Satsang of Param Hans Satgurudev
Shri Hans Ji Maharaj given at
Company Bagh, Delhi, India on
May 9, 1954

Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Dear people, devotion can be understood by everyone, regardless of their caste and education. Saint Mirabai says, "Human birth is not available again and again." This precious human life isn't even accessible to gods. But most people don't understand that. They think that this human body is only meant for enjoying worldly pleasures. They are not guilty because of this, because when they go abroad and see huge buildings, wide streets and large factories, they think that the progress of a country comes from erecting huge buildings and establishing large industries. But they don't think about the fact that all these things will have to be left here at the time of death.

Just as a fallen leaf can't be put back on a tree again, the human body is not available again after death. One can act, as well as enjoy, in a human body. Animals can eat pudding and pastry but can't cook it, while man can cook as well as eat. In rural areas, a mill-stone is used for grinding grains while they use large flour-mills and produce different kinds of flour to meet the demands of the cities. A poor man takes simple food and excretes while

a king takes sumptuous meals and excretes. So, consider a poor man equivalent to a mill-stone and a wealthy man equivalent to a flour-mill. A big silk worm makes silk in larger quantity than a small silk worm. So we can call the poor small, excretia-producing worms and the affluent big, excretia-producing worms. There's a saying that life is decreasing every second. It never increases, even by a sec- ond. It comes to an end in no time. These days, eminent people celebrate their birthdays. A person thinks that his age is advancing. But we are all approaching death every moment. Childhood is followed by youth, which is usually passed in merry-making. But it fades away and we grow old.

In the Mahabharat it says in a chapter on Shanti Parva that King Yudhistar once asked an elder statesman named Bhisma how to attain peace. Bhisma told a story about a king who made his elephant drink a kit of wine and then he rode it on a sight-seeing trip. On the way, the elephant threw the king off. Terrified by the elephant, the king ran to save his life and fell into a well. He managed to grab hold of the roots of a holy


fig tree, standing over the well. After a short while, the elephant reached there and was trumpeting away.

In the meantime, the king saw one black rat and one white rat biting on the root that held him up. He looked down, and saw that snakes and scorpions were waiting there to sting him if he fell down. On the other hand, the elephant was still waiting outside the well to kill the king. Then the king saw a bee hive. He opened his mouth in anticipation of eating honey. He forgot everything except that honey is sweet. He didn't even think that if honey did happen to drop down so that it could reach him, then the hive would have emptied out a long time ago.

Similarly, a human being is like that king, mind is like the elephant, attachment is the wine. With these, a person comes to see the world. Here, mind has thrown the human being down into the ditch of rebirth. The being has been held by a very thin root which is being eaten away by the rats of day and night. As soon as life comes to an end, the human being will go to the cycle of rebirth, where he will have to face various sorts of miseries that arise due to lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. The poor being hopes that he will get bliss some day, but he doesn't get it. Thus, his life comes to an end, and he supposedly experiences various types of sufferings by entering the cycle of rebirth.

Beings can get rid of these vicious elements, that cause them miseries only during human life. No bird or animal can be removed from darkness. Only man lives in light and then only after removing darkness with the help of something like a lamp and electricity.

Why has God endowed man with intellect? A man can only walk four miles in an hour, but he has developed the airplane which enables him to travel 700 miles in an hour. Although God created only one type of fruit in a seed, a gardener gets varieties of fruits from one tree by grafting.

It's said about man that he isn't God, but the Light of God exists in everybody. It has been described by Guru Nanak in the Granth Saheb as "Chandana," Saint Kabir calls it "Noor," the Upanishads describe it as "Jyoti," the Vedas as "Bhargo," the Koran as "Elahinoor," and Jesus Christ in the Bible calls it "Divine Light." (All these terms are synonyms for light.)

About it Lord Krishna says in the Gita in Chapter 15, Verse 6, that it is not a light from the sun, moon, or fire. "Where there is self-effulgence that is My supreme abode. Reaching there, a being doesn't return."

I also tell you all to see the same Light. To explain this to all of us, Lord Krishna told Arjuna in Chapter 4, Verse 34, "Arjuna, approach the Perfect Master with a guileless heart, serve him and humbly ask him for this Knowledge of the Truth. He, the Knower of Truth, will be kind enough to impart the Knowledge to you." Although Lord was standing before Arjuna, for our sake, He still said, "Approach the Perfect Master."

I don't say, "Ask me." No. You should ask the theologians, scholars, monks, and high priests in your respective areas. But you must know it. Because there are two possibilities after death. The soul will be enclosed in the grave like the Christians and Muslims believe or it will enter the cycle of rebirth according to the Hindu philosophy. But you can't know about it after reaching there, because you can't act there, even if you could enjoy the pleasures there.

" 'I bow to the feet of Guru, who is the ocean of mercy,
and God in human form. His words remove the great
ignorance as the sun removes great darkness.' "


"Where is the real shrine?
… It is in the heart."

The Muslims say "Rahim" while the Hindus say "Rama." Prosperity and happiness prevail all around by remembering the Name, but not by chanting "Rama, Rama" because even birds like parrots and starlings can also speak "Rama, Rama." A saint says, "Everybody chants 'Rama, Rama' but nobody realizes the Name, that Name which can only be realized through the Satguru."

Even Lord Rama couldn't sing the glory of that Name, which is also called the supreme Word (Mahamantra). Lord Shiva remembered it and imparted it to people for their welfare at Benares. About the same Word, Guru Nanakdevji says, "In the beginning it was True, it has been True for ages, it is True and it will be True." In other words, that Word was there before we were born, now it is within us and it will remain after our death.

Where is the real shrine? It is in the heart. How will you benefit by visiting shrines if you do not realize the Holy Name of God in your heart and remember it?

Guru Nanakdev says, "I will not be subject to rebirth due to the Word which has settled in my breaths."

Saint Kabir says, "An age has passed by counting beads on a rosary, but movement of mind could not be traced. So, discard the rosary beads and count the bead of the mind." This verse is being taught in graduate and post-graduate classes, but what the bead of the mind is isn't known. So, how can a person count the bead of mind? A person can count it only when he knows about it.

All the millions of words that are prevalent in the world make up all of the languages. One will not be liberated through them because all of them are artificial. The natural Word is the only Word for all human beings in the world. It's within everybody's heart. All the tantras and mantras are false. Don't be confused by them because nobody could be liberated from this world without knowing the secret Word. If you consider these tantras and mantras true, think it over. Where does your consciousness go when you chant mantras? A saint says, "Without the Word, consciousness doesn't find the way. So it keeps on wandering."

Only after realizing the Word can consciousness reach its destination. Then, there will be no need for counting beads on a rosary. And wherever you live, you'll be able to remember the Name of God constantly, whether you're sitting, standing, waking or sleeping.

Saint Mansur also says, "If you wish to see your Lord, remember Him constantly." A saint says, "Remember Him with every breath. Do not waste even a single breath, because who knows whether the next breath will be there or not?"

After all, what is that Word, which has been praised so much by the saints? Saint Tulsidas says, "I bow to the feet of Guru, who is the ocean of mercy, and God in human form. His words remove the great ignorance as the sun removes great darkness."

Although everybody lights their lamps and search-lights in order to remove the darkness brought on by night, the real darkness is not removed. But when the sun rises in the morning, all these little lights fade and the night vanishes.

In the same way, through the use of the Word revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji, great ignorance, in the form of attachment, vanishes.

Guru Maharaj Ji once said that it is impossible to fully appreciate Shri Maharaj Ji's satsang without knowing the exact context in which the satsang was given. Often, Shri Maharaj Ji referred to a recent event, another speaker, or gave an example for the benefit of a specific person who was listening. It is important to remember that all of Shri Maharaj Ji's satsangs are translated.


Hans Rawat