GURU MAHARAj Ji / 8/25/78 / PhilAdElphIA

Dear premies, it's wonderful to see you again. Of course, there is, again, a little bit of story involved behind this program. (It's just a story because it doesn't have any essence to it.) We were at Raja Ji and Claudia's house for dinner. We were just talking about when we were going to leave to go to Europe, because a big program was going to happen there.

And even for that, there was a story. I wanted to go to Europe to have Guru Puja around the time of the "Shower of Grace" that happened in Malibu. And I said to Marolyn, "How are we going to work this out?"

I said, "One way is that I can just go there for about five days and do it and come back." But you know, when you live in California, Europe is far, far away. Then I said, "Well, it's just not going to work out okay. It's not going to be nice. Because there's going to be a program happening, and it's going to be a big program. And I think everybody should be there. You should be there."

And she said, "Well, it's kind of rough for the kids to go there and just barely get acclimated to the time change, and then you have to turn around and go back."

Then I said, "Well, what about for a longer period of time?"

She said, "Oh yeah, that would work out real nice. We can go for a longer period of time."

And it was just like that got settled: "Okay, we're going to go for a long period of time to Europe." And then it was: What are we going to do on our way over to Europe?

When I was just driving, I was reminiscing about Philadelphia. I had driven only one time to Philadelphia. from New York, but all I remember were very rough roads. I came to Philadelphia - it's a lot of Philadelphia cream cheese - and then I left. It was a very small program. Very, very small program. And then it worked out so beautifully, even to the last moment, where it was like, okay, let's just do a small program in New York.

When these conversations start - I have to say they're conversations - we were talking about New York. "What about doing a program in New York?" Then it went to: "Well, where are you going to do a program in New York?"

Then Raja Ji said, "Madison Square Garden." I said, "You know, that's even going to be too small for Hans Jayanti! You can't do a program in Madison Square Garden." And it just keeps on going like that.

But it's beautiful. Because none of those things really have an effect. It's not that because I was going to Europe that's the accidental reason that I am seeing you right now. That definitely has nothing to do with it. It was just like this was going to happen if I were going to go to Europe or if I were not going to go to Europe. I mean, I don't know how it would have happened. Now, because there is a story before this one, you can justify it. "Oh yeah, seems logical." Well, I've had satsang programs which are completely illogical. But it's just to come together, to be able to share that satsang, to be able to understand that satsang.

Because in our lives, when reality starts to manifest, or when we want something to become a reality for us, we really have to dedicate ourselves to that. If a person wanted to build a house, and said, "Oh yeah, I'm really going to try to build a house, I'm really going to work at it," and never in his whole life does he even pick up a hammer to put up nail, or even lay one brick of foundation, or contact anybody to say. "Can you please build me a house?" - how ever in his life is he going to have a house, when he's not even going to try?

The more you want that thing to become a reality, the harder you have to try. Harder and harder and harder. Because you want it to become a reality. Because you want it to manifest.

For instance, in Tucson, an initiator was giving satsang and he said, "What would happen if Guru Maharaj Ji was to say to you, 'And now here is your ticket.' And you're going to go to some real remote place where they don't even have seagulls. say, or something like that. What's going to happen to you? What are you going to do? Think about it." And he goes on and he gives this whole rap about it.

And I say it's a rap, because I can tell him, "Go to such a remote place," and put a lie detector on him and watch if he has any reaction to it or not. I'm pretty sure all the needles would go right off the chart! -Wow)"

But when we have to try to make something like that a reality, we have to really work at it. We have to really say, "Okay." And it's not the matter of one day sitting down in front of the altar. You're feeling high: you've just done Arti. You feel incredible. You don't want to retire. And you go. "Okay. Today is the day. Today I'm going to dedicate my life. Today I'm going to surrender my life." It just doesn't happen that way.

Dedicating your life, surrendering your life, is not a joke, first of all. And second, you can't imagine it to be a


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Perfect Master 1978 "If that love that we have for our fake fulfillments,
if we would only have that for Guru Maharaj Ji,
do you really think there is a single ounce of barrier
in this whole world that could stop us from where
we want to be? No! Nothing can stop us."

joke. And third, it doesn't come as easy as a joke. In fact, when that manifests, when that happens, nobody laughs.

So it is a reality that we have to try to manifest. It is something that we have to do.

But we have to start from a place first.

You look at this world. Day after day after day after day, things are happening which are completely outrageous. You would think, what is the necessity of this? Or. what would be the necessity of this? It's just like a lot of times I've said this world is getting crazier. Well, the thing is that it doesn't seem to stop at a point. It's still getting crazier.

And it's just like a gyro. It's getting faster. And it's getting faster and faster and faster and faster. And every gyro has peak. But not this craziness. It seems to always have the space to be able to become a little faster. And it is becoming little faster. And it keeps on going like that.

But who's going to get sandwiched? What is the United States of America? And what is England? And what is all of Europe? Or what's Asia? Or what's North Pole? Or what's South Pole? Or what's the whole world all about?

This whole world is about us. This whole creation is about us.

Because today, there's President Carter for the United States. And he has a say over a lot of things, like what's going to happen and what's not going to happen. But can you imagine if that particular person was never born in this world? Then what kind of a say would it have? If it never manifested, then what kind of a say would it have? Well. obviously it would have no say whatsoever.

Or, for instance, maybe you have


gotten up some day really early and seen a beautiful sunrise. To me, sunrise has a very special meaning. It's a lot more tranquil at that time. You don't get the hustle and the bustle of freeways and traffic jams and everything at the same time while you're enjoying the sunrise.

But if we would never have been born, ever, then where would that sunset be for us? And as a matter of fact. in itself, that's a wrong statement. Because there will be no "us." There would be no "I." There would be no "am." There would be nothing! And therefore the existence, the manifestation of the sunset, the sunrise, and the mere existence of the sun, would diminish. Because our existence wouldn't be there.

Our existence brings that existence alive for us. You see what I'm trying to say? It's not because we aren't here the sun will disappear. But for us, it will. Our existence is necessary for us to see the existence of sun. The sun is simply something that is going to be there for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. But we are not going to be there for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

It's like the eclipse. There's the sun and there you are. And when the moon comes right in between the Earth and the sun, then the eclipse starts to happen. But not in the place where it's dark. Only at the place where the sun is still shining.

So what I'm trying to say is that for us to make something real in this world, not only do we have to be there but we have to be in synch. We have to be there in the presence of that thing that we want accomplished in this world. You can't say, "Okay, Knowledge. Here you are. And I'm going to put you in my pocket."

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Perfect Master 1978 You can't say that. You can't say, "Okay. Guru Maharaj Ji, here is my life: I want to really surrender to you," and then split with it.

Surrender will not manifest that way. Because you have to be there. Your life has to be there. And Guru Maharaj Ji has got to be there.

And the thing is, Guru Maharaj Ji's always going to be there. That power, that reality which makes Guru Maharaj Ji Guru Maharaj Ji, is always going to be there. It's always been there. But we are the ones that keep missing. We, and our objective to surrender this life, have to be all there, so we can in fact say. "Okay, Guru Maharaj Ji, I surrender my life."

If you didn't know God or God didn't exist, and you wanted to surrender your life to God, how could you do it?

But the thing is. in this example, God does exist. And you do exist. And when you want to surrender your life to God, you have to do it. When you want to surrender your life to Guru Maharaj Ji, you have to do it in a way where you really understand what you're trying to do. And not just say. "Okay, this is what I'm going to do," and take off.

How many moments of our life do we in fact concentrate on Knowledge? I remember a long time ago, an example just came out about what the shepherds are all about. If a shepherd let his sheep loose, and let them run around everywhere all day long, and then just in the evening, in one moment, he wanted them all to come together, it would be impossible.

If a guy took all his horses to a meadow and let them run around all day long in the unfenced area, and then went in the evening and said, "Okay, horsies, come together," do you really think they would? They would take off. They would go wherever they wanted to go! They would even go off to places where they would never be able to hear you.

And the example was pertaining to the fact that here we are. We have this life. And every day ..

Because there were a lot of people who had the question. "Well, Maharaj Ji, I sit down and I try to do meditation. And then nothing happens." And it's just so clear that all day long they let that mind run completely loose. They let that mind do whatever it wants to do. whatever it wants to think about. They let themselves go. They let themselves roam about and do whatever they want to do. I mean, every craziness, every idea, every thought, every split of a second, every hundredth of a second, passing them. And then they all of a sudden want to stop.

That would be incredible even in this physical, technical world to do something like that: to stop an airplane on a dime. Even less than a dime. I mean, it would be wonderful! Then you wouldn't need big, huge airports to land. You could have this one section for takeoffs. And then for landing you would just have this whole building and you bring the airplane in and it'll just stop right there!

But that's not the way it works. I mean, wouldn't it be wonderful if cars just stopped on a dime? Even less than a dime? Wouldn't that be wonderful? You wouldn't have to bother about anything. You're just driving along at 100 miles an hour, 200 miles an hour, and then something happens and the car just stops.

But that doesn't happen. That does not happen. So how do we think that's going to happen to us? Poof! - and we want to stop. Poof! - we want that instant satisfaction. Poof! - we want everything to just come rushing to us. And all day long, all the efforts are put into …

Literally what you do is you take these horses to a meadow, and then you start shooting at them. And they start running. And you're shooting at them into the air, say, or something like that. You're shooting blanks in the air. And they get scared and they run. They start to run. And you fire another shot. And they run even faster. And then after having scared them so much, after having them space out so much, you just want to call them just like that.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Perfect Master 1978 That's what we do to our thoughts. That's what we do to our concepts. We pursue them. It's not only the matter of thinking about something.

Today I was sitting in the dining room, and Marolyn was telling me that Wadi and Hansi had this cola. This is a natural cola, right? And it's just come out, and I think Rainbow Grocery is marketing it. And it's completely natural. It just has carbonated water in it And I said, "Wow, that's really something."

But then I said, "I believe that an action is about as dangerous as the thought is. Because an action always comes from thought. So if you've got a thought, you've got a potential for an action!" I said, "So my point is, it's not the matter that Coca-Cola is really terrible for you or that Pepsi-Cola is horrible. But now they have this, and everybody's going to go completely mad for it: 'Oh, here it is!' "

And I tasted it a little bit, and I didn't like it at all. Because I just don't like the flavor of cola. But the kids, I guess they like it. It's sweet.

And so, it's another product for the passion.

It's like you can commit the sin the wrong way. Or you can commit a sin without really having to commit a sin. You know what I mean? You can drink one cola that will ruin your body, and you can drink one cola that won't! And if we were to make a list of all the paradoxes that we live in anyway, do you really think you have a place for one more paradox in your life? Do you really think you have a place for one more confusion in your life? I don't think so.

I'm not saying that Coca-Cola is bad or that this cola is bad. I mean, if you want to drink it, you can drink it. (According to Marolyn, it has to be very cold: otherwise it doesn't taste good. I drank it both ways, and it still didn't taste good!) But that's one small thing. That's one very, very small thing.

Because you go to amusement parks, for instance, and they have all these machines and the simulators. And you get there, and there's a car. And you have the steering wheel. You have an accelerator. And you become a race driver! And in this race you can go as fast as you want, as recklessly as you want, and you won't get killed!

Okay, that sounds great. But is that the case here?

For instance, they have these simulators that are completely computerized. And they give you a 3-D picture, and you go in the cockpit and it looks just like a real jet. As a matter of fact, all the instruments are like a real jet, and it's going to respond just like a real jet. You pull the stick and it goes up and it goes down, and the screen turns. And everything happens.

Bill Bach was flying it along. It was the big Boeing cockpit. He was flying it along and everything was going fine, and he was really feeling the airplane, and just being sloppy. And then finally he was going to touch down. And there is this guy standing outside, and he has the complete control over the computer. He can just touch a button and make an engine fail, and all your "Engine Failure" lights are going to go on, and you have got to go through the procedure and everything.

And so Bill was going to land, and he was going to come down and shoot his thrust reversers to stop on the runway. And the guy was sitting right next to him and he said. "No, no. Look! The thrust reversers - they're all the way back here. There is the notch, and then you've got to go like this …"

And while he was showing him this - he said. "Look, look: now, look!" - while he was doing that, Bill lost control over the airplane and the plane just rolled right into the grass! But he's sitting right there. He's fine; he's okay. Not a scratch. He's okay! No problem!

But do you really think that if he flies for the rest of his life in simulators, he's going to get somewhere? Can he just sit in a simulator and say. "Huh! Today, 25th, I'm going to England"? You know, file a flight plan and get really into it. and then sit there and fly for seven hours and say, "Am I in England yet?"


So what I'm saying is that the simulator is a pretty realistic fantasy. And in his fantasy, an engine can quit, four engines can quit, the plane can roll off the runway. crash - anything can happen and it's still okay.

But if that were to happen in a real airplane, I wonder what would happen. Nobody can predict that. You hit a big pit, the nose gear goes down into it, the nose gear gets stuck, it rips right off, the plane goes flooring all over the place, your wing structure breaks loose … And I mean, everything can happen that you can possibly imagine.

But there, everything becomes a reality. There, everything becomes important. Because it's real. It's not fake. There is this real airplane and it is up in the air. And if Bill decides that he's too tired, then he won't be able to make a decision again in his whole life. Be finished. And in a simulator he can say, "Nah. That's enough for today." You open the door and you walk out.

Try to do that in the real airplane.

So premies, what I'm trying to say is that as long as we want to fly simulators for the rest of our life, we're doing great! We're doing fantastic! But if we actually want the real experience, if we want to really take that step for real surrender, then I say we quit bouncing around like we were sitting in a simulator, and really catch on to our lives, and really understand what the meaning is, why we are here. Why is this life here?

Because fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, fantasy will keep leading us into fantasies! No limit. Endless fantasies. And yet, no real pleasure. no real joy, will ever come from a fantasy. You can dream. You can think, "Oh yeah, man, that's incredible. That's beautiful." But that'll never happen unless it becomes real in your life.

And who's going to make it real? You


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Perfect Master 1978 "Guru Maharaj Ji will make it real for you.
Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace … that's why the Grace
is there. What nothing else can make real
in this world, Guru Maharaj Ji can make real
for you. And, of course, in an instant."

have to make it real. Guru Maharaj Ji will make it real for you. Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace . that's why the Grace is there. What nothing else can make real in this world. Guru Maharaj Ji can make real for you. And, of course, in an instant.

But you have to be there. You have to be there. I'm not trying to say in a physical sense …

For example, I don't know what the count is in the hall, but there are so many premies sitting in the hall. Some are walking out. Some are coming in. Some are just getting comfortable. Some want to look through the binoculars. Some are looking towards the audience! I can see them! And some are looking through their binoculars, and probably they're out of focus and they're trying to adjust. There's a situation (pointing to the balcony section).

I think that person wants to find out what's happening at the other end. There's security people. There's this and there's that going on.

Now, what I'm trying to say is that that is fantasizing: where you think you are in a satsang hall and you're listening to satsang.

There is one saint who says, "What good is it going to do to you if you keep doing your rosary for the rest of your lifetime, sitting there in one place? What good is it going to do to you, when the thing that's supposed to be there is somewhere else completely?"

So much activity is going on. There's cameramen: "Is it okay?" Or, "Man, that's a good pose. Let's click it." I know! It's completely incredible. If we were to put a camera right behind me, and see some of the activities that go on, up on that big screen, it would be quite outrageous.

You can't, for the rest of your life, come in a hall where Guru Maharaj Ji is and say, "Oh yeah, I'm sitting in a hall and I'm listening to satsang. I'm enjoying myself." And every two seconds: "I'm enjoying myself." And every two seconds you just keep on going like this, to try to make believe to yourself that you're enjoying yourself. That's fantasy.

And fantasy is such a thing. Fantasy can always bring you another fantasy. And another fantasy can bring you


another fantasy. From going to the moon, you can take off for Mars, right? But that's it. No real experience. And what I want for the premies to experience is a real experience.

Because, first of all, you look at this life. Where is it at? I mean, what is this all about?

I had a little experience in Malibu, and I mean, really, I've never felt anything like that before. I've never felt an earthquake before. Very minor - and somebody would say, "Oh, did you feel something?"

And I would go, "Oh, yeah. That's an earthquake?"

"Yeah, that was an earthquake."

But this one was quite different. I just had my lunch. I went upstairs. I was just lying down. And all of a sudden, the whole room started rattling. And I thought, "Oh, maybe it's somebody closing the door. Or Wadi or Hansi are playing. Or something is happening. Or somebody's walking up the stairs real hard. Or something like that."

But then the room kept shaking. And it just kept shaking. And all the light fixtures kept shaking. And the pictures shook. And everything shook. And then I got up. And then / started to shake.

It was like everything was shaking.

I said. "Oops! Is this the San Andreas fault?" And to me, in that spur of a second …

I don't know. I guess whoever felt it had an experience. Because up in Santa Barbara, where it really got heavy, I guess these guys were sitting in this restaurant and all of a sudden the roof caved in. Now they must have had some experience, too. Or this old lady was just sitting in her house and her whole roof caved in, again.

I mean, there's all these things. But those are possibly their experiences.

But that was my experience. And in that second, anything could have happened. And not unrealistically. The house could have fallen apart. It's very easy to do. Or that could have, in fact, triggered the San Andreas fault, and before you know it, the whole of California becomes a big boat ramming into the ocean, just going out there.

And the earthquake came. It ended. And I came down and I said, "Marolyn, did you feel that?"

And she said, "Oh yeah, I felt it a little bit."

I'm not trying to say that that was an experience for me, like, "Wow, man, we better just give this whole world peace right now. Otherwise, what if this building is going to fall down?" That wasn't the experience. The experience was: What is this world going to do without Knowledge, if these are the kind of things that keep happening in this world? Because earthquake is very, very minor.

I think it was in Spain, these guys were having a nice time along the beach. All of a sudden this truck comes filled with pressurized fuel and spins off the highway and explodes everywhere. And before you know it, everybody has completely had it.

That was one thing. So many things keep happening in our lives. And the amazing thing is - or let's not even say it's amazing.

Let's not say anything about it for one second.

Okay, here is the situation where here we are, every individual. And every individual says. "But not me." That's common subconscious word: "But not me." Two people are talking and they see a funeral car go by. "Oh, yeah." You think about it. But never does it ever occur to you, "Man! Is that going to happen to me one day?"

I mean, look. This happened to Lord Buddha, and it became an incredible experience for him. So I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen to all of us. Because he saw and he said, "Is that what's going to happen to all of us? The miseries come and go? We live and die? What happens?" And I guess different people have written different explanations: "Do we live to die or do we die to live?" I mean, da-da-da-da-da.

And I just can't believe it. You turn on some of these shows, and people are talking about reincarnation. So why don't you just commit suicide right now and find out what you're going to be?

I mean, it's so outrageous. We're here. We are here in this world. We have a purpose. Be there reincarnation, be there Mars, be there millions of stars, be there sun, be there everything that there is, what effect does It have on us, on our lives? Our under standing? So there are four other universes that you don't know about. Tomorrow you get up, and before you know it you find out that there's four other universes that you never saw, you never dreamed of. And they really do exist. Then what are you going to do? Everybody's going to jump off a bridge? Or all of a sudden grow three feet higher? Or gain 100 pounds or lose 100 pounds? What's going to happen?

I mean, after all, what do you imagine, what do you think, what do you expect, is going to happen? And as a matter of fact some people are so confused about it, they don't know what they are going to expect. It's just like they don't know!

Virgil is quite convinced he saw a spaceship. Now, Michael says he saw it too. But he won't admit. He says he saw two helicopters.

I said. "Michael, did you hear the helicopters?"

He said, "No."

I said, "There weren't helicopters. If you can see a helicopter, you can hear a helicopter."

And he said. "No, no. These were these two tiny dots way out there."

And Virgil was very convinced. He really saw it, and he brought out Dennis Marciniak and Michael Dettmers, and they all saw this spaceship.

And so what happened? And I can imagine what happened. Probably that night they sat down to do meditation, and they thought about it before they actually got into it. Another moment of space-out. And yet, nothing changed by them visualizing a spaceship, so that now they can stop doing meditation, because they have visualized the spaceship. That wasn't true. They still had to do meditation.

I'm pretty sure some of you have seen "Slime," this new product called "Slime." It's slime, whatever slime is. It comes in a can that looks like a garbage can, and it looks like garbage inside of it. And you pour it, and this green slimy stuff comes out: "Slime.",

We are slimes. We are like "Slime." It has no shape and will take any shape. You put it in a square pan; it'll turn square. When you tip it, it doesn't want to tip out; but then slowly it'll start to drool out. That's the whole humanity.


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Perfect Master 1978 So just imagine. First of all, when Jesus comes in this world, a miracle happens. Star is there. A beautiful, incredible thing happens. All the ESP goes down the drink. Nothing. Nobody ever senses it: "Lord is here." No, nothing to do with it. And no scripture. Nothing happens in this whole world.

Then the Lord goes out and starts preaching about the Holy Name, starts telling people what this life is all about. And it's just like: "Man, he's nuts. He's crazy!" Questions and questions and questions and questions. Nothing else. Nobody really accepts him except a few devotees. except a few people.

And this is what "Slime" is like. When you actually first tip the can, it won't flow out. It's called a "solid liquid." It won't flow out. And then, very slowly, it starts to drool out. And once it starts to drool out, it just falls, it just -- "floth" -- and it just splatters.

And after everything was finished, done, that was it. Then everybody says … Cartoons about the star and pictures about the star, and stories

about the star. Everybody rejoicing the day that Jesus came into this world. And that one angel, that one cartoon of that angel, how this angel said, "Well, what am I going to give to the Lord?" And he goes out and he finds his little box that he had on the Earth and he gives that to the Lord.

I mean, it's just saga after saga after saga after saga. That's just like human beings. First they don't want to have anything to do with it. And then once they start to go, they just fall for it. Just everything.

So premies, after all, since we are like a "Slime," what are our chances of becoming solid in this world? That's the question. What are we going to do? What's going to happen? What are our chances?

We pursue everything in our life except the meaning of this life. We think about everything except what we should think about. We hear everything except what we really should hear. We see everything except what we should really see.

When you look at those people who told Christ to pick up the cross and haul it … You tell that to people and they get mad. "Idiots, crazy people! Why did they do something like that?"

Or, I know in the Islamic religion, there are these people -- I remember them from Dehra Dun -- who go around saying, "Hai Mohammed, ham na hotay! Hai Mohammed, ham na hotay!"" And they're beating themselves with chains and they're bleeding, and they really get into it. And it's just an example of, "Oh, man! We are real idiots. Those guys were really idiots for doing all this stuff, not realizing that the Lord was there, that there was a purpose to their lives, that there was a reason to their lives."

And if that's really true, then there are a lot of people in this world who would qualify for that: "The Living Idiots." Presently, there are people who can qualify for that. And that's really true!

But, you see, when I said, "the presently-living idiots," nobody even laughed about that. Because everybody says, "Well. it's not me. I've realized the purpose of my life."

Have you? Have you really tried to? Look! Look at yourself. And look at Guru Maharaj Ji. Who are you, and what is Guru Maharaj Ji? What have you done, and what has Guru Maharaj Ji?

You have made a boo-boo since the beginning, the first day of your life. And if you are 20 years old, then Guru Maharaj Ji has straightened your 20 years of "boo-boo-ness." Right?

But you are making a boo-boo every other day after 20 years old. And we keep on making boo-boos. We keep on making those mistakes that we know are mistakes and are quite apparent. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes …

It's like that train that has completely lost itself. It's like that thing that's completely out there. And Guru Maharaj Ji comes and controls that train.

Look at the fantasy of Superman. Superman does these outrageous things. This bus is going off the road and Superman comes and pulls the bus and saves everybody. You look at that in reality, and that's just happening to every one of our lives.

I know for myself, not one single thing, not one single thing, was done right. And in all those moments …

I mean, you can literally say one thing. Okay? So you went to that satsang the first day? That was the one right thing you did. But that was the ever-so-tiniest, smallest thing you ever did. You know why? Because maybe you came to listen to satsang that first day, okay? You listened to it for 20 minutes and questioned it for 40 minutes. You listened to it for an hour and questioned it for two hours. And it's the same paradox.

And Guru Maharaj Ji completely takes that person. Guru Maharaj Ji is taking you, and has completely given you that Knowledge and given you that opportunity, given you that understanding, to be able to grow in the experience of Knowledge. And, premies, that's where we have to come together. That's where we have to pull ourselves together, and really surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji.

And as I was saying, surrender is not a joke. So don't think that that's what's going to happen: You're going to start laughing. As a matter of fact, when the true surrender will happen, not only will you laugh: you will dance. And not only will you laugh and dance; you will laugh and cry at the same time. And you wouldn't know whether you're going to cry or you're going to laugh or you're going to sit down or you're going to dance or you're going to fly or you're going to just swim. I mean, you wouldn't know.

But I safely think we're quite far away from that. You've got a long way to go. Yes, sir. A long way to go.

And we have to do it. There are no


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Perfect Master 1978 substitutes. There are no replacements. Those replacements that people think exist never existed, never will exist, and never should exist. There are no substitutes.

We are all alone in this world. We come for ourselves to accomplish the purpose. We come to be able to join that perfectness, to be able to join, to be able to become one with that Knowledge. And we have to do it. Every one of ourselves.

And nature has even made that boundary. We think: we think for ourselves. We eat: we eat for ourselves. We drink: we drink for ourselves, to sustain ourselves.

But you know, again, to be able to come to this program, to be able to come to this satsang program, to be able to say, "Do it! Do satsang, service, and meditation. Surrender …"

Because, look. How much do we surrender to ourselves? How much surrender, how much energy, how much effort do we put in ourselves? It's completely amazing. And if that's the same amount of effort we could put in that reality …

When Tulsidas' wife went to her home town to see her parents, he was really like, "Wow! What's going to happen? She's gone." He really loved her. So he started walking and he really wanted to see her.

So he walked and he walked till he came to a river. And he said, "Boy, what am I going to do?" And it was dark. And there was a dead body floating around. And he said, "Oh man, she really loves me. Look, she knew I was going to do this, so she even sent a boat over." So he rowed the dead body over to the other side of the bank.

And then he walked and he walked and he got over to her house. And he didn't really want to go in. So he came to a tree which was right next to her window, and there was a snake hanging down. He said. "Oh, she really loves me. She's even put a rope out." So he climbed the rope - the snake, rather - and got in through the window.

I don't know: it's a story. Somebody's got to be in a good mood to think that a snake is like a rope. I don't know. There's quite a difference between floating on a dead body and rowing a boat. (I guess he never rowed a boat before, nor ever climbed a rope.) Well, anyway, he got inside the room, and there was his wife.

You tell that to the Indians: "That's a story!" They will say, "Of course not! That's real!" That's part of the myth. And of course, they don't believe it's a myth. But anyway, there's a point getting across. I guess that's what all the scriptures are all about, and that's what the theory is all about, and that's what everything's all about: to try to get across a point.

She said, "What are you doing here?"

He said, "Well, of course. You know. Don't pretend you don't know I was going to come here. You set out a boat for me and you had a rope hanging for me."

She said, "What are you talking about?" They looked. That was no rope: that was a snake hanging. They went over to the river. They looked. That was no boat: that was a dead body floating around. And then she said, "If you had the kind of affection you have for me, by which you completely overlooked the snake and you made it a rope, you overlooked the dead body and you made it a boat - if you only had the same kind of affection for the Lord: Man! You would really be liberated. You would be really liberated from all these chakras of good and bad, right and wrong."

And then he realized. He said. "Wow, that's really true." Because he was really indulged in the maya. He was really indulged in that. Let's say that there is a story and we put it about here, about an arm's length from us.

Let's take ourselves. We are so involved in this maya, we get so completely blinded by this maya, that we let our mind come in, and we don't know the difference between our mind saying, "Jai Satchitanand," or a premie saying, "Jai Satchitanand." We get so blinded in this maya that we even try to mold the satsang for our needs, for our own personal fulfillment. We get so blinded in this maya that we forget our Creator. We get so blinded in this maya that we forget Guru Maharaj Ji.

And if that love that we have for our fake fulfillments, if that love that we have for this maya if we would only have that for Guru Maharaj Ji, do you really think there is a single ounce of barrier in this whole world that could stop us from where we want to be? No! Nothing can stop us.

But that faith, that love, is required. That effort has to be made through us. We have to do it.

The experience of Knowledge is so beautiful, is so incredible, that once we have tasted that experience of Knowledge, we really don't want to let go. But as long as the experience of mind keeps on happening, as long as the experience of mind is going to be there, then it's going to be hard for us to distinguish.

So let go of your mind. Give it a vacation. Send it to New York. Send it to Broadway. It's always wanted to go to Atlantic City: let it go there. Without you. Maybe it wants to go to Bahamas: let it go there. Let it go. Let it take off. Without you, of course. Not with you.

And then just become that pure water, become that pure receptacle for that Love that Guru Maharaj Ji has to shower on every individual. Just become that incredible mirror through which Guru Maharaj Ji can bounce his Light. Just become that incredible wire through which Guru Maharaj Ji can send his current of Love. Just become what we really should be. And just experience a lot of Grace. Just experience a lot of Love. Just experience what there is to experience. Because it's all here.

The most important thing is that here


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker the Perfect Master 1978 we are. We are here now. And we have to let go. And we have to just experience that Grace, experience that Knowledge that with us now.

And so tomorrow I believe there's going to be darshan. Now, again, with our luck, you never know. There might not be. But, tentatively, maybe, a lot of Grace …

When we were coming to this program, there were all these cars with Pennsylvania license plates. And I saw this little Honda pass by. And I just said, "Wait a minute. It feels like there are premies in there. Who else would be coming from Ontario to Pennsylvania, anyway?"

So I looked and I didn't see any sticker or anything. I said, "Hmm! That's strange." Then I looked closely, and there was a "Holi '78" sticker there. And there were premies.

Of course, they kept looking at the escort driver. Couldn't figure out what he was doing. And then … it's just like that. I even told Jeffrey, "Why don't you honk at them?" And he did. Air horns! Nothing happened. They started going faster.

And Jeffrey said, "This guy really blew it. didn't he?" Because he just took off! I said. "No, Jeffrey. He's going to the program. How can he blow it?"

And then, all of a sudden the lane he was in stopped. And the lane we were in - we kept on moving. And then they got some darshan. It just seems that with their luck, they might have never seen it. But it just happens.

Sometimes it just happens on the spur of the moment. Sometimes it happens when we think a lot about it.

(I mean, that's got no bearing on it.) But it just happens. And that's what we have to flow with, and that's what we have to really understand. Because that Love is really there.

I know that for a lot of people it's very hard for them to experience that. Believe me, that's not because of Love. The Love doesn't say, "You, you, you, and you: out of the hall! I don't want you to experience me." The Love doesn't say that. To Love, it's all open. We open ourselves, and that Love can come in that we really want.

But it's us. And we have to open ourselves. We have to open ourselves to that Love. We have to open ourselves to that reality. We have to open ourselves to Guru Maharaj Ji.

What's the limit?

There is no limit.

You see, when I first came to America, a lot of people had a lot of concepts about Guru. It was quite unfamiliar: Through Guru - you've been with Guru five years and you become so-and-so - and then you can just wiggle your finger and it's like, bippity-boppity, bippity-boppity. A little bit of imagination, a little bit of cartoon-watching, and a little bit of mysticism put together made a great soup for them.

And people used to come and receive Knowledge thinking that one day it'll be really like bippity-boppity, bippity-boppity, and everything will start to come together. It'll all happen. They wouldn't have to pick a glass up with their hand, they could just wiggle their fingers and it would come over. I mean, it's just like hopes and expectations and everything. They could be flying through.

And then a lot of people just really had that concept that, "Oh, someday, man, we're going to be sitting on a golf course. And then this golf ball's going to come flying at 1,000 miles an hour and hit us right at the chakra-start - where the chakras start from - and we're going to hear this loud bing! And then their body is going to elevate. Then they will just wiggle their fingers and everything will start to happen. I don't know. Maybe that's what some people thought. To them it was really like, "Oh yeah, we will do service. We will go like this (puts hands together), we will do everything. After a year and a half you wouldn't have to do anything like that! It'll be all over. It'll be done. Finished."

But that's not the way it works. What's the limit? When do you want to stop experiencing Knowledge?

The experience is Knowledge, not bippity-boppity. Of course not. You come to experience peace, not to experience wiggling fingers and elevating glasses and doing things like that.

Because that, anybody can do. There is a kind of a monkey in India, and he can jump from a branch; and then if he decides that he is not going to make it to the other one, he can whip his tail and turn around and go back to the branch he left. Magic, huh? I mean, that, even a monkey can do.

Some people have the imagination and the dream of becoming strong and powerful. A chimpanzee can pull your arm out without even knowing that he is doing so. So you can become a chimpanzee.

There are so many fascinations in animals and insects and so on and so forth. I mean, some people want to live forever and ever and ever. You can become a shark. They live for an awfully long time.

All these things can be accomplished by those creatures. But what are we here for?

The Creator definitely didn't give us the life of a shark, the power of the chimpanzee, and the tail of that monkey who can make that decision and go back. We were given a very specific purpose in this life. And that's the purpose that we have to fulfill, that we have to understand.

So thank you very much.