GURU MAHARAj Ji / 8/27/78 / PHiLAdElpHIA

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 "The key to the whole life, the key to the existence of this entire universe,
rests in the hands of Guru Maharaj Ji."

Dear premies, this has been really an incredible program. Just to be able to come together and enjoy satsang. To be able to come together, see each other, and just experience more for three days, three days more in our stupid lives, that there is a reason to live.

And again, what is there to say? There's, of course, a lot to experience. But there's hardly anything to say. And yet, when it really boils down to it, there's a lot to say. I've been saying it for a long, long time. And I hope I'll still keep on saying it.

It's a very simple thing. Why are we here? What is the purpose of our life? And where are we going? And what is happening to us?

There are a lot of dogmas, a lot of philosophies. There's a lot of things that people are involved in. It's not one thing. It's not two things. It's hundreds and thousands of things.

And it just reminds me that in Dehra Dun, we used to have a veranda. In the back of the house there was another building, and in the front of that building there was a veranda. And in this veranda, they had two grinding stones. And the premies would take some lentils, would pick them up -- a fistful -- and they would be turning these two grinding stones and they'd put the lentils in there. And out it would come from all over the place, all over the sides. And it would be turned completely into flour.

You look at this world. These are two great big milling stones. And they're constantly turning. And our minds, our egos, or we ourselves, completely take ourselves and throw ourselves in the middle of that hole, and get completely ground up into flour, get corn pletely ground up into our egos, get completely ground up in what we are not supposed to be ground up in, what we are not supposed to be.

Now you look at just one simple thing. You look at the difference between this humanity now, and imagine what it must have been like when the Creator created it. Just imagine. Just imagine. Completely clear blue water in the ocean. You can see the bottom of it. Completely aquamarine. Imagine the clear, crystal-clear blue skies, rolling green hills, plants -- fruit plants, vegetable plants, every kind of plant, every kind of thing growing wherever it wanted to grow. All animals, insects -- everything -- just doing what they had to do in this world. And we, just a part of all that nature.

Imagine how beautiful it would be to go to a place and not have to hear the roars and thunders of the jets. the hustle and the bustle of highways, the craziness of whatever this whole humanity is like.

I mean, obviously people have houses in the country. People go vacationing. From what? It's quite clear. They are being bothered by something, and they want a break from it. And it's just completely incredible. And then, that same man who takes that break from all that, after the break is finished, it comes all back. It's back to that same crazy world to work, work, work, work, work.

I'm not saying, "Look, the jets are impractical." No, they are practical. Otherwise it would take some time to travel from California to Pennsylvania on a cart. Or try to walk. And so, amongst all these practicalities, what about the practical thing? The practical thing: the purpose of this whole creation.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 Oh yeah, highways are very practical. Because. again, it would take us a long time from the residence to this hall. You get on the freeway and it's simple and easy. But what about the practicality of why we were created? It has nothing to do with highways. Before highways were there, before everything existed, what existed?

Even now, even today, there is something within inside of us that longs, that wishes, that pleads, that begs to come out and to join and to become one, and to go back to where it really is supposed to be, to get away, to get out of everything that the man has today created.

Because what is man escaping from? From everything. From everything! Because now there is almost nothing left … I said, "almost." And to human beings out there they think they've tried everything, and that there is no peace. there is no chance of peace. Peace is a theory. Peace is an idea. Peace is a concept.

Yesterday in the darshan line a kid came up and he went like this (two- finger peace sign). I didn't do anything, but I felt like going like this to him (holds up four fingers). Instead of just showing two fingers: four fingers. Because if real peace is in two fingers, then: "peace twice." Right? And then, three times (six fingers). And then, four times (eight fingers). A symbol of peace, a language of peace, is what peace is to people. And I ask you: Is that peace? Because if that's what peace is, then, this to you! (holds up both hands)

But that's not peace! It's a fantasy. That is an association. A symbol is an association. And we get stuck in symbols. Because I know there are people in this world who don't like this. To them, this is a real trip. If you go like this to them (two fingers), they say: "You are a real …" They have the whole connotation of being a hippie. Is that what peace is?

So people really believe that peace is never going to be on this world! Some people really, really cannot understand … And these are the practical thinkers: "How can there be peace? Man can never have peace! Peace is impossible! It's not true. 'Peace on


Earth': a great concept, but how is it going to happen?"

And then it's just like so true: "Peace on Earth starts with you." That's where it begins.

Tell me something. If everybody in this whole world were content, if everybody in this whole world really understood the meaning of peace … Because whoever understands the meaning of peace, whoever can comprehend peace, would definitely want it! It doesn't matter who he is. And so, wouldn't there be peace on this Earth?

How many people are waiting for the resurrection? Everybody just gets up from their graves and takes a walk. And that's really incredible. One day everybody just … that's what's going to happen! And people think that that's when peace is going to be. Why does it have to be something so ultra-outrageous to have peace on this Earth?

Why can't peace in this Earth be simple?

Peace is not for God. God doesn't want peace. What's He going to do with peace? He is Peace! An apple doesn't want an apple. What's an apple going to do with an apple?

But peace is for us to experience, for us to merge in. Because without it, we are so lost. We are so discontented.

To me, I am always completely fascinated by so-called intellectuals when they start laying it on the table. That really gets me. Either they are smoking their cigars or they're smoking their pipe. And they've got this mean face. Part of God! They know it! They're it! If they don't know it, it don't exist! And they start laying it on the table.

And every time that happens I tell Marolyn, "Listen! Look at this. You know what's even more fascinating than that? People are eating this! All of it. People sit there in front of their TVs, and whatever this guy says, they're not even going to question it."

Personally, it really gets me. This guy doesn't even know who he is. There is no difference between that person and the person who is walking in his sleep. Because the person in his sleep doesn't know what's happening to him. You look at this person and he thinks he knows everything. And yet, he doesn't know who he is. His association with himself is fake, is a fantasy! Don't people understand that?

What is the difference between this world in 1978 and when Jesus was crucified? What is the difference?

Do you really think automobiles are a significant factor in the preservation of this universe? Do you really think automobiles are an important factor in bringing peace to this Earth? Well, if you think so, you're absolutely wrong.

'Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, to you there are thousands like me. But to me, you are only one. If you lose one of me, what is it to you? But if I lose you, I've lost everything. Everything. My life, my faith, my love, my devotion. Everything.' Because it's not automobiles. It's the concept behind it. Once people had horses. People had chariots. That's the same thing. One guy had a better chariot than the other one. One chariot cost more than the other one. It's the same thing.

So do you really think Apollo, or the Concorde, has something to do with world peace? No! Nothing. That's an irrelevant factor. It has nothing to do with it. Of course, the Concorde consumes a certain percentage of world fuel. So does anything, even the most economical car. You can always sit in front of a calculator and break it down to the percentage if you really wanted it: millionth of a percent, ten-millionth of a percent. But are those the factors? No!

Okay, let's break it down. Let's look at it. There were things called "humans" at that time. And these "things" had two eyes, a nose, a very cuckoo brain, right? And they had a body, and so on and so forth. They had ears. Everything. And these "things" used to exist at that time.

Okay, so let's compare that to this time. Do you know of anything like that existing in this century? I hope so. Yes! It's still the same thing. And then these people had ambition and had ideas. They could communicate. They had language. And they had mind. They had ego. Selfishness.

You know something? Man in 1978 has nothing less and nothing more than the person in 2,000 B.C., or 10,000 B.C.: or even if this Earth is going to stay for 10 million more years, it's going to be still the same.

Because man always places himself in the critical factor of ego, mind, selfishness. And mind is like the guru of ego, selfishness, hate, darkness. Just as the real Guru Maharaj Ji, the real Perfect Master, teaches you how to lead


yourself into that Light and into that perfection, mind teaches you every moment of your life how to steer yourself into the pits.

And today, maybe it's remotely possible that we look a little bit different. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe there are 2,000 people sitting in this hall -- maybe -- that looked just alike, just as they look right now, when Christ was here. I mean, wouldn't that be amazing, if you just let yourself go at that? But that, again, is not a significant factor.

And so what I'm saying is that if everything then was just like it is now, and Jesus came then to do something in this world …Imean. he didn't come to come, to go, to come. He came here for something very, very particular. And people who found him, people who searched for him, people who placed their faith at his feet, were liberated. were saved.

Don't you think for one second that a Perfect Master would also be here at this time now? Can't you put two and two together and make … I mean, to me, it makes perfect sense that the Perfect Master would be here now, and only the ones who search for him will find him. And the ones who find him will be then saved. And that's what we have to understand.

Look. Let's not look at philosophies for one second. Let's not go back into our concepts. I know that there's a lot of people who see Guru Maharaj Ji differently. Completely.

Indians, when I go to India … This used to always, of course, be a big consideration. And it used to always get me. But it was like, oh yeah, in India you wear kurta and pajamas. And the premies almost hoped you would do that. When you come to West, you wear a suit. And I hope when you go to Africa you don't have to wear nothing! But just in concepts … If you really believe in that concept of "do as Romans do," then you should go to Africa. And you will completely deny that statement: "Yeah, but I don't believe in that, you see. I believe in what I want to believe in." Because there you're on the line.

Love, you could say, takes two people. But Guru Maharaj Ji merges the devotee and himself. And there are so many concepts involved in Guru Maharaj Ji. I remember the time when the "Krishna Lila" used to be real big. And there was a big dance and da-da-da-da-da-da. That was a concept of Guru Maharaj Ji. And as a matter of fact one premie, who is now an initiator. took a picture of Krishna and superimposed my face on it. Because it's a concept.

I'm just talking about at home, right? This is all in the back yard. Little concepts here and there, and this and that.

What happens when we are not talking about the back yard, when we really let our horses loose, when we really let that mind flow? What happens when we really let go to that mind and just -- ba-ba-ba-ba -- one concept to the other concept to the other concept to the other concept to the Knowledge. We have a concept of Knowledge. We have a concept of Guru Maharaj Ji. So many concepts. And you know what a concept is like? Much worse than quicksand. Because sometimes you get so embedded in a concept that when you try to shake yourself loose, you go deeper into it.

And after all, what is a basis of a concept? Pick any concept you have -- any concept -- and root it down and say, "Well, what is the basis of this concept? Why do I really believe in this concept?" And we find that there is no basis to it. That concept does not have a root! And therefore, there is no reason why you should believe in that.

But we do. Our whole life is a concept. And as I was saying, there are people in this world who do not live for themselves. People live for other people. Yeah, that sounds like something out of the Bible, but that's not the way I mean it. I don't mean you're a good neighbor or something like that. I mean that everything is a show. Everything is show put on for other people. "Look at this. Look at that."

Just before we left Malibu, Raja Ji came up to me and said, "Maharaj Ji, I've really realized something."

I said, "What, Raja Ji?"

And he said. "I've really realized that putting all these fancy things on is just a show for people, right? And that's for other people. But why should I be bothered about other people?"

I just turned around to him, and he had this suit on, tie on, shoes on.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 Immaculate. Just the way he dresses: perfect. And he was saying that! "So that means that I can wear whatever I want to wear."

I said, "Of course, Raja Ji. You can wear whatever you want to wear."

And he turned around. You know, he had this nice suit on and everything!

And it all has a meaning to it. And, okay, I'm wearing a suit, too. And I'm wearing a watch. And I'm wearing a ring. But, look. There is a context to it. We are not in Africa, and so mandatorily we don't have to go around naked. But the point is, when I pick out a suit, it's a suit for me.

Not like those catalogs. There are catalogs, or there's sales. And you go to shops and: "Oh, yes. This is the look for this year. This is the look for this fall. Wear this." Some really absurd things.

You turn on TV. And once there was this guy, and I couldn't believe it. My lower law just dropped down. This guy was going on and he was saying, "But, look! Don't you understand? Green is not the color to wear. You have to wear a much more posh uniform if a girl has to go make an impression on somebody regarding a business …" And he was going on like this: blah-blah-blahblah-blah.

"What's he talking about?"

"Oh, no. You have to wear this, and you have to wear this, and you have to wear this, and you have to wear this." And it was like, "Whew!"

So when we start living lives for other people, where do we go?

Simple answer to that: the pits.

"We." First of all, I know I use the word "we," and there's a lot of people who use the word "we." And when it really comes down to it I said. "What do you mean by 'we? Who is this 'we?" And then it gets sorted out and, okay. so this is "we." Because everybody says, "we." We would like to do this, and we thought this would be nice. It's only one crooked, twisted mind that wants to do this thing. But because it has to make a voted influence, it says, "we."

Who is this "we"? We thought this would be nice, or we would like to do this. This "we" doesn't really exist! There is nothing like "we." "We" represents more than one or two people. But how can one person be two


people, when it is only one person? So "we" is one of those things.

I remember very distinctly when we were in grammar class. And this teacher was saying. "Okay, now when you want to make something plural, you just add 's' at the end of it."

'S' at the end of it. Okay, okay. 'S' at the end of it. Plural. What's plural? Where does plural come?

And it was big enough, and it was hectic enough just trying to learn plurals. And for about a week it went on like that. But then one day, out of the blue, she goes, "Except you do not say 'sheeps.' You say 'sheep.'"

And I said, "What's wrong with 'sheeps? I mean, there they are. More than one sheep, then you call them 'sheeps'! What do you want to call them 'sheep' for?"

C-u-t is cuht, but p-u-t is poot. You know. It's concept after concept after concept after concept after concept. And it's just one of those things, this "we."

It's incredible. It really is. And we live in it. We live in it so dearly. We live in it in such a way.

Sometimes Alvaro would be speaking French. And it's funny to me. Of course, I do not understand French, but some of the words they say sound like they are just misspelled. They stretch it way out.

But, anyway.

People from Britain say. "Tah-mah-toes." And it takes them years before they can finally say, "Tah-may-toe."

So what I'm trying to say is that in our lives, how many factors are involved? Even if there are two kind of tomatoes: one's a tah-mah-toe and one's a tah-may-toe; one's a pah-tah-toe, one's a pah-tay-toe. (There's a whole poem like that.) And in this world of illusion and paradox and confusion and tah-may-toe and tah-mah-toe and everything like that, look at it: What chance do we have to begin with?

And then you end up with, for "pen" you say "pens" but for "sheep" you say "sheep." You do not say "sheeps." You do not say "peoples" for the plural, because people means plural!

And "sheep"? What's the "sheep" plural for?

Look at it and face it: We haven't got a chance. Not a single chance. And what we have to do is outrageous!

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 I mean, people have a hard time getting from their home to their office, and office to home. To them, it's extremely hectic when, on a very physical level, there's the whole Earth. And you exclude the whole Earth. You go to a country. You take the country and you exclude that, and you go to a state. And you take the state and you bring that down, and you take it to a town, a city. And from city you break it down to a county. And from county you break it down to street or a particular place. They're just commuting from one place to the other place, like Malibu to Santa Monica. Two itty-bitty little places in this whole universe. Completely insignificant. And people have a hard time getting from Santa Monica to Malibu. and Malibu to Santa Monica.

How do you think they're going to get from darkness to Light, the most giant step, the most incredible step?

It's too much! You think about it and it's completely too much. But, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, and only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. he makes that all happen. He makes that all possible.

Because Guru Maharaj Ji knows that for a person it is impossible to do it. It's not even a matter of chance.

It's like a fake lottery. The guy collects all the money and splits! He never in the first place intended for anybody to win. So what are your chances of winning? Nothing.

That's what mind does. Mind says. "Oh yeah, go on. Do this, do this, do this, do this, do this." But mind knows that if you follow it, you're never going to get there. It knows that.

And by all these facts put together in the first place, does Guru Maharaj Ji come at all in this world. Knowing .. Guru Maharaj Ji

Yes, of course, Guru Maharaj Ji is a helping hand. But he's not only the helping hand. He's everything. He's not only going to assist us, but he is going to…

He is the train and he is the tracks and he is the engine. He is the captain. He is the boat. And he is the voyage. And unto Guru Maharaj Ji, when we surrender, then he takes us to his world. Then Guru Maharaj Ji takes us to his world. And his world consists above time and space.

Guru Maharaj Ji's world is made up of everything where darkness doesn't exist. It's wonderful. It's Love. There are no sunsets; there are no sunrises. But all there is, is Love, Love, Love. Love. And even greater than Love. He is there. Guru Maharaj Ji is there. Because Love, you could say, takes two people. But Guru Maharaj Ji merges the devotee and himself. That's the thing.

In India they have this -- well, I don't think they do, but somehow somebody has quoted that there is a stone called paras. I mean, wouldn't it be nice if there was a stone like that? You just rub it against metal and it turns it into gold. And so this saint says that Guru Maharaj Ji is even more than paras. Because the stone paras can only turn metal into gold. That's it. But Guru Maharaj Ji is like the stone that turns everything into paras. Guru Maharaj Ji turns that person just like him.

Because when you join infinity, when you become infinite, then you merge with infinite. You become infinite. And when you become infinite, there is nothing at all that is finite. And therefore, there is no "you." There is no "I." There is no "am." There is no past. There is no present. There is no future. It's the perfect total being. That's it.

You know, people say there is future. And people say there is past. And people believe in future. And people believe in past.

And Shri Maharaj Ji was trying to explain this. He says, "What is future? Future is something that hasn't happened yet. Future is something that we are constantly moving into. And what's


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 past? Well, past is something that we are constantly leaving behind. And what's present? Present is something in between the future and the past: unconstant."

So Shri Maharaj Ji said, "So then the future becomes a by-product when it hits the present and it becomes the past. You take the future, it hits the present, and becomes the past." And that sounds good.

And then Guru Maharaj Ji goes, But in the state of presence, how can you be somewhere else? Presence is one, future is one, and past is one. Past is different than presence. Presence is different than future." And then Guru Maharaj Ji says. "Well, if you really believed in all that, then presence doesn't exist! It's only the future. You're living for the future. And you have just lived the past."

And he just goes on trying to explain this. I think it's very philosophical. But anyway, at the end, he just says, "Look. There is nothing like future and there is nothing like past. Because what you are is what you are."

Oh, yeah. You can imagine that there is a future. And in the future this will happen and that will happen. But is that really true?

Do you really have a future? Do you? Then where does this obsolete thing called death come in? Why does the future get terminated? Why doesn't the future stay future and why doesn't the past stay past? Why does future always keep turning into past?

And there were a lot of people that would come to Shri Maharaj Ji and go. "Oh yeah, we know the future."

And Guru Maharaj Ji says. "Okay, so you know the future. So what?" He says, "You really think you can change the future by knowing the future? If you can change the future, then you really don't know the future. Because you just changed it."

It's quite obvious. And to me one thing is quite obvious. When you get an apprentice that you really don't like, what do you do? Start throwing terminologies at him so he'll completely get confused and just say. "Ciao. That's it." When you really want to make an impression, and you go to the cockpit, and there's the pilot sitting, he can say, "Oh yeah, this is the flight director and these are the throttles, and these are the EGT gauges and these are the thrust reversers," and completely boggle you, completely confuse you.

"Oh, yeah? What does the flight director do? And what's 'EGT? What's this? What's that?"

Or, it can be very, very, very simple. "This makes the plane go forward. This tells you where the plane is. This tells where the plane should go."

It can be completely simple, not getting into technologies.

I can take pictures. I've taken pictures. And I can calculate. And I can judge a good speed and a good F-stop. And yet, I do not know any of the technological names that exist: this impression and that impression, and this F-stop,and this is the iris. and this happens here and that happens here …

And if that's where we are going to be at, if that's where we're going to be involved … If somebody goes to learn a piano, and he has never played the piano in his life, and you start him off with a Mozart, do you really think he's got a lot of chance? The first thing you tell him is, "Oh yeah, place this finger here, this finger here, this finger here, and this one here. And go: da-da-dada." (first notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony) Or Beethoven, "Symphony Nine." You start him off flat with that? Of course he's not going to understand. You have to start with the basics.

And Guru Maharaj Ji starts you off with basics. But in his language, in Guru Maharaj Ji's language, everything is basic. Because Guru Maharaj Ji knows that if it were ever sophisticated, you wouldn't understand it.

And as simple as it do you know how simple it is?

It's incredible! "Give me Love and I'll give you Peace." It's not even sophisticated. Even Wadi can understand that. She hasn't even been to a school.

As simple as: "Surrender to me."

As basic as: "Let go. Let…go!" That's it. "Don't … jump!"

And that is hard enough for us. And believe me, there is no other level of simplicity. It's very straightforward. But because we are so surrendered to mind .

You know, when I first saw that sign, "Bon Voyage" (a sign hanging from the balcony: "Bon Voyage, Lord!"), I started laughing. I started smiling about it.

That's all you need, don't you? That's all your mind needs, is "Bon Voyage, Lord! Bye-bye!" Just the perfect thing. the ideal thing. Then you can be here, go back to wherever you are. and say. "Okay, mind. The show is on. It's all yours."

And that "Bon Voyage" thing happens all the time. "Close the door: then Guru Maharaj Ji won't see." Then -- where are we? I mean, what are we doing? "Close the door and Guru Maharaj Ji won't see!" You know? "Don't tell. Guru Maharaj Ji won't know about it."

I mean, that is stupid.

That's like those guys who walked into the giant's hair looking for the giant and said, "Oh, what a jungle! Let's light fire. We can't miss it. It's too big." They walked all over his shoulders. Everywhere.

And that's stupid. It really is. But don't we all fall victims to that? Yes, sir. We all do. The ones that laughed and then the ones that didn't.

And we have to make that step really happen in our lives, so we get out of that chakra. To me, I would be less bothered -- I am less bothered -- about anybody becoming a mule. a horse, an insect. or going through the 840 million thousand -- whatever it is -- forms of life. That's nothing.

Oh, I've seen a dog smile. I have! Nellie, at the Malibu residence, smiles. I'm not bothered about that. That's probably really neat for her You look at


some of the dogs -- they travel better than most of the people in this world! Look at Gin-Gin. You look at Nisa. Traveled in a private airplane all the way: a little cat.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 I mean, we have the group of Nisa (that's a beagle). Galvin (that's a Siamese cat), and Dudley (a pug dog).

This cat (Galvin) has been there for a very long time. And he thinks he's a dog, this cat. It plays with the dogs. Dudley licks Galvin and Galvin licks Dudley. They both go around eating out of the same place. No fight. Nothing. And they have a dandy time. What have they got to bother about? I know of people …

I mean, you look at Nisa. She's always in a great mood, jumping around everywhere, doing what she wants to do. Then you look at Bill Patterson who walks into my office sometimes. I mean, he's got more to bother about than Nisa does. And if you call that hell or if you call that a stage of suffering, it's not too bad. It's better than the human life. It really is!

You know, its that example I gave you of Elmer J. Fudd, who was a man, and then he thought he was a rabbit. And he goes through this whole trip. Finally Bugs Bunny is programmed that he is Elmer J. Fudd, and Elmer J. Fudd just takes off.

And at the end of the cartoon. there is this whole thing going on. The way it ends is that Bugs Bunny is going, "I'm Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht."

And then an IRS man comes up to him and says. "Are you Mr. Fudd?"

And he goes, "Yes. I am Elmer J. Fudd. I'm a millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht."

And he goes. "You are under arrest for not paying back taxes."

And there is the real Elmer J. Fudd like a rabbit. And he goes, "I might be a screwy rabbit, but I don't have to go to jail for not paying back taxes!" And it was all fine for him.

Look at this whole … Rabbits don't have to bother about freeway jam-ups. They can go wherever they want to go, and do whatever they want to do. And so you look at it -- what's really better?

I know that the Ramayana obviously is not wrong. It is right. But let's throw out a few of these justifications. So far as this world is concerned, definitely animals are better off. But so far as Knowledge is concerned, so far as the recognition of Guru Maharaj Ji is concerned, only the human beings are capable of doing that.

No matter how much Dudley realizes, no matter how much Galvin realizes that I am Guru Maharaj Ji, still the most thing it can do is just look at me. And that's it.

But as human beings, not only that. but you can have darshan. And have the pleasure of having darshan. You can listen to satsang. Listen, and have the pleasure of listening to satsang, have the pleasure of meditation, have the pleasure of service.

You see, the problem is, you don't have to do satsang, service, and meditation. (I bet a lot of people are going, "Whew! That's really good, man!") You "must" do it.

It's not a question of have, an option that you have. You must do it. Because of the joy, because of the beauty of satsang, of service, of meditation, of darshan: because without that our lives are empty, hopeless. Without Guru Maharaj Ji, what can life be? And this world has to understand that. Not only us, but this whole world has to understand it.

It's just so beautiful. Everybody says. "Oh man, it's so beautiful." But are we ever going to be able to say to us. "Man it has been beautiful, it is beautiful, and it will be beautiful"? No! Because we are not in a position to say that. Yet.

But when we do surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we have that unquestionable, ultimate faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, then: "It is beautiful. It was beautiful. And it is going to be beautiful. And it will be beautiful." And you wouldn't even have to say that. It'll be so beautiful. But that has to manifest in our lives. Every individual's life. Every one. Not a group of people here and there, but everyone has to understand that.

And, premies, such a beautiful occasion is coming: Hans Jayanti. It's ten weekends away (applause). Yes. That's how Bill puts it. I asked him, "Calculate how long it is from here to Hans Jayanti." And he goes. "Ten weekends away."

And that's all. That's all! And that's not only going to be just the same bunch of people who are sitting here! But we want all the brothers and sisters to come from all over the world, wherever possible. Not to invite them to United States of America -- what's in United States of America? -- and not to invite them to Florida. (I know there are probably few premies here from Florida. There's nothing wrong with that place. But the problem is, what's so great about it? It sits on the same world as the rest of it sits on.)

But let's invite those brothers and sisters so they can share the same experience of listening to Guru Maharaj Ji, of having darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji, as we do. That should be the reason. And that should be the reason to come: to listen to Guru Maharaj Ji, to see Guru Maharaj Ji, to have darshan.

I mean, of course, there might not be darshan. Of course. Because there it would be approximately 20 hours long. And that's a long time. You know, the darshan yesterday was about five point- something hours long. And -- maybe. Maybe not. But here is that occasion that is coming. And so far as you're concerned, you know about it now, right? And you have to really .

Just remember. Just be there. You have the time. You have the time to prepare. And just be there.

And hopefully, the way everything is working out, it might be … You know, our luck isn't that bad. I said that the first day. I said, "With our luck, who knows? We might have darhsan: we might not." And we did have darshan yesterday. So maybe it's not that bad.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 Because while Guru Maharaj Ji's around, good and bad disappear, and only what's right comes. But that's only, again, when we really have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, not in what Mr. Mind says. Only faith in Guru Maharaj Ji is going to make all the good and bad disappear, and make only what's right come.

Yeah, I know. A lot of people are going to use this sentence: "Oh, yeah. Maharaj Ji has taken good and bad away and given us what's right, and this must be right," while it's all Mr. Mind generating it. But

Well, anyway, with our luck we might just have darshan at Hans Jayanti. Or we might not. It'll be some darshan! It'll be some program! Just flow with it. It's going to be seven days long. And it's going to be from a Sunday to a Sunday, I believe. Or Saturday to a Saturday. Or however long. It's a week long.

And in that week, I'm not looking forward for chitchat. None whatsoever. None. No chitchat. Yes, not even about: "Oh! Did that guy make it here?" A very simple excuse: "Did that guy make it here? Did you see him?"

"Yeah, but I saw this guy." And for hours that conversation just …

You know. Guru Maharaj Ji is the person that gives you a mile. Mind is the thing that takes an inch, and stretches it into a mile. And the thing is, all mind needs is just a little bit of fuel, ever so little, ever so little. Anything can start conversation.

That's seven days of our life. But not "seven days- -- every moment of our lives has to become one with Guru Maharaj Ji. Not 20 minutes. What's the 20 minutes going to do? Why do you only want 20 minutes? Every moment has to become that. Twenty minutes is not long enough. Two minutes is not long enough. Even 100 years is not long enough, to tell you the truth.

But one lifetime, even one second, to completely prostrate yourself to Guru Maharaj Ji -- for one second, truly, authentically, to surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji forever -- is enough. Once. Because Guru Maharaj Ji will then take you, put you in his ship, and carry you away.

But if you keep jumping off, it wouldn't be a good scene. And look at

it: how many people jump off constantly! It's like if you were to really take a cartoon, make a cartoon, depict a cartoon of that situation, you would also have to put an octopus on board. And the octopus is to help Guru Maharaj Ji out, pulling people out of the water, because so many are - jumping! Why? Because one second

of "mind-drift," and that's enough.

You don't understand that. I do. And this is why I tell you that that's enough. You don't think so. I do. And by my own experience, I'm telling you that that is plenty enough. That's way over too much. And that can just swipe you right off your feet. You wouldn't even know! So all I can say is don't do it. Don't jump off. It's not worth it.

And Guru Maharaj Ji is there to save you. Guru Maharaj Ji is there to help you. And you can help Guru Maharaj Ji help you. You can make that little effort. You can make that little bit of a thing happen in your life. You can make that little way for Guru Maharaj Ji to come in, and accept Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because, remember. Like one devotee says -- I mean, this is so precious -- that the devotee says, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji. to you there are thousands like me. But to me. you are only one." And that's it. "And just never to lose me."

Here, we are talking about not losing Guru Maharaj Ji. And the devotee says, "Guru Maharaj Ji, don't ever lose me. Don't ever kick me away! Don't ever forget about me! Because I am nothing. There are thousands like me. If you lose one of me. what is it to you? But if I lose you, I've lost everything. Everything. My life, my faith, my love, my devotion.


And I ask you, how many of you, in your heart, feel the same way as that devotee did? In your heart. Truly in your heart. And then to make that effort to just stay there with Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because Guru Maharaj Ji's hands yearn for you to step on them. Yearn, so that you will come in that safety, in that shelter of Guru Maharaj Ji, and he can hoist you away to that safety, to that perfection where you want to be.

And yet, your feet do not yearn for that, do not long for that. They long for everything else except to do that.

And Guru Maharaj Ji says. "Come! Come to me. I'll take you there."

I mean, what else? Couldn't it have been philosophies after philosophies after philosophies after philosophy? But Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Come to me. I'll take you where you want to be."

That Love. So much Love. Such incredible Love. Yes, it's very, very hard to comprehend. And yet, very simple to accept. Because it's true. It does not seek a selfish motive.

There is Guru Maharaj Ji. And Guru Maharaj Ji's constantly going, "Just one more step. Just one more step. Just one more step." And he's almost like just (hands together), "Just take it, please, just one more step."

And like I said in Tucson, as sincerely as you walk into the foothills of that mountain, that's enough for Guru Maharaj Ji. And he'll take you, and he'll put you where you have to be. And Guru Maharaj Ji just .

He even has his hands open, and he just keeps going: Just one more. Just walk right into my hands. And that's all you have to do. Let go to me! That's all you have to do.

And if we really have any experience of Knowledge, then we must understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is. If we really understand Knowledge, then we really understand what the power of Guru Maharaj Ji is: The key to the whole life, the key to the existence of this entire universe, rests in the hands of Guru Maharaj Ji. And that same most ultimate, most fantastic, most incredible Power is saying, "Just walk one more step. And step on my hand. Come on. You can do it," not one program, not two programs. Programs after


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Dressed As Krishna 1978 I personally think it's cuckoo (flower garland), but that doesn't make much of a difference.

Dear premies, in a combination of "hi" and "bye," I'll see you at Hans Jayanti, and by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, if possible, even sooner. Till then, keep on trucking! And my blessings to all the premies.

programs, the same thing.

Listen. If by any reason you are getting sick and tired of the programs, imagine how sick and tired Guru Maharaj Ji must be getting of you.

But, no. There is compassion. There is Love. And the Love is true. And Guru Maharaj Ji keeps saying. "No, no, no. It's okay. Just one more step."

It's not a trap. Oh yes, you would love to believe it's a trap. The mind would just kiss you all up if you did. But Guru Maharaj Ji's saying don't listen to it.

Because the moments, as you walk closer, become more crucial. The fight between the ultimate perfection and mind, the pull even becomes stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger. The fight really begins.

The mind says, "No!" Guru Maharaj Ji says, yes! Take it. Take the step. There is Love. There is your experience. There is the experience that you have experienced in Knowledge. There is that experience you've experienced in service, in meditation, in darshan.

And mind says. "But I promise you more than that." Mind has always promised us. but never given us anything.

Guru Maharaj Ji has not only promised us. but given us more than what he has promised. Always. Always.

And as that battle begins, the things get even more tense. And if that faith is not there, if that faith is not completely in Guru Maharaj Ji, you're going to fall in so many fragments that you wouldn't be able to count them yourself. You will run right out of count. Right out of it. You will go beyond zillions, billions, everything.

And so, premies, have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. Have that love. Give that love to me, and you will understand even more. But you have to make that little effort happen in your life. That's all it takes. And it's too bad that's the way it has to be. But that's the way it has to be.

That's the way … It doesn't "have to" be. But that's the way Guru Maharaj Ji wants it!

And so, I hope that we will see each other before Hans Jayanti. if possible. With our luck, we just might, huh? But just look at it this way: If we took the ten weeks and split it in half. that would be five weekends away from now. And then one weekend in the program. and there'll be only three weekends left before Hans Jayanti. But we'll have to just see whenever it happens. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace. it'll happen, right?

As I said, Philadelphia is just an excuse. It had to happen. It could have happened in Florida, it could have happened in North Pole, right? You all would have come there, wouldn't you? (premies applaud) Sure! In North Pole? Are you kidding? There would be only two people in North Pole: the walrus and me. And that walrus would have to be turned into a human being so that he could listen to satsang possibly. But -- (someone calls out, "I'm the walrus!") Well then, go to North Pole!

No, don't do that. Don't go to North Pole.

Remember, if you do end up in North Pole, walruses don't wear any clothes. You'll freeze to death. And then maybe in the next lifetime, you will become a walrus.

No. don't go to North Pole and don't become a walrus. But if the program was going to happen in North Pole. that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Yeah, I know that everybody says. "Oh yeah, this would be fantastic, and that would be fantastic." When it all comes down to it, a lot of practical reasons that are completely impractical walk in and dominate your life at that period.

But anyway, hang on, you know? The boat isn't standing still. It's moving. And we're all moving. We're all moving with it, slowly and beautifully and gracefully towards our destination that we all want to be at.

As a matter of fact, what is the destination? The destination is on board! Where do you want to go? But that experience is manifesting for us more and more. And we have to let it happen more and more. Just open up to that Love, open up to that experience.

And so I hope I'll see you in Hans Jayanti.

And just keep on trucking. Keep on doing satsang, service, and meditation. Have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. You can never have enough faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. Have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji.

And blessings to all the premies. Thank you.