Guru Maharaj Ji Speaks of Shri Maharaj Ji

Hans Rawat

Hans Rawat Guru Maharaj Ji, how did you come to this Knowledge?

This Knowledge was revealed to me by my Guru, by my Satguru

Does this Satguru live in this time, now?

He has passed away.

Who was he?

His name? His name was Yogiraj Param Hans Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj. It is a beautiful name. Very beautiful name!

What does it mean?

Satguru, Perfect Master, the King of all the yogis, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj.

New York City
September 11, 1971


Is English a subject that particularly interests you in school?

That's why I took admission in my school. That's why my father gave me that admission. Well, because I would be a very learned man, and I would do service - not for work, but for preaching. To speak English, so that I could go even in western countries.

Because, you see, he himself was not so educated that he could come to these places and preach. At that time, there were not so many privileges as there are today, that a student can go and have his studies at a very old age.

And maybe he was at a rather small age when he went to search for this Knowledge. At a small age, he went to search for this Knowledge. He couldn't get it. He went to many places, but he couldn't get it. Ultimately, he reached to one Guru, Swami Sarupanand Ji, and he gave him this Truth. After him, he told him to carry on. So my father carried on, and after him I am carrying on.

San Francisco, California
August 1, 1971

Hans Rawat Maybe you have never seen Shri Maharaj Ji, though you have seen pictures of Shri Maharaj Ji. What is the significance? It's of what he did - trying to reveal Knowledge to all the people in this world - which is very important.

Rome, Italy
November 9, 1977


Hans RawatThere was a time, I must tell you, when my father had to go and do prachar - he had to go and tell people about this Knowledge. And as a matter of fact, he went in the Bihar state, which is the poorest state in India. He went there, and there was nowhere for him to stay. And he lived in an inn. And when we say "inn" in India - they have strange inns, because you just get a room, not like a hotel where you can get food and everything; no. Just a room. And this state being very poor, he had to lay on the floor. There were people with him, and there was no money.

He had a little amount of money, and he sent people to get some water. Because it was damn hot there. They got some water in a pot (called surahi in India), they got this water in it, and this man who brought it broke it. And so, see how he spread his Knowledge!

Denver, Colorado, Conference
July 12, 1972

Of course, today, in body, Shri Maharaj Ji really doesn't exist within us. But yet we know, and we can feel it, and we can understand, and we can really quite clearly see, that the reason why he came in this world, the reason why he even got born into this world, the reason why he went from place to place, spreading this beautiful Word, spreading this very beautiful message to all people of the world, had no distinctions; he had no reservations. He went to everybody, door to door, just telling them that they had this human life, and that in this human life it is possible to realize the purpose of this human life, to realize the goal of this human life. It is possible to merge with that oneness, to merge with that incredible thing, to become one with that ultimate.

And he went from door to door; he slept at railway stations. And you know, if you are from America, or maybe if you're from Italy, or from different parts of the country, of course in lot of western places that doesn't really make any difference; they're very nice. Railway stations have lounges and so on and so forth, so it's not that bad. But not in India, not at that time. Pretty terrible! What you end up with basically is these old benches, very, very uncomfortable; no sleeping place, hardly. You can sit up, or if you can't find a bench you've got to sleep on the floor, and the trains coming, and everybody just shouting and screaming. And very, very uncomfortable. But he went, and he traveled everywhere he could. If all he found was bread and salt and water, he contented himself just by that. Premies, just for one very, very simple reason.

And now, how lucky we are really! How lucky we are that on this very day we can come here, and celebrate the jayanti, the memory, of such a person, of such a Perfect Master. And premies, it's obvious what he was trying to tell the world. There is no doubt about it. That there is that Peace, that there is that one Love, that there is that thing that we seek in our lives today - it's possible.

Rome, Italy
November 9, 1977

There was a point when there were a lot of premies, and these premies had been given Knowledge by Shri Maharaj Ji personally. And then what happened was the propagation started to grow more and more. It wasn't anything like an incredible scale; it was small, very strong, but it was constantly growing. There were initiators, they would go out, they would initiate people. There were ashrams. There was everything happening, except … Like there were amplifiers and then there were speakers - everything was there - but there wasn't a mircophone there.

So it was almost like everything was happening, but it had no progression, had no constant progression to it. It just was right there. And then, of course, we all know that the Mission was founded by Shri Maharaj Ji, and by his Grace what he did then was he created a microphone. And through that microphone, having more initiators, having more facilities, having an opportunity for premies to do satsang, service, and meditation, there was a progression formed. And it formed very rapidly. In India there's a tremendous amount of people who received Knowledge, in very, very short time. And the Mission grew very rapidly, because what it was trying to shelter grew very rapidly too.

Miami Beach, Florida, Conference
August 2, 1977


Hans Rawat I'll tell you this story that happened with Shri Maharaj Ji. There were a few premies, and they said, "Maharaj Ji, you cannot function without us. We helped you a lot." And he said, "Oh, yeah? That's what you think! I'll tell you," he said. "All of you stay here. And let me go out."

So he took his dhoti and kurta, and he took tilak, and he just looked beautiful, gorgeous! And he walked right through the streets of Jwalapur.* When people saw him, they just flipped out. And they said, "Wow! This is just what we have been looking for."

When he returned to the ashram again, there was a crowd of seven to eight hundred people who had followed him, just followed him back!

How Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace works, in which ways it works, you just can't even describe it. Because Grace is right behind you every time. It's like your little bodyguard. And you never know. And you are doing this … and it's just sitting there, just waiting. And whenever you call for Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, (snaps his fingers) it comes zooming by and helps you right on the spot.

Denver, Colorado
May 12, 1974

There were many people who came to criticize my father. And they stood all the way behind to shout, to make disturbances. They were waiting for the moment to come when they could shout and make a disturbance. And Maharaj Ji started giving satsang; my Guru Maharaj Ji was giving satsang. And Guru Maharaj Ji was giving this dose to everyone, just everyone. And he never knew that these people had not come to take the dose, but for something else. He gave them a dose also. And they got this dose, and they just completely - everything just blew up from their minds, and they just sat there quietly and heard satsang. And the next day one received Knowledge, and now he is a very active premie.

Montrose, Colorado
July 26, 1972

When I received this Knowledge, I used to go to school. And my environment was completely different from that of the other kids. I used to go to school and the whole thing was the same. The master used to teach us the same thing. We used to sit together at our desks. I used to do my homework; some was right and some was wrong. There were many times when I used to leave my books behind at my home! I was an ordinary child. And then I used to come back home, and there was Guru Maharaj Ji, there was my father, who was, as a matter of fact, the incarnation of his time. He was true. He was perfect. And then the whole company was holy; the whole company was Truth.

Montrose, Colorado
July 26, 1972


Shri Maharaj Ji used to talk about this wonderful experience, this Light more brilliant than if you put ten thousands and thousands of suns together in the sky. How could that be possible, when I couldn't even look at one bare sun? He used to talk about this beautiful experience. He used to talk about this Knowledge that is the King of all knowledges.

And maybe in my life, even at one point, I looked at Knowledge as just being something that didn't exist, like for instance, God. Because to me it only existed in belief; it only existed in faith. And so it was like, "Maybe Knowledge is just like God. Maybe Knowledge is just like it; it doesn't really exist. You just sit and talk about it, and get all blissed out. You get all feeling nice everywhere, because you just sit and talk about it: 'Oh yes, there is Almighty God.' And you never question it, you can't question it; and you just accept it. And maybe that's what Knowledge is."

And then it was like, "No, wait a minute, this is not that way. Because if that is the way it is, if that is how unrealistic it is, then what is the experience that I experience? What makes Shri Maharaj Ji, what makes Guru Maharaj Ji so superior, if what he is revealing is not realistic, if it doesn't exist?"

To me, he was my father, and there was an extreme genuine respect. In our family everybody had a lot of respect, and also the premies who lived in the residence had a lot of respect. And everything was pretty much kept straight on the nose. But there was a lot of respect, there was a lot of love; and then there was something else.

There was fatherly love, and that relationship that we had - it was there; it was extremely beautiful. There was fear, fear of love, fear because we respected him, fear not because we feared him, but we didn't want to make anything wrong for him. We didn't want to make anything go bad for him. Then there was that fear that, "Maybe out of our innocence, maybe out of our negligence, maybe something could go wrong, and then that won't be good." We had that fear in our hearts.

But besides all that, there was something far more superior, that experi ence that when he came to a satsang program, thousands of these premies realized, thousands of these premies bathed into. And it was immaculate.

And then, of course, that time came. And to me, here I was, and I was trying to shoot for this goal that had been made my goal, that became my goal: Knowledge. But I knew I had to go through this channel, which was Guru Maharaj Ji. And so that's where I had to come. That's where I had to surrender. It was like, yes, I had to go to a certain point, from point A to point B, but I want to travel through a vessel, and that's G. And so that's where I had to come; that's where I had to be. All of me. Not just my body, or not just my brains, but all of me; if I wanted to go there. Because what it takes to get there is what I had to put in.

And so it was that quest, that thirst,

The young Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji

Blessed are those souls who have been born in this Kaliyuga, because my Guru Maharaj Ji has given me the Knowledge and made me the Guru of this world so that I can help all people. I feel so happy and so peaceful that he has given me the chance to serve humanity through his Knowledge.

Delhi, India
November 11, 1971

just kept on going. And then finally one day Shri Maharaj Ji just called us into the sitting room, and asked us if we wanted Knowledge. And we all said, "Yeah." It was nothing like, "Here is the Gita and here is the Bible and here is this … And look, this talks about Knowledge and that talks about Knowledge." It was pretty flat and straight: "Do you want Knowledge?" And everybody said, "Yes." So he said, "Okay, sit down." And we sat down.

And I very clearly remember, he turned to me and he said, "How do you do meditation?" And so I folded my legs and I went like this and I said, "Like this. This is how you do meditation." (And you know, that reminds me of when I see people doing meditation who really don't have Knowledge: "This is how you do meditation.") And he just laughed at me and said, "Yeah, externally, this is how you do meditation. But not internally." He said, "You are like a hollow bamboo. It doesn't matter how strong you are on the outside, but when somebody beats you, you sound empty."

So it was so beautiful, because then that started happening, and I received Knowledge. And it was pretty fast. And then it was completely up to me. And he said, "Look, you have Knowledge. This Knowledge has always been within inside of you, and now you have to practice. If you really want it, it's not the matter of me giving it to you, it's the matter of you - now that I have opened the door to you, now you start utilizing. Now you start building the building. And you'll experience it more and more in your life."

And to me, it was always a very interesting subject. I was never into sports. And as a matter of fact, I used to just sit aside - when everybody would be jumping up and down and everything, I would just sit aside and that was it. And then in lunch hour, everybody would be doing this or that, and I would just try to sit down in one corner. And sometimes it would be like the teacher would be gone, and everybody would be sleeping in the class or something. I would just put my head down - because that's what the teacher said, "Go to sleep;" everybody goes to sleep.


Hans Rawat I was very young! And I had to associate so much in my life, in that little life where I had hardly any experience of this world. I had to associate everything. I had to really know what I was doing. Because if I didn't, then how could something that my father, my Guru Maharaj Ji has described so incredibly to me, how can I just kick it away? How can it be just a toy for me; how can it just become a toy for me?

And I went through a lot of waves, and I went through everything. But then, in my life, it just became very, very clear. And the one thing that I learned, and I still haven't forgotten it, and I want

you to know it, and that's the secret almost to this Knowledge, is that - one thing I understood.

It's not what he gave me that day in that room that did it. It's when he let me come to Him, when he let me, when he opened the door and let me merge within inside of Him, by giving me that Knowledge - that did it. That made sense to me. That made me realize something. Through that, everything was wonderful; everything was Knowledge. And then I could see, "Yeah, everything is terrific."

Munich, Germany
April 10, 1977

What can I say about Guru Maharaj Ji, who has sent me among you and has given me this chance to serve you? The name of such a merciful Guru Maharaj Ji is Shri Hans Ji Maharaj. How shall I sing of him? How shall I express the love he has for you? He has deep love for humanity. I cannot express the great love he has for you. I do not have sufficient words to express how much Guru Maharaj Ji loves you.

India Gate, Delhi, India
November 8, 1970

Whatever I am doing right now is a service. I look at it, I see it, as my service to Guru Maharaj Ji, to Shri Maharaj Ji. Because this is what he gave me to serve about, and I am doing my service.

Denver, Colorado
May 6, 1974

When Shri Maharaj Ji was here, what did he do? He spread the Knowledge to everyone, and such work he did that it will never end. Everyone kept taking from his endless treasure. He told me, "I came for this purpose only. Now you have to do my work."

Prem Nagar Ashram, India
July 29, 1966

Guru Maharaj Ji, what do you owe to your father?

I owe something that I won't tell you. If I will take births as long as this sun, moon and everything will exist, and I will be taking birth as long as God exists, and trying to repay my father, as a Guru, I won't be able to repay even a single penny-worth. He has given me such a lot. Such a lot, that he has made me the King of the whole universe! So how can I repay him, as Guru?

I regard him as my father because he is my real Father. He is my real Father. He is my real Father. He is real and real father, real-to-real! He is my real father, he has given me birth; and he is my real Father, because he has shown me the path. So he is just real-to-real to me. And something real has given me something real. How can I repay about it? I can't even imagine repaying for it. But he says that if you can just do meditation, then it will be repaying him much more than he has given me. But I don't think so. I don't think it is true.

But how can we repay you?

Just the same thing. Do meditation, and service to me. And then you will be repaying me.

London, England
November 1, 1971


Hans Rawat

*Jwalapur is a city in Northern India adjoining Haridwar where Hans Rawat's Prem Nagar ashram (as well as numerous other ashrams, temples, etc) is located.