"Yes, of course, Guru Maharaj Ji is a helping hand. But he's not
only the helping hand. He's everything. He's not only going
to assist us, but he is going to …

He is the train and he is the tracks and he is the engine. He is the
captain. He is the boat. And he is the voyage. And unto Guru
Maharaj Ji, when we surrender, then he takes us to his world. Then
Guru Maharaj Ji takes us to his world. And his world consists
above time and space.

Guru Maharaj Ji's world is made up of everything where
darkness doesn't exist. It's wonderful. It's Love. There are no
sunsets; there are no sunrises. But all there is, is Love, Love, Love,
Love. And even greater than Love. He is there.
Guru Maharaj Ji is there."

-- Guru Maharaj Ji
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 27, 1978

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