Satsang of Initiator Peter Dawson, Guru Puja, London, June 1979Satsang of Initiator Peter Dawson

This morning there was some satsang for those of us who were going to be doing some service in the darshan area. I was asked to share a little bit of satsang and then had to stop because the meeting had to break up. I was just beginning to say that, personally, I don't believe there's any way you and I can meditate our way to realize the Truth, to realize Guru Maharaj Ji. Because you can read so many scriptures, you can read so many books about the great meditators of the past who sat there, birds came and nested in their heads, and so on. All these different stories you hear. Sat there for years and years.

Personally, I can't even put up with a fly, let alone a bird coming and nesting in my hair. You just see, there aren't any of us like that this time around. There aren't any great anythings. We're just a bunch of yoyos when it all boils down to it.

But there's one thing, it just seems to me, that will take us there. It just seems that Guru Maharaj Ji's love is so great, Guru Maharaj Ji's love is so immense, so unbelievable. It is just unbeliev able. I can't believe the love of Guru Maharaj Ji, can't believe the love that Guru Maharaj Ji has for you and me. I can't believe the love that he's implanted inside us. That's beyond belief. I guess that's why we're always saying, "Wow, I had my mind blown. I had my mind blown about this and this blew my mind and that blew my mind."

Guru Maharaj Ji's love is just completely mind-blowing. That love of Guru Maharaj Ji is the thing that is just dissolving mind. No great battle to get rid of the mind. No great fight to go beyond it. Because every single one of us is too used to it. It just seems that his love is so captivating, so beautiful, so all-attractive. He is so beautiful. He is his own love. And he is just so beautiful to look at. We're just going to fall in love with him more and more and more.

Anything that you love you just naturally give yourself to. It's not like, "Got to do satsang, got to do service, and got to do meditation if I want to realize this Knowledge, if I want to realize God. Got to do all of these things. Got to go through all of these set things. Six hours sleep, six hours satsang, six hours meditation and six hours service. There's my 24 hours split up nicely."

But it just doesn't seem to be like that. It just seems to be the most natural way to live.

Wherever you go, you see Guru Maharaj Ji's love manifesting more and more and more. You can just see everyone. We're all having our little struggles here, there and everywhere; experiencing a little bit of mind here, and a little bit of mind there. But really, overall, you just see Guru Maharaj Ji's love happening more and more in this world. Just like when the tide comes in, it just doesn't come in with one wave. it's way out to sea and then one wave later it's in the middle of town or something. it just takes its time. The tide comes in and it has a time when it goes out.

It just seems like that with Guru


Satsang of Initiator Peter Dawson, Guru Puja, London, June 1979 Maharaj Ji's love. Nothing can stop it. Nothing can stop Guru Maharaj Ji. His timing. In his time. He's just bringing that love more into our hearts and more into our hearts and more into our hearts. More into our being. Revealing to us that our true nature, our natural nature - the natural thing for human beings - is to be in love with the Lord.

I've just been in Australia, getting on with this service, doing whatever needs to be done, and not thinking too much about the festival. It would be beautiful to go to the festival, but you can't get into it too much. You don't know whether you're going to go or whether you're not going to go. But it wasn't till last night that I came here, sat down and saw the chair that something really started. And certainly I know I didn't switch it on. I didn't say, "Maybe Guru Maharaj Ji will be coming in the next hour or two." Something just started welling up inside. Just such a hunger to see Guru Maharaj Ji. I just ended up sitting in a chair over there, just weeping.

There was nothing that I turned on, "Oh, I must get nice and emotional now before Guru Maharaj Ji comes." But it just came from inside. As far as I'm concerned it came from Guru Maharaj Ji. Because what else have I got in this world? What else have we got?

Personally, I haven't got anyone to love in this world. I don't want anyone to love in this world, but anyway, I haven't got anyone to love in this world. And yet I'm a creature of love. I have an amazing capacity for love inside. And I know that each of you has as well. Each of us. We have so much love! Just seeing us come through darshan today. All these different shapes and sizes. I don't know them; they don't know me. And yet the love, just the love, just the breaking down …

And premies were coming before Guru Maharaj Ji, coming before their everything. Because he's shown us we haven't got anything else in this world. He's really proved it. We haven't got any one else in this world. It doesn't matter whether we're married and we've got 15 children. We haven't got anyone to love. The only thing we've got is Guru Maharaj Ji. We just need him so much. We just need to see him so much.

Last night I needed to see him so much. I can only pray that that goes on and on. What a way to spend a life!

I was traveling in one particular part of Australia and someone was driving me up the coast. We got to the town where we were going, and there were a lot of people out surfing. And he was just telling me, "Yeah, I spent 14 years surfing. It's a really fantastic way to waste your life."

That's right. You're going to waste your life anyway in this world. It's a complete waste, anything else that's going on.

And now Guru Maharaj Ji's given every single moment such a beautiful, beautiful purpose. You know it's by his grace. Each one of us knows it's by his grace. And our own efforts. Just to obey his agya, to obey his direction. Just to obey him in what he's asking us to do. He's just asking us to cut out everything except for satsang, service and meditation. And you just know, if we can do that, if we can just hold fast to that, if we can just hold fast to Guru Maharaj Ji, hold fast to Guru Maharaj Ji's direction, Guru Maharaj Ji's agya, this life just gets richer and richer and richer.

We talk about the love of Guru Maharaj Ji. If we love something in this world, then we want to be with that, we want to give ourselves to that. And the more we're in love with it, the more we're completely infatuated by it, the more we think about it. And yet as premies we say that we love Guru


Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1979 Maharaj Ji. He just seems to be saying, "If you love me, be with me. If you really love me, then think about me all of the time, in that Holy Name. Be with me. Just remember me. Have that simple, simple connection that keeps you alive."

There's a million, million trips going on around this world. And yet, without that perfect love, not one single trip could happen in this world. That perfect love goes out to everybody. And that person can't be anything in this world if that love is withdrawn, and yet that love just goes on and on and on and on. Someone can be the greatest abuser of God in this world, Guru Maharaj Ji's greatest abuser in this world - the guy could write the lousiest articles in this world slandering Guru Maharaj Ji - and yet his love is so perfect. If someone kept slandering me and you, if we lived with someone that just spat in our face every time we turned to them or something - husband or wife or whatever - we'd just split. We'd have to. Even the greatest being in this world, ordinary human being. They'd have to leave sometime. They couldn't put up with it all of the time.

And yet Guru Maharaj Ji's love is so way beyond us that it doesn't matter what happens. It doesn't matter what people do in this world. His love is just there, giving them life. But now, by his grace, he's allowed us to start to recognize that. It's there in everybody's life, perfect love. Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't come and give people perfect love. He's already given it to every single being. But you and me, he's given us the opportunity to turn around and recognize that.

It's crazy to try to find words. It's just ridiculous. Nobody's ever found words in the history of what we know of the Perfect Master coming into this world. Nobody's ever found words. It would be crazy to presume that we're going to find some today. I guess you just have to experience it for yourself and it just boggles your mind again and again.

I guess a lot of you have heard about the circus Guru Maharaj Ji went to one time in London for Hansi's birthday. A lot of us were invited along. I won't go into the whole story of it, but you just see all these animals performing their tricks, and the people jumping up and down on the trapeze bars. Every circus has got its strongest man in the world. And they were doing all these different tricks.

And then the animals were coming on and doing all their different tricks. And they'd give them a piece of sugar. The trainer would give them a piece of sugar if they performed right. Or they'd give a bit of banana to the monkeys. (The monkeys were having a tea party). And they'd give maybe a bun to the elephants or whatever it was. And then the lions came on and they did their thing. They got poked by this guy with a big stick and a whip.

And you just see, that's our life. Okay, that was just a little circus with the animals. But with me and you, if we just stop and look around in this world, if we just stop and look at humanity, it's a circus! And there's no training either. At least the animals were reasonably trained. But there's no training here. We're just all over the place. You just look around in the city streets. You see people going to work, going to this drudgery, going off to do this, going off to do that. They're going off to do so many things in this world.

And we're just performing tricks in this world. We're just performing for one another. Performing for our bit of sugar, our bit of a banana. We call it a wage packet or we call it a relationship or we call it a new house. But it's just a bunch of sugar. What's the difference?

The amazing thing is Guru Maharaj Ji keeps telling us we haven't even scratched the surface of it yet. None of us are … well, I was going to say, realized souls. But I don't even know what a realized soul is. Except for the fact that we're realizing that we have Guru Maharaj Ji. Maybe that's what a realized soul is. Someone that realizes that they have Guru Maharaj Ji. Or that Guru Maharaj Ji has them.


Satsang of Initiator Susan Johnson

Wow! I just know that this body was made to have this experience. I don't think it was made for any other experience. And these eyes are just to see that glorious sight of Guru Maharaj Ji. These ears are just to hear Guru Maharaj Ji. These lips are just to kiss his Feet. This heart just beats for Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because really there's just no other experience in this world. There's just nothing else. This world is empty without this experience. This life is completely useless without Guru Maharaj Ji. It's such a divine experience. Guru Maharaj Ji is. Such a beautiful experience. So beautiful.

I just know that the purpose for this life is loving Guru Maharaj Ji, is feeling that love of Guru Maharaj Ji, being filled with that love of Guru Maharaj Ji. And every time I come to a program, every time I see Guru Maharaj Ji, I just never want to leave. I never want to go away.

And yet it just seems like he always sends us away. And it's kind of like those balloons that were sent off today at the beginning of the program. We just get spread out into this world. And it's almost like we're radioactive. We sort of leak this love. Guru Maharaj Ji just fills us up so much that it sort of comes out of us, everywhere. And little by little it spreads into this world.

And I know for myself, if it were up to me - because I'm so selfish - I would just always want to be with Guru Maharaj Ji. But he loves this world so much. He loves his children so much that he wants everyone to know how beautiful he is! And I'm so glad that he found me and picked me up. Somehow he catches me whenever I start to crawl away. And he's kept me. And I know he wants to keep all of us, all of the time. Because he knows how beautiful this life can be.

There's so many things that go on in this world. And yet around Guru Maharaj Ji, food loses its taste, friends lose their importance, sleep loses its effectiveness. Everything becomes irrelevant in the face of Guru Maharaj Ji. Every experience. And all I can do is just beg, "Guru Maharaj Ji, please never let me go. Please protect me. And help me to become more and more that true lover."

Because some people in this world, it just seems like they're lovers already. And some people he has to teach. And I feel like maybe I'm one of those people that he has to teach how to love, how to love him and how to appreciate him. And there's nothing else I want in this world. Nothing. And I know that's true for all of us. I know that's true for every one of us. Because I know that that's what this life was made for, to have that experience of experiences, which is Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji, you're so beautiful - the way you move, the way you look, the way you talk, the way you are … you're so beautiful!

We were laughing in the van today on the way to the program about what Guru Maharaj Ji said yesterday, that this love was completely irrational. And we were laughing and saying, "Yes, it's completely irrational. Why should he love such a bunch of fools, such a bunch of hopeless cases!" And all I can do is say, "Thank you. Guru Maharaj Ji. Thank you so much! For having so much patience with me. I don't think your kindness has an end. I don't think your patience has an end. But I don't want to find it, I don't want to look for that end. Because I know I haven't got much time in this life. I mean, no matter how long it is, it's too short. And so I don't want to waste my time. I just want to go faster. I want to do whatever I can do.

And sometimes I feel so slow, so painfully slow. And I don't want to be slow. I just want to be what you want me to be. I want to do whatever you want me to do. I just want to be however you want me to be. I want to be that puppet that just dances to your tune. It's such a beautiful tune you play. I don't want to be falling all over, stepping on your toes. I just want to spend this life loving you, dancing with you.

And I know there's nothing else, for every one of us. And maybe there's people here that don't understand that. This afternoon all of us were looking up at the press box. Three people there. Hovering. But you know, if you're one person looking at two people completely in love, of course you're going to feel left out. And maybe you'd feel like you shouldn't be seeing that. Some people feel that way. They feel embarrassed. Or maybe you feel it's beautiful. Or maybe you feel you want some, too.

And Guru Maharaj Ji's just here in this world, just loving the most outrageous love. And nobody has to be left out. Nobody wants to be left out. And the only thing that's in our way is just our stupid ideas, just our ego. And all we have to do is just let go of those things and we can be in that love story. And to me that's what it's about.

I know for myself I just couldn't wait to get over here. I just came right over. Because I just wanted to be with Guru Maharaj Ji. And I just took all the steps that I could take to be with Guru Maharaj Ji as soon as possible. And I guess that's what a lot of you are doing too. Just coming to be with your lover.

The opportunity begins right now and goes on forever.

Pranam, Guru Maharaj Ji.