we have to do is bring it together and it'll be one energy.

The potency, the power of that energy brought together by the premies - by premies just getting together - would be so incredible that I assure you it would make my work in this world, in this lifetime, three-quarters easier. And it all depends on premies. Because they have realized it. They know it. And they know how incredible, how peaceful, how blissful that experience really is.

So premies, we all come from different parts of this world and we come together. Now, I am pretty sure that I could have sent three or four premies to every city, or one premie to every city in this world, little villages and little towns included. And I could have been in one of the cities. But that would not, definitely, make this Hans Jayanti festival manifest. No. But we all come together, from wherever we were, to one place, to one point. And I need not say any more. See what it does? See how incredible it is? See how beautiful it gets?

This is the Power that we have, by our Lord's Grace. It's the most Supreme Power really that is within inside of us, that we have experienced. All the premies together can do something which is fantastic.

What is there to say except do satsang, service and meditation?


Hans Jayanti • 1976 • Los Angeles

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1976 "What have you been doing till now?
Have you been sitting in a satsang program with your fingers in your ears?
What have you been doing?
And this is not only a question used as an example, but this is a question I put to you now:
What have you been doing anyway?
And don't answer me now.
You don't have to answer me any time in your lifetime.
Answer that question to yourself: What have you been doing anyway?
And what have we been doing?
A lot of craziness.
Blowing a lot of chances and giving away a lot of aces …
every morning that the sun comes up,
there is an opportunity knocking at your door to open up,
to become beautiful.
To open up to this Knowledge.
I'm defining this for you now.
I'm not saying just open up. No.
Open up to Knowledge,
open up to the experience which this life has to offer you now."


Well, I think for you guys it pays off to be in Los Angeles. Figures that Los Angeles premies are pretty lucky, considering the fact that this is the only Hans Jayanti I'm celebrating at the right time. There's a Hans Jayanti that is happening in South Africa, but it's a little bit "off-date." The meaning is still there, but maybe not the right date.

And today I was just printing this picture of Shri Maharaj Ji and it was an old, old picture. The negatives had been sent from India. It was a really old picture. And I was printing it and I saw it and a lot came out. I saw a lot.

It was like, "Wow!" There is a sense, there is a meaning, a very practical purpose - a very practical meaning - for us all to be here. And then there is something else, besides just a practical meaning and a practical purpose, that here I am today, his son, printing this picture and then in the evening I'm going to go out and give a satsang program to these premies in Los Angeles where I first landed in the United States.

Since then, so much has happened.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1976 You know, I have built a little bridge. If you have read my satsang that I gave on the European tour, the satsang said that a person can build a bridge all the way from one corner of the world to the other corner of the world but right in the middle of the ocean leave three feet of space undone, unfinished. You definitely will be able to drive just about from one corner of the world to the other corner of the world.

It takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of energy, but I have just completed the three feet of the missing gap for all the premies. To a lot of premies it's like, "Okay, great. Maybe that's the answer to all my confusion. Maybe that's it. That's what I've been looking for for such a long time. Maybe I didn't exactly need all those Knowledge reviews I had, but this is it."

Looking back at it, I have to see, I have to feel, that when I wanted to drive the pilings in the water, in the sand, I discovered that I didn't need to. They were already there. So that means that the beginning of the bridge over that gap was always there. And so, if anybody really attempted it, they could have always built that bridge for themselves.

But its because of that big gap of confusion, of mind, of reality and unreality, which still fights amongst our hearts, which still shadows over us, that we have that imbalance in our lives, where we come so close to reality and we're three feet away. And that's all that matters. That's all that matters - three feet, three inches, three millimeters or three threads away. But the reality's always there. That thing that we are all looking for is always there. That understanding, that love, that beautiful, beautiful Knowledge that has been revealed to us - it's always there.

. We are there. That is the greatest opportunity and there cannot be any more opportunity after that. That fact that we are provided with a Guru Maharaj Ji and that fact that we have been provided with Knowledge by Guru Maharaj Ji - that's top-of-the-line! You can't match that. What comes with it is a long explanation: Grace comes with it, love comes with it, joy comes with it, opportunity comes with it. There's so many things that come standard.

This is the top of the line. You can't beat it. But it's like a trade. And you have to trade your love, you have to trade your sincerity, your understanding, that, "Yes. I want this Knowledge." You know, I say give me love and I'll give you peace. What do you think I do with love? You think I make subji out of it or make dessert out of it? Put it in the juicer and juice it? No! But it's to be able to channel it back - back to you so that you can grow more, so it can all really happen.


Hans Jayanti • 1977 • Rome

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1977 What I am trying to say is that, overall, whose Grace is it that ties it together into any possible sense? What people say is that by the Grace of God you have life. Now I agree. He runs His Grace out of you and you've had it. And that's true. But then, what is the purpose of having this life if you can't realize the aim of this life - if you can't fulfill the aim of this life - which can only happen by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji?

So from beginning to end, it's the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji that brings us together, that brings us to the point where we can realize Knowledge and fulfill our aim. And only he, only Guru Maharaj Ji, can then turn around and give us enough Grace again to be able to surrender to him, to be able to become one with him. Because this is what they have said about Guru Maharaj Ji: the difference is that Guru Maharaj Ji can bring you to the point where he is. Other people might be able to give you this information or that information and bring you to a certain point. But this is the difference. Guru Maharaj Ji can bring you to the same point that he is at.

There's an example that I used to give. Can you imagine a teacher trying to teach when all the kids in his class are just going completely "bongo-haywire"? The teacher gets up and says, "Two and two is four." And you get up and you say, "What for?" And then he says, "Listen, please bear with me. Please do this - just pass my class. Get out of my class. Anything."

And you don't just get out of his class. You don't bear with him. You keep on asking him, "What for? What for? What for?" Do you really expect that you're going to get some kind of an education? Do you really think that you're going to become a graduate? Do you really think that that teacher is going to tell you anything that's worth learning, when you treat him like that? Not if he is intelligent. Not if he is smart. If you can't bear with him, he should tell you, "Yeah, five and five is one." And then you go out, get all graduated, and some guy goes, "What's five and five?" And you go, "One," and everybody laughs at you, just like you made fun of that teacher.

But anyway, how can you learn? How can he teach you and how can you learn when you haven't surrendered yourself? How is it possible?

So premies, what it really boils down to is that we have to really try to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, try to let ourselves go to Guru Maharaj Ji, try to let ourselves be with Guru Maharaj Ji. And what am I talking about? I'm not talking about going to a movie theater. I'm not talking about sitting in a taxicab. I'm not talking about going to Siberia. I'm talking about being with Guru Maharaj Ji. Surrender yourself to Guru Maharaj Ji. Be in Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

What is Guru Maharaj Ji's world? What does Guru Maharaj Ji's world consist of?

It's within inside of us. It's within inside each of us. Each one has that Guru Maharaj Ji's world inside of him. And what this Guru Maharaj Ji's world is, it's ourselves. It's really ourselves. But we can only get there by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, when we surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. And that is why it's Guru Maharaj Ji's world. Because all there is is Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace again and again and again. But we have to let go.

And when I say, "Let go," I don't mean "just relax." I'm not talking about trying to make you limp. I'm talking about letting go of that mind, letting go of that attachment, letting go of those links, letting go of that boredom in which you find such excitement, letting go of that stupidity in which you find so much intelligence. That's what I'm talking about.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1977Guru Maharaj Ji's purpose in this life is to make
sure that you hear satsang, get interested
in Knowledge, receive Knowledge, and after
you have received Knowledge, to see you
through to your destination. And that's the purpose
of Guru Maharaj Ji. And there are no bills involved.
But the thing is, to see you through to the next
destination, you have to trust in Guru Maharaj Ji.
You have to have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji.
And Guru Maharaj Ji will take you there."

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1977


Hans Jayanti • 1978 • Kissimmee

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1978 First, Guru Maharaj Ji was there. But I really had that love and respect for him not as really Guru Maharaj Ji, but as my father. And he was a very loving father. He was a very kind father. I mean, there are no words to describe Shri Maharaj Ji. Obviously not. What he was, he was. How do you try to take imperfect words and try to stick them with perfectness? Literally impossible.

When he used to get angry at somebody it was like, "Man oh man!" That was the end of the world. Practical experience of the doomsday. That's it. And once he started to scream and he was angry, everybody would just freeze. And even people who weren't in his sight wouldn't move. If something was happening on the veranda, people inside the house stayed inside the house and people who were outside the house stayed outside the house. And nobody went close to where it was all happening - froze. People would just freeze: so much love and so much personality. So incredible.

And I know that a lot of times he would tell people, "Get out of here. Get out of here."

People would think, "Oh Maharaj Ji, please don't do this. Please don't do that. Don't kick him out." And yet I know that by kicking that person out, he was saving him millions and millions and millions of years of trouble. That was the amazing thing. But it was taking years and years and years of that person's suffering away.

When he would laugh and he would love … I mean, we've all seen those pictures. It would be just, man! It would be divine! Everybody would feel like: just jump right onto the stage and just jump right into Shri Maharaj Ji's lap. And then, if he got mad, whew! Split as fast as you can. Or freeze. Sometimes things would happen where you would wish you had a way to leave your body alone, and soul would get out and go somewhere. And when it was all over, come back again. Incredible experience.

And yet that experience we can have today, too, if we have faith in our Guru Maharaj Ji. If we have that love in our Guru Maharaj Ji, we can still have that same experience. Because it's not the matter of a person's personality. It's that love. It's that love that we all seek. And that love is always constant. That love is always here. And when we merge, when we open up to our Guru Maharaj Ji, then that love … Then Guru Maharaj Ji can shower his love upon us, which we all always are thirsty for.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1978 Obviously, we have come for Hans Jayanti. But what is Hans Jayanti? Well, to me, there is a meaning for Hans Jayanti, a very specific meaning for Hans Jayanti. To Raja Ji there is a very specific meaning for Hans Jayanti. But to you, your specific meaning for that Hans Jayanti is satsang. Another opportunity to be able to come together and share satsang. Another opportunity to be able to come together and see Guru Maharaj Ji. Another opportunity to have darshan. Another opportunity for service that we all need so badly."


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker At Hans Jayanti Festival 1978