Guru Maharaj Ji

Miami Guru Puja,
Sunday Afternoon, July 22, 1979

So dear premies, again a little opportunity to have some satsang, to listen to some satsang. You know, its been really beautiful to be able to have this program, come from wherever -- whatever "rut-holes" we were into -- come from wherever we were. (There wasn't a program happening in America -- when I was in Europe -- where all the premies really came together to one place.) And then just to come together again, to open up to something -- that experience that we all live for -- to tune into something so incredible, to tune into something so beautiful -- the purpose of life, the meaning of life, the value of life.

There is so much that goes on in the world every day that we tune into. Every day something happens in this world that "tones" us. Every day something happens in this world that we completely get involved in. And none of it is any good.

And then we just come with our hearts open just to be able to see Guru Maharaj Ji, just to be able to hear satsang, just to be able to be -- be natural, be alone. You come in this satsang hall and you don't have to put on your lipstick. You don't have to get dressed. You don't have to get into your things. There isn't somebody going to come up to you and say. "Hey, you're fired. You're not dressed right." You don't have to make any impressions on anybody. Nothing of this world happens here. You don't have to think. You don't have to expect. You don't have to do anything. Just be. Just be alone. Just listen to Guru Maharaj Ji, listen to the initiators give satsang. listen to music.

It's such a compact thing in one sense, that you come and the whole thing there is just satsang, satsang, satsang, satsang. The thing is that the amount of listening we do in a program is not phenomenal at all. It may seem that way but it's not.

You walk down a street and your ears are open. They're listening to all the garbage out there. We go to work and we listen. Our ears are open. We're listening to things. Perhaps we're not comprehending them but we're listening to them. And then we turn on a radio or turn on a cassette player, listen to this music or listen to that music or talk about or think about whatever we get into.

To be able to come and do nothing like that -- just to be a premie -- we come here to be a premie. We come here to be a premie of Guru Maharaj Ji. Premie. Lover. A lover of Guru Maharaj Ji. To be loved by Guru Maharaj Ji and to love Guru Maharaj Ji.

And isn't this all that world is trying to do out there?

They sing a song, "Meditating on Your Love." I like it very much. It's a very beautiful song. And if somebody were to take their tape and approach a professional studio it would be a 45-single hit. And I was listening to the words and it's, "meditating on your love." This is what the world does. This is a song being sung to some girlfriend. Or the girlfriend is singing to some boy that she's nuts about. "Meditating on your love."

And yet I hope they don't sing it to their girlfriends. I hope that that's not what they're talking about. And I don't think so. They're talking about Guru Maharaj Ji. the relationship that a devotee and Guru Maharaj Ji have. That is something very, very phenomenal.

In this world everything that we do has a certain reason behind it. This is what I have experienced. Sometimes I'll put on an album and it's no good. I don't like a single song on it. So I just take it and I throw it across the room. If you have never done it, it's great fun. It's like a frisbee. I don't throw it because of anger, but it's really fun. You watch this thing fly across the room. And one of the greatest sensations is to take a screwdriver and write something on the record. It feels strange to your hand. This record that's so fragile you're not even supposed to put your fingerprints on it. And you take a screwdriver and start writing things on it.

Or I'll give it to Hansi or Dooey and they'll write on it. They put one foot on it and scoot with the other foot and because it's so smooth it just makes them glide over the carpet. And yet I know that if there is a record that I like, I'm not going to do that to that. If Hansi wants to play with it. I say. "No, no Hansi. It's okay. Give it to me." And that love is so mundane. that love is so worthless.

But that's just a small example. That's just a very teeny, bitty, little bitty example. (You know, sometimes I have these records that are really old, really all scratched up, beaten up. They don't even play right. Sometimes they're given out.) But it's like that amplifies in our life. That's just one thing. When kids fight over one thing. what is that? Maybe you'll even laugh about it. "Oh, look at them fighting." When husband and wife fight, the third person, the bystander, goes. "Oh look, how sweet. How cute. They're having their first quarrel." And that quarrel is the exact thing that develops and they end up back in court. Not for another marriage license but for a divorce proceeding.

Everything that we expect from this world -- it's just like love, love, love. Just be nice. We expect everybody to be nice to us. This whole campaign of this hamburger chain store is people are nice to you when you


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979

Guru MaharajJi doesn't just want to give us Knowledge.
Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give himself to us.
Guru Maharaj Jr wants to give us that love.
Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give us that compassion.
Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give us that mercy.

go there. People are trained to be nice. In banking institutions people are trained to be nice. Sometimes policemen are given raps about how you should be nice. "You should have public relations."

Because in this world there is nothing nice. There is nothing that gives us that pleasure. There's the good old story about the guy who works all day long. And he is frustrated and nothing has gone right. Then he comes home and his wife is there and he expects something from his wife. He expects that that wife will be very, very nice to him. Treat him good. Treat him right. And if that wife starts to say. "And look at you. You come home and you're no good and you don't bring enough money home and look at all these bills there are. Why don't you find another job?" or something -- if she says that, perhaps that person feels like lifting his hand and hitting that very person he at one point just adored -- adored that person. "Marry me. I love you."

What is that great moment for the two people? "Oh, I love you. Will you marry me?" And then all of a sudden it comes to that point. It's just like. "Watch it. I'm going to hit you. You better shut up. Don't you start that all over again."

And yet that doesn't happen in Guru Maharaj Ji's world. Because the standards in Guru Maharaj Ji's world are completely different. It's like having no light switches because it's constantly lit up. There's constant light. It's constantly glowing. Everything is nice. Everything is beautiful. Everything is incredible. You don't have to expect it and then it comes alive. You don't have to sit there and go, "Guru Maharaj Ji, this-that. this-that." You don't have to take a daisy and pluck petals off it. "He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not."

And what is Guru Maharaj Ji trying to do? Whenever Guru Maharaj Ji comes into this world what does he try to do?

All he wants us to do is do a little bit of sacrifice. It is a very little sacrifice. He's not asking us to get rid of our whole life. There was a time when people were really scared, premies were really scared. I guess premies are still scared because sometimes an eight-ball initiator would get up and say, "How about giving your head to Guru Maharaj Ji? Would you be able to give your head to Guru Maharaj Ji if Guru Maharaj Ji asked for it?"

The fact of the matter is. Guru Maharaj Ji is not going to ask you for your head. Your mind is. Your mind does. Guru Maharaj Ji isn't. Why should Guru Maharaj Ji ask you for your head? What's in your head? Lot of ear wax. What's Guru Maharaj Ji going to do with ear wax? Lot of saliva. What's Guru Maharaj Ji going to do with that?

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't want your head. Guru Maharaj Ji is not going to ask you to jump in a well. Guru Maharaj Ji s not going to ask you to jump off a cliff. That's your mind. Guru Maharaj Ji has not asked anybody to jump off a cliff. Never. And the strange thing is that we are scared of that Mind has asked thousands of people, thousands of people, to jump off a cliff and they have. Mind says, "This world is no good. This world is good for nothing. Jump off a cliff. Commit suicide. Jump off the San Francisco bridge." And people do it.

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't want you to make a sacrifice of all the things. You say. "Well what if Guru Maharaj Ji is going to tell me to get rid of my wife?"

"Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji's going to say, get rid of my husband. Oh. Guru Maharaj Ji's going to say, get rid of my ring. Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji is going to say. get rid of my clothes. What am I going to do?"

Guru Maharaj Ji never says get rid of your wife. Guru Maharaj Ji never says get rid of your clothes. Guru Maharaj Ji never says all those things. Mind does.

And you know, millions of people in this world get divorced every day. Give up their wives, give up their husbands, take their clothes and throw them away -- burn them because they don't like them.

Guru Maharaj Ji wants you to make a very small sacrifice. And it's not to kill a rabbit in front of an altar. And is not to take a goat and behead it But a very, very small sacrifice. And that sacrifice is this love that you have inside of you.

Guru Maharaj Ji is like this man who makes a bargain with you. who makes a deal with you. and says, "Look. There is something inside of you that's filled with the love and you don't know about it. Your mind doesn't know about it. You don't know about it. But there is something inside of you that's completely filled with love. All I want is the love from it. The pure love that's inside of you." You think we got a deal.

And people go, "I can't do that. I can't give you my love. How can I give you my love? What is love? I can't feel it. I can't touch --" Because you see, it's like if somebody were to come right up to you (you know, everybody's facing towards me. but if somebody were to come right next to you) tap on your shoulder and go. "Give me something," what would go through your head?

"What do you want? I got some gum. Want some gum? I got a handkerchief. You want my handkerchief? What do you want?"

And this person who taps on your shoulder says. "I don't want anything. But give me something. I don't want anything that you think you have to give me. I don't want anything that this world has to offer. But I want something that you have to give me."

You. Everyone. Every individual has to give that love. The unquestionable love. The love that has no reason. The love that is not based upon a contract.

And it's not a bad deal. Because Guru Maharaj Ji says, "I'll return you my love. I'll give you my love. You give me yours and I'll give you yours." That's how simple it is in one essence, in one sense. That's all.

There is that famous quote, "You give me love and I'll


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 give you peace." And that's all. Because the thing is that love that Guru Maharaj Ji is asking for, it's just sitting there rotting away. You can't use it for anything. You can't give it to your husband. You can't give it to your wife. You can't give it to this world. You can't. Even if you want to. You just can't do it. It's as simple as you can't take a 16-millimeter movie and try to play it on a video deck. A 16-millimeter movie is not going to play on a video deck. Simple. Well, maybe to you, you don't understand that. "Why can't a 16-millimeter movie play on a video deck?" People who know anything about 16- millimeter movies or anything about video decks know that. The reason is that in a video deck there is tape just like your tape-recorder tape. It's a magnetic tape. And you load that into your video deck and the tape comes around this head that's going around and puts a magnetic pulse onto the tape. And that head rotates at a certain speed and the tape rotates at a certain speed. But with a 16-millimeter movie projector there are frames. There is no magnetic impulse for the picture. There is a frame. And it's an actual picture that's been shot via a camera, taken to a lab. processed. It's the real thing. And when you put it in front of the projector it goes through the sprockets, goes through the guide, there's a great big lamp sitting behind that, there's a great big lens, the light comes through, goes through the lens and gets magnified and then you can watch it.

And for the same reason that you can't watch a 16-millimeter movie on a video deck, you can't watch a video on 16-millimeter projector.

And okay, maybe that doesn't even make all that much sense. But this is how simple it is, because initiators get up and so many people get up and they talk about it. As Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji was saying. this guy has a problem listening to satsang because it confronts him. First of all I was shocked to hear that. I was shocked to hear that. But then I wasn't. Because then I just thought about it and I said, "Yeah. I can understand that. I can understand that completely." Because you're so ugly sometimes that it hurts to stand in front of a mirror and look at your face. I can understand that perfectly. If somebody is really pretty, somebody is really handsome, they can stand in front of a mirror and look at themselves, present themselves. But if it is somebody who's really, really ugly, then they have a very hard time. And satsang is a mirror in one way. Satsang is a thing …

You know, because we are human beings we can come and talk about something. We can talk about a lot of things. We can talk about boats, We can talk about cars. We can talk about airplanes. We can talk about horse racing. We can talk about dog racing. But we are not here for dog racing. We are not here in this world for all those things.

We are here for a very simple thing. To be. To be who we are. Pure in our hearts. Pure in our life. Pure in our thought. To be merged with that thing where we came from. To have the ultimate realization. To have the ultimate meeting. To have the ultimate perfection in our lives.

And we come and we talk. We use the words. We use the languages. We use our vocabularies to try to express an inner experience that we are having. And when we hear about that love, when we hear about that Knowledge. it …

You see. the thing is that there is something in your heart that feels so good when you listen to satsang.

Completely blisses out. Because every time I come to a satsang … I came here early. Couple of hours ago. And I was just listening to satsang. It places you in such a beautiful consciousness. You feel so close. You feel so close to that love. You feel such a harmony. You don't think about how your boss is going to hit you over the head or all the problems you have or all the nitty-gritty things. Because you feel just like a child.

Okay. Let that satsang happen. Let my heart fill up with that love. Okay, let's talk about Guru Maharaj Ji more. Let's talk about Knowledge more. I never get fed up with satsang. Not because I don't listen to it. I do listen to it. But to me it just opens that heart up. Because satsang is the kind of talk the mind doesn't need. But you do.

Talking about boats and talking about cars and talking about how we can do this and talking about how that guy has just made this special car for himself … all the movies of this world, all the raps in this world -- that's exactly what the mind wants to hear. "Awright!" Because that is your deterrent. It's so simple. It's so simple.

And we have been here. This is our fourth day talking about satsang, talking about service, talking about meditation. I don't know about you. I don't feel sick. I don't feel sick of it. I don't know about you, but to me it's like, "Yeah, more, more, more. More is needed." Because what is it? You're not going to get this out there. You know it.

And then there is something else. To be able to come together -- everyone, everyone. There's about nine thousand premies here -- nine thousand and sixty premies and six hundred aspirants, approximately. And we all come together. And yet every one of us is sitting in his own individual chair and listening to the satsang and comprehending the satsang individually. This is the river of satsang. It's beautiful.

Yet when we let that mind come in, mind doesn't like


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 "I can see what Guru Maharaj Ji has
done in my life -- my Guru
Maharaj Ji has done in my life.
He has saved me. There isn't a
single prayer anybody has
written yet worthy to be sung to him.
I don't know of a single prayer.
I don't know of a single song that I can
sing to Guru Maharaj Ji that I
would feel that "yes, this is appropriate.'
Because there isn't any."

one single bit of it. Because everything that is being said here is contrary. Its different from what the world tells you to do. It's "weird." But it depends from where you're coming at it. It's "strange." But that just depends where you're at. Guru Maharaj Ji just wants to give you this experience, just wants you to open your heart up and let you gobble all this experience in, take all this experience in, take all this love in. And keep it. Not just dump it out again the day you leave this hall, the day you get back to your community. But to retain it, to retain it, to retain it … forever.

Our mind goes, "Well, why is Guru Maharaj Ji wanting to do all this? What does Guru Maharaj Ji want in return? Don't you listen to Guru Maharaj Ji because Guru Maharaj Ji wants you.- And I said that. I said that at one program. I said, "Look! I don't want your car. I don't want all those things. I want you.- And your mind goes, "Oh my God, he wants your head. Oh my God, he might ask you to jump off a cliff. He wants to make you his slave."

This is such a thing. Whatever you feel about Guru Maharaj Ji sometimes. that mind comes and it puts that distrust and puts that wrong faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. That mind comes in and says, "Satsang, service and meditation is just a jive, man. It's not gonna get you anywhere. Satsang is just these people getting up and talking because they've got nothing better to talk about. Guru Maharaj Ji is, you know, strange."

All you have to do at that point, all you have to do is reverse the polarity. All you have to do is say, "Thank you, mind, for giving me satsang, because that's what you are. You're weird. You're strange. You don't have anything better to talk about." And flow. Flow in that love.

Because as I was saying. when we have everything figured out, we think that everything belongs in a specific place. And in our place we never made a hole for Guru Maharaj Ji. We never made a place for satsang. Because mind has already occupied the whole apartment building. There are no more floors left. And Guru Maharaj Ji says. "This is contrary to what the purpose of you creating this building was."

This is what every Perfect Master says, that the things that you are involved in are not the purpose of your life. There is something to seek. There is something to know. There is something to search for. There is something to knock for. There is something to ask for.

When Jesus came, tell me what the situation was. There were the rich people. There were people who were rich, who had money. who had servants. (We have just taken a lot of concepts and perhaps automated them.) They had streets and they used to have museums and they used to have different kinds of entertainment facilities -- that whole place in Rome where everybody would get up and sit down and the cats would eat people up. What is the difference? There it was, a huge Astrodome, except it didn't have a cover on it. The Astrodome is so similar to that. There are all these seats on the side. The two parties come and one's going to chew up the other. And they come and they all fight and you look down there and you see them get into it. They chew each other up. They kick each other. They've got these boots with spikes on them. And this whole parade happens down there.

And there is no difference, in reality. There is no difference in this century now and in that century when Jesus came into this world. I don't see any difference. I don't think there's any difference. Tell me, who's happy with the cars? There was the whole attempt. "Let's make these horses nice. Lets make these chariots fast." A single-horse chariot, double-horse chariot, two horsepower, three horsepower, four horsepower, 5.7-litre engine, 2.7-litre engine. Different arms, different


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 ammunitions, strategies, planning, this, that. Shopping places where you can buy things and live. And you have to work to eat.

All the things that are happening now were happening then. But Jesus came in this world and said, "Look. There is something for people to realize in this world. There is something for people to see. There is something that people should know. There is a wisdom that people don't have."

And do you think that by now, having all the cars that we have. having all the airplanes that we have, having all the facilities that we have, that we have gained that wisdom? Now that we have been able to successfully go to the moon, sent the Robot I and the Skylab that fell down and whatever, we have gained the wisdom that Jesus was talking about? We have gained the Knowledge that he was talking about?

This morning I got up and I turned on the television. And last night I had made some adjustments on the television because we wanted to play the video from the satsang here. And so this morning when I got up I wanted to plug into the video feed coming from this hall. And I had to scan through all the channels to come to the channel the hall feed was on. And it was so incredible because today is Sunday. And everybody's out here. "And this is gonna happen to you and you're gonna rot. The devil's taken over this world." As if that's news. That's a stale piece of information.

One after another, because early in the morning … and then finally one channel had a cartoon on it. That was such a nice change. And then all of a sudden the satsang started coming. And man, it clicked. It clicks. Not the television but that thing in your heart. It clicks. Makes sense. Because to me, I can't relate to all that. I just can't. I mean I can, but when I relate to all that it just tells me that that's all "bongos." It's all nuts. It's all crazy. Because you can look into their eyes -- you can just look into their eyes and see all the makeup. You can look into their eyes. (Of course it's not their eyes. All you're looking at is a TV picture.) But you know they haven't got it They haven't got that Knowledge. They don't have that understanding. They're repeating something. And everybody is repeating his own version of it. They have the black book in their hands. "And you better have faith." Screaming and yelling to the top of their lungs.

And it's such a contrast. Such a contrast. There's this initiator giving satsang. And he isn't talking about, "You're all going to rot in hell." He wasn't saying that. He wasn't saying you're doomed. He wasn't saying that you are a sinner. He wasn't saying you're a criminal. He wasn't saying you have had it. They were. They were. They were saying we've all had it. We're all on our way to hell.

If God's all-merciful, don't you think he's going to save us all? What about all the Hindus? The world's second largest population. They don't believe in the Bible. What about all the Chinese? The world's largest population. They don't believe in the Bible. What about the Christians? They don't believe in the Gita. So what is it? What does it really boil down to?

And man, if you think that this is confronting -- if people think that sitting in satsang confronts you -- go out there. Maybe you've gotten too used to it in the three days. Go out there in this world. That's confronting. Because if you know that there is something to you more than what you think and you're just getting ground up, chewed up, Guru Maharaj Ji just comes and says,


I mean, this is my experience: that a devotee, that a
premie in this life, needs Guru Maharaj Ji
so much. To have that contact with Guru Maharaj Ji, to
have that inspiration coming from Guru Maharaj Ji,
to have Guru Maharaj Ji's love in one's life is so precious.

"Come on. I'll help you. I'll help you get out of here. I'll help you. I'll take you to that place where you will find that peace. I'll take you to that place where you will find that love. I'll take you to that place where you will be saved. Now You don't have to wait. You don't have to be buried and then resurrected, then that's when you get saved. But now. It's possible now."

And this is Guru Maharaj Ji's compassion. Because Guru Maharaj Ji comes for every devotee in this world. Guru Maharaj Ji comes to show that love to everybody in this world. The whole praise and glory of Guru Maharaj Ji is so incredible.

There is that one saying in Hindi. To me is really true. "I was being swept away. I was being washed away with all this world. with all this maya, with all this illusion. And then Guru Maharaj Ji found me. And he handed me this lamp. He handed me this light. He gave me this light. And through this light now I can see. Through this light I can perceive, I can see my path."

Everybody puts obstacles in our way and Guru Maharaj Ji comes and takes these obstacles away. What can Guru Maharaj Ji mean to a devotee? There is no limit to that. There is no end to that. In a person's life, really there is only one thing.

I mean, this is my experience: that a devotee, that a premie in this life, needs Guru Maharaj Ji so much. To have that contact with Guru Maharaj Ji, to have that inspiration coming from Guru Maharaj Ji, to have Guru Maharaj Ji's love in one's life is so precious. To be able to give your love to Guru Maharaj Ji is so precious.

Look at that whole story of all the gopis and Krishna. I don't know. Maybe you don't even know that story. Neither do I. But I know a portion of it. And it was like for every gopi. Krishna manifested. For every gopi, Krishna manifested. For every premie, Krishna manifested in that form, in that love.

What does this world give us? Yesterday, in the ashram meeting, we were having satsang. And all of a sudden I was going through some of the examples. I just started talking about people's lives and it was really funny. And then I just thought about it later on. And it's not funny, man. It's just not funny. When we were talking about it everybody was laughing."Ha, ha, ha, ha. ha!" But it's not funny. It's not funny at all.

There's so many of us and what do we go through in this life? What happens in this life to us? Where does this mind, where does everything. where does the whole flow of life, want to put us? In the true -- in every sense of that -- moment of doomsday. Literally. Man, I can't imagine my life without Knowledge. Yes, of course it's very hard to understand it. What would I be? What is that experience of Knowledge in this life? What is the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji?

I was going to school. I would have probably grown up. got a job and that's where I would be. And at this point. 21 years old. I would be probably graduating from some college or university. And my life would have been nothing. It wouldn't have meant a thing to me, now that I know. And yet I know that if I would have never known this -- that it would have meant everything to me -- I would have been about as blind as anybody else. It's so true. One blind man just leads the other blind man in this world. This is what this world is all about. Everybody's blind and one blind man is leading the other.

And what has Guru Maharaj Ji's compassion shown me in my life? I always want to pray to Guru Maharaj Ji. Always. When I walk. Before I go to sleep. After I wake up. Before I eat -- every moment that I can possibly get together to be able to pray to Guru Maharaj Ji. I sit down before I have dinner and we all close our eyes and sometimes the kids don't like that very much. They think we are going to sleep. Hansi used to say, "Mommy, wake up! Daddy, wake up! Everybody wake up!"

And it's such a thing because I don't sit there with my eyes closed and, "O Guru Maharaj …" And it's like such common prayer. "0 Lord, we thank thee for the bread you have put on the table today, man. Keep it coming." He's already given it to you. You can thank him once and you can thank him twice. And yet you have to thank him for every minute molecule he put in that grain of grain, every molecule he has put in that wheat that made that bread. That's how many times you should thank him.

I went to a Catholic school. The principal of the school used to have his white robe and a big green belt around him. And there were all these people. Called them brothers. "Sir." And we used to have to sing this prayer every morning. "Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done …"

To me, when I have my Guru Maharaj Ji -- when I had my Guru Maharaj Ji -- it never ever occurred to me, "O Guru Maharaj Ji. Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will …"

"O Guru Maharaj Ji, do whatever you wish to do." That's the prayer. You think that you go. "Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done …" No. Whenever It wishes. Whenever It pleases. Whenever Guru Maharaj Ji pleases. Whenever that Creator pleases. that Creator is going to come and whenever that Creator pleases, that Creator is going to go. Whenever that Creator pleases, He's just going to take this whole ball and just crush it.

One thing that we always learn in our lives is to be superior. We think of ourselves as superior. We're the superior. I know that Shri Maharaj Ji used to talk a lot about this. "We are the crown of creation". And sometimes, it's just, "God! Really?" We're pretty stupid. We're all pretty stupid. And we always think ourselves, "Oh yeah. Me. I am." And what is it all about? What is it all worth? That Creator is …


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 None of us are supremes. None of us are any better than the other ones. We all come from the same pits. Were exactly the same bug. We all were the same bug who … how many people could care for caterpillars? These "squushy," "squushy" things -- long, with a zillion legs on them. Can you imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning -- you're half asleep -- and all of a sudden you feel this thing going towards your mouth. And all of a sudden you wake up and you look down and then there is this black thing with a zillion legs. You'd probably jump. And yet that caterpillar -- what is that caterpillar? When it forms that cocoon. when It forms that shelter and sheds itself and takes the next transformation, it becomes the next thing and becomes a butterfly. And I don't think anybody minds butterflies. You know, a butterfly comes and sits on your hand. Everybody would be blessed out. "Look man! This guy's got nice vibes. Look. a butterfly came, sat on his hand.-

And yet that same manifestation … and it's like I feel we are all caterpillars. That's what we were. What are our lives? What do we live for? Tell me one single thing in this world that's worth living for. Yeah, of course, I would have been in the school. I don't know. I was getting really good grades when I was in my school. I would have probably been some kind of an intellectual idiot by now. Talking in the most profound English Going everywhere, knowing Hindi. but not speaking even a word of it In India. Always English. Make an idiot out of everybody. "You mean you don't know English?"'

I can see that what I could have become -- sometimes you could just look back down the tunnel you just came through and you can imagine what could have happened. The whole thing could have collapsed on you. Look at all our lives. There's some premies here that have been through the whole routine of every-


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979

body, have gone through the whole routine and what have they come up with? (There is an initiator here who blew his thumb off with a hand grenade.) I mean. what is it?

And Guru Maharaj Ji comes. And he doesn't offer us all the things of this world. I can see what Guru Maharaj Ji has done in my life -- my Guru Maharaj Ji has done in my life He has saved me. There isn't a single prayer anybody has written yet worthy to be sung to him. I don't know of a single prayer. I don't know of a single song that I can sing to Guru Maharaj Ji that I would feel that "yes, this is appropriate.'" Because there isn't any.

What does Guru Maharaj Ji do? In our concept, it's like, "Okay, there is Guru Maharaj Ji and there is me." And yet do you know what Guru Maharaj Ji is trying to do? Guru Maharaj Ji is trying to bring you to that level, bring you to that experience, where he is at. Guru Maharaj Ji tries to take us -- that is the difference. Guru Maharaj Ji gives us that experience that he has to give to us, that experience, that Truth.

What is Truth? Today, this is what is taught to the kids. "Don't speak a lie." What is a lie? Lie is a technicality. Why do you think lawyers go to school? What is law school all about? How to be able to tell a lie with the same parameters as the truth. If there is a guy and he kills another guy and this guy goes. "I saw him do it," then they'll ask him, "Where were you standing? Do you think a train went by? How tall was the building in front of you? What color shirt was the guy wearing who got killed?"

And if that guy who got killed was wearing a green shirt and they said blue. "Your Honor. he wasn't there. He doesn't even know."

I mean. this happens all the time. We get caught up in these little technicalities, this "truth." What is this "truth?"

Truth is the essence of this whole creation. Okay, you can get an electron microscope and look at the molecular composition of this cloth. You can look at the molecular composition of this microphone. And you won't see any energy in there. You won't see any Creator in there. All you will see are these little round balls linked together.

But you know, there is something that keeps this thing glued. There is something … There are premies sitting here who built this stage. To them this thing is nailed shut with glue and -- well, it doesn't have nails. It has screws and nuts. What's making all that hold up?

To us. it's such a given factor. "Oh yes. I thank you for the bread you have put in front of me." My God! "I thank you for my life." "I thank you for the breath you have given me." "I thank you for my eyesight." "I thank you that I can hear." ""Thank you for every hair you have given me." "Thank you for having this roof over my head and it isn't falling down." "Thank you that a car hasn't come crashing into my living room." "Thank you that an airplane hasn't crashed on top of my house." "Thank you that the world is still there."

How many "thank you's" are you going to end up with? Your whole dinner will get cold. Get mold and mildew on it. Dry up. You'll be an old man and possibly die in the middle of your "thank you" and still you


"Guru Maharaj Ji is all-merciful.
Guru Maharaj Ji knows. Guru Maharaj Ji
isn't just saying, "You better do it. You've got to do
all this by yourself. Guru Maharaj Ji is saying. "I'll help
you. Let me help you." I mean how easy can it get?"

And its just so clear to me that that opportunity that Guru Maharaj Ji gives us. that love that Guru MaharajJi gives us, is nothing to be taken and evaluated by us. Its not ours. All Guru Maharaj Ji is asking us to do is to take that experience that Guru Maharaj Ji gives you and bypass it. Don't let it go through your mind. Bypass it.

We have been very strong. Sometimes it happens where you get very, very strong about satsang. Its like. "Man, you've got to do it now. Right now."

Initiators get up and they say it. And you tell me, are they wrong? Am I wrong? When are we going to do that? When are we going to make that effort? When are we really going to understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is? When are we going to really open up our hearts and accept Guru Maharaj Ji? When are we going to for one day, for one change in our lives, stop inputting everything into our mind before it goes into our heart? Just, you know, to let go.

And it's such an experience. Because to Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji is all-merciful. Guru Maharaj Ji knows. Guru Maharaj Ji knows your -- Guru Maharaj Ji isn't just saying, "You better do it. You've got to do all this by yourself."

Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "I'll help you. Let me help you." I mean how easy can it get? Guru Maharaj Ji is saying, "Make those three steps in your life and I'll take you and help you. I'll help you for the rest of the million. I will help you. Let me help you. Let me take you. Let me carry you. Let me give you that love. Let me give you what you have wanted for such a long time in your life."

And Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't offer any theories. And Guru Maharaj Ji isn't offering any random points, so to say. What Guru Maharaj Ji is offering is what he has to offer to us. And we have to become beggars in our lives. We have to accept it. That's what we have to become. We have to become beggars in our lives. When were we givers, anyway? When were we rich in our hearts, anyway? What are we rich in? Our hearts lie empty. Our feelings lie empty. Our emotions lie empty.

And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and fills our life up, fills our life up with love, fills our life up with that kindness, fills our life up with that understanding. Guru MaharajJi comes and shows us -- through his mercy, through his Grace -- shows us his love. Colors this life. Colors this life with wonderful, splendid colors.

And this is the way I feel my Guru Maharaj Ji has done it for me. This is the way I feel, that there is nothing ever I can say. "Thank you" is such a stupid thing to say to Guru Maharaj Ji. Sometimes. this is what I feel. Yeah, "thank you." But thank you is what you say to everybody. You say that to a dog if he doesn't bite you. "Thanks a lot puppy, for not biting me." Somebody hands you a cup of coffee and you say. "Thank you." Somebody pretends to save your life and you say, "Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much." I don't know. Sometimes people just say thank you for no reason at all.

Sometimes when you're coming out of an airplane. there is the stewardess standing there. You go. "Thank you." And she goes, "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thank you." And start up this whole conversation. "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thank you." "Well, thanks again."

And yet it's so clear what Guru Maharaj Ji has given us in our lives. Knowledge is such a precious gift. And it doesn't stop at Knowledge. Guru MaharajJi doesn't just want to give us Knowledge. Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give himself to us. Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give us that love. Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give us that compassion. Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give us that mercy. Guru Maharaj J1 just doesn't stop at saying. "Okay, here is the Knowledge. Go. Buster. Try figuring this puzzle out for yourself."

For every step, there's Guru Maharaj Ji's -- every step Every single step of the way Guru MaharajJi is there to help us. And all Guru Maharaj Ji is saying is, "Let me. Let me help you."

All Guru Maharaj Ji says is, "Come to me. I'll take you where you want to go." Guru Maharaj Ji is somebody who gives us everything. Everything. Everything that we need. Makes us rich in heart. where it really counts. Guru Maharaj Ji gives us the love when this whole world hates us. When this whole world turns its head around from us, Guru Maharaj Ji turns our smile on. When this whole world is completely ready to make us cry, Guru Maharaj Ji comes and makes us laugh.

And is so true. And then when it really comes down to the last battle and Guru Maharaj Ji says. "No. Look at me," we still look at the world. And that's such a shame. Because what has Guru Maharaj Ji given us? Guru Maharaj Ji gives us everything. Every single thing. It's so true.

What does this world try to do to us? This world tries to make us cry. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and puts a smile on our face. What does this world make of us? Makes us like rock. Hardens us. And Guru Maharaj Ji softens us. Lets that light come in. When the world turns off everything, Guru Maharaj J1 shines his light upon us. And then all he asks. at that last moment. is just to look at him.

And we get so gung-ho on this world. We get so attached to this world that we can't see that. We say. "Well, I don't even know what I should be thankful to you for Guru Maharaj Ji, anyway. What have you given me?"

And Guru MaharajJi gives us everything. And all Guru Maharaj Ji asks us again and again is please to just stop the mind. Please don't let the mind come in. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Look, we are having a relationship, a beautiful relationship. You are loving me; I'm loving you. Don't stop now."

That's all Guru Maharaj Ji says, in essence. "Surren-


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker With Family Guru Puja Festival 1979


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 der to me. Don't let anything come in between us. Let go to me. Come to me."

"Our effort." Everybody probably gets goose bumps. "Effort. effort, effort. What effort, Guru Maharaj Ji? What effort? What effort can I make?"

And Guru Maharaj Ji says. "I'll even make the effort for you but just put your wish there that you even want to. Just wish it. Really, sincerely. And even that'll come true."

Isn't it Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace that sometimes when we feel so close to it all -- so close -- that one glimpse that Guru Maharaj Ji gives us so that we can make that little effort and man, it just sometimes …

I know it comes so close for the premies. So close. It's like if there are a hundred obstacles, they have crossed ninety-nine. And it comes so close. And you can feel it in your heart when it comes that close. It's like one more little membrane and it's just "phewf!" That's all you have to do is just knock it.

And it's such an incredible experience when it really comes that close. Because you know on the other side there is Guru Maharaj Ji forever. Forever. For everything that you have wanted, for everything that you have wished, for everything there is to know. for everything to be. For all those things that people talk about. For all that wishful thinking people do -- that eternity, that love. that kindness, that light. I mean … everything.

And sometimes. I know, premies do really come there They really make that effort. They really come. They really try from their hearts, they try. And Guru Maharaj then has to help. And Guru Maharaj Ji helps them. And it's just like when it comes down to that last barrier . .

Just like that example Gurucharnanand was giving. You go right back over your ninety-nine obstacles. And then when that happens again, you cross another ninety-nine obstacles and come to the last one and Guru Maharaj Ji says. "Come on. Right! Let's go!"

I mean it comes so close that you can even feel the heat from Guru Maharaj Ji's hand. You have taken your three steps and you're just about ready to put the foot on the line and Guru Maharaj Ji's hand is there and you can even feel the heat from Guru Maharaj Ji's hand just ready to pick you up. And then I don't know what happens.

I guess we all know what happens. Man, look at it Look at it, last night. It was so incredible. We all were here and it was just like, "Wow!" Why did it have to end or why did it have to go away? I was feeling a lot. And I think many of us sitting here were feeling a lot. It was so incredible. And then something happens and it's the same old pillow and the same old sheet, right over your head. And it's all gone. Poof! That's it. And nothing can bring it back. Stunned.

Look at Orlando. God. it was incredible. It was beautiful. It was magnificent. It was outrageous. And came so close for so many of us. So, so close. It was so clear. It was so clear where we had to go. It was so clear. Surrender made sense. Effort made sense. Satsang made sense. For a time just to be And I mean, I think I experienced it very much.

And after the whole program was over, and we came back to Malibu, you almost felt hate for Malibu. Like, "What are you doing here? If this place wasn't here you would have probably stayed there." And it was like so close.

And all Guru Maharaj Ji asks is, "Look! When you have jumped your ninety-nine obstacles and your last go- ahead, put everything you've got. Do it. Don't stop now."

When you cross your first obstacle the mind says nothing. Nothing. Doesn't think anything of it. Cross your second one, mind just looks at you. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh … on the fiftieth effort -- the fiftieth obstacle -- mind goes. "Mmmm. What are you doing?"

And you go. "Listen. Buster. I'm not going to look at you. This is it. I'm going. I'm going all the way this time."

And you go. and you go, and you go. and you go. And you feel Guru Maharaj Ji come in your life. You feel that hand. You feel that pull. I know you have experienced it. You feel it come so close. And then Guru Maharaj Ji just starts saying even more to you. "Go, go, go, go!" You can smell that freedom. You can feel that bliss.

And your mind gets stronger and stronger and yet


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Festival 1979 you're fighting it Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace is there. And it comes to that one moment where you have to just stop at your hundredth obstacle and say, "Okay." Guru Maharaj Ji says. "Alright. Let's go. Here I am to take you your million miles. Just don't look back. Don't look at your mind. Just don't look back. Because this is it. This is your threshold. You are standing on the threshold. Don't look back."

And I don't know. For some stupid reason, we always just, "Oh. I don't know what I have been through." And we look back. And we look back and we see the whole world. Just like in that story. This boy would turn around and see his house and think of his aunt and think of his uncle and think of what their pain and suffering was. And then everything would come back and his heart would overfill. Then he would just go back. Until one day he really made that effort.

And premies, you know … effort. All Guru Maharaj Ji is asking you to do is not to look back. That's how small your effort is. There is no reason to be scared about the effort. Guru Maharaj Ji isn't saying, like that song goes. "I can move the mountain." Yes, I know you can move a mountain. Moving a mountain is nothing. And yes. I know that you can swim the greatest seas. And that's nothing. People do it for fun.

And when it really comes to it, all Guru Maharaj Ji is asking for is that one single effort. one little effort, in your life -- to just cross that barrier.

And I know that if we couldn't do it, Guru Maharaj Ji wouldn't have asked us to do it. We can all do it. That's why I am asking you to do it. We can all do it. Yes. We can refrain from looking back.

So premies, again, there is our effort. We can do it. So, thank you very much.