padarthanand (17K) Satsang Given by Initiator Padarthanand in Kansas City, January 22, 1978

So, Jai Satchitanand to everybody. So I was one of those premies who was stuck in the snow. But by his amazing Grace, I am here. And those of us who were not stuck in the snow, they are also here because of that amazing Grace. And that's beautiful to know - that it doesn't matter wherever we are, or whatever situation we are in, or how much of our own so-called effort we are making, that amazing Grace is always right there waiting for us to experience it.

When I went to the Boston airport with some of the premies, the plane was supposed to leave 7:30 in the morning. And we went there, we got inside the plane, and the plane went on the runway. Everything was set ready to take off. And this plane was the last possible plane that could take off, because all other airports were closed. So we were hoping to leave. And the pilot just waited and waited and waited, and it got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. And so he said, "Okay, those who'd like to eat breakfast, you can eat, and we are going back." So he brought the plane back. And he said, "What can we do? This is Mother Nature."

I said, "That's all he understands: Mother Nature. But he has never heard about Father Creator!" And it's so beautiful just to hear that little reminder from that captain saying, "What can we do? We tried our best, but this is Mother Nature."

It's so beautiful just to hear that reminder. And all of us just came out from the plane, and really started experiencing more and more intensely the amazing Grace of the Father Creator. We started planning how to go back to the ashram and it was very hard to drive out from the airport. And all planes were cancelled that day. So there was no chance to even try to get another one. So most of us, somehow - in different cars or different buses tried to come to the ashram. And it took a few hours for everyone to just come together in the ashram. And the ashram in Boston is so huge: 35, 40 premies live there.

"Which kind of painting do we want to paint? Which kind of imagination do we want to have? The beautiful thing is that there is no need for us to imagine. Simple is just to be there experiencing it."

And so all of us came there. And there were about six or eight children, little babies, and about 35, 40 premies. We came there. We said, "Okay, this is our situation. We should try our best to experience his Grace here. What else can we do but really to be happy and cheerful, and accept it? See. Nothing to worry about. By worrying about it, it's not going to get better. It will get worse and worse and worse." So, whatever situation we are in, wherever we are, all we can do is try our best, and the rest is his amazing Grace.

So we started making a little effort. I tried to cook some Indian food for everybody, whatever I could get in that kitchen. And I said, "Okay, many premies want to live in the ashram, right? And all the ashram premies have left this ashram. No one is here. So all of you have a chance to live in the ashram, for a minimum of one day." So everyone was happy to live in ashram for one day with these little babies. So I cooked Indian food; everyone enjoyed. Satsang was going on and on. At the evening time I called here, Kansas City, and I asked if we could get connected on the phone to hear Maharaj Ji's satsang, and the whole program.

So satsang was continuing on and on, and somehow we got a projector and we got films from the basement. Somehow everything started coming together. We watched the movie Family of Love, and as soon as the movie finished we were just waiting, and very soon Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang started. And we heard Maharaj Ji's satsang, sitting in the ashram.

And everyone was so happy, so happy, so blissed out, see? Because we were just feeling so connected to this whole thing which was going on here. And we sang Arti with this band, whoever was playing here. And after that I made halvah for everybody again for prasad, at midnight or whatever it was - it was after one o'clock there or something. And everyone stayed there in the ashram. Next morning we woke up, we sang Arti; all the little children were in Arti. It's so beautiful.

And so, my dear brothers and sisters, I know that in different situations like this, just very easily we lose patience. One

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premie came to me yesterday and he said, "How did it feel when you were stuck?" 1 said, "I felt wonderful!" He was trying to show sympathy that maybe I was feeling bad, I was feeling left out. 1 said, "No!" As Maharaj Ji said in satsang the first night, that though some premies are stuck, it's beautiful, because they had some more opportunity to do meditation, whatever, satsang. And it was beautiful. I experienced it. I witnessed it. And many premies with me. It was so beautiful just to hear Guru Maharaj Ji on the phone, and his concern and his attention, special attention. And he said that everyone will make it here, everyone will come next day.

And next day, yesterday, many premies just started coming in, and still some premies were stuck. And after all, all those premies came last night. And it's so beautiful.

So when we went back the next day to the airport, one couple, premies, had cancelled their flight on the first day when they heard its difficulty. But they came back again to come to the festival somehow. And on the one hand they wanted to come; on the other hand, they had cancelled, see? And on the third hand, they were not sure if they come will they have darshan or not. So is it worth even coming here?

And they came to me and they said, "What do you think about it? Do you think that Maharaj Ji will give darshan to us when we go there? Because we don't know when we are going to go." And they didn't have even reservations, they had just cancelled. (1 hope they are here, because they were trying.) And I said, "Listen, you can try to imagine, and you can ask my imagination. But I don't try to imagine; I don't want to imagine whether Guru Maharaj Ji will give darshan or not and all these things. But whatever I have experienced in past, I am very positive about it. I am very sure about it. Because Guru Maharaj Ji has so much Love, so much care for every one of us. He gives personal, individual attention to each and every one of us. And I have experienced it. And so, on that basis, I am very positive in my heart that anyone who will go to that festival definitely will have darshan. But in a way I can't guarantee that, that that will happen, but that's the way I feel."

And I was giving that example, that one sister from Taiwan. She came to the Rome festival on the last day of festival. She didn't have darshan. She came on the last day of the festival. She came to the conference. And the last day of the conference, when Guru Maharaj Ji went

The simple point is that if it's too slow or too fast, it's Guru Maharaj Ji's speed. It's his pace. We need to relax and cooperate with it."

up on the balcony to meet with the initiators, when he was coming out of the room he remembered, "Where is that sister from Taiwan?" And I heard that. And I knew about her because I had been to Taiwan, and she met me in Rome and she said, oh, she hadn't received darshan. And somehow that was communicated to Guru Maharaj Ji that she had missed darshan and she wanted darshan. And Guru Maharaj Ji waited there on the balcony for her; waited and waited. And she went there, just alone, see, one person to have darshan. And I was standing a little further away from Guru Maharaj Ji and I watched the whole scene.

She came so humbly, so gently. Definitely, she had her first darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji. It was the first darshan that she had. She came and she just fell at Guru Maharaj Ji's feet. She didn't move. And Guru Maharaj Ji didn't move. He just stayed. And I was watching. And after some time that sister slowly and gradually just started raising her head. And then slowly and gradually Guru Maharaj Ji moved. And then she didn't move further from there. She just stayed there, crying and crying and crying. And after I think maybe some time she came to me and she said, -Oh, 1 missed holy breath. I didn't receive holy breath!" I said, "Again you have second - next chance - definitely next chance to have holy breath. Not maybe Rome; somewhere else, see."

And so I was talking to that premie couple in Boston airport yesterday, that is that our attitude to approach Guru Maharaj Ji? Is that our attitude to approach this path? That "Guru Maharaj Ji, can you guarantee me darshan if I come to a festival there?" Like, so much demand.

Like I was having satsang with one premie in Boston. He received Knowledge a few years ago, and he was like really making so much demand. He was saying, "What is the guarantee that if I keep practicing a few years more, then I will experience liberation, I will be liberated? What's the guarantee?" I mean, the whole attitude. "If I go to the festival, is there any guarantee that Guru Maharaj Ji will give darshan?" is that the attitude that we should have? Is that the way we should approach Guru Maharaj Ji? With that mentality? With that demand? No.

Guru Maharaj Ji is that perfect giver, and we are like perfect beggars, begging. And that's what it is. Saint Kabir talks about it, that no one is a giver like Perfect Master on this planet. He's the greatest giver. And devotees are perfect, greatest beggars. And always we need to remember that, that we are beggars. And beggars can never demand. Never. A beggar can beg humbly and wait until he receives. That's the nature of a beggar.

If a beggar doesn't have humility, he can't be a beggar. Humility is needed to be a beggar. And patience is needed to be a beggar. To wait and wait and wait and wait till the last moment. Until we see!

And so, my dear brothers and sisters, the point is that how do we look on something, on one situation, when the situation is there? There are so many different angles that we can look at it from. Sometimes we become so narrow- minded, and we look from one angle and it doesn't make sense.

If a person is sitting somewhere, and you look from behind him, behind that person, you can't even recognize him sometimes, because you are not looking at his face. But if you are looking from another angle, from in front of him, then you can see clearly and recognize easily who that person is. In the same way, sometimes we try to approach this path of devotion, Guru Maharaj Ji, this Knowledge, from somewhere back there, see. We don't even see the clear picture.

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We don't have an overall clear view.

As I was telling some premies in Knowledge review, "review" means "going over again." Why do we need Knowledge review? Because we start to lose that view that we had even before we received Knowledge.

When we received Knowledge, before that, we had a very clear view of this whole thing. And somehow, after receiving Knowledge, some clouds start coming in, and we start to lose that view! And sometimes when we are unable to see that view, we think, "Oh, it's not there anymore!" But it's always there.

Like in '76, when Maharaj Ji was going all around and giving programs, the Summer Tour, one thing that he was repeating almost in each program was "Premies, all I'm here to tell you is that everything is all okay." And when we heard that, it seemed like, "Oh, he's out of touch. He doesn't know what's going on. We are going through all these confusions, problems, and all these things, and he's saying everything is all okay? Where is he? Where has he been?" Definitely he hasn't been in our confusion. Definitely he has been far beyond it. And from there he can see that overall, after all, everything is A-okay. We couldn't see it.

And so it's so beautiful to have that proper perspective, to have that proper way of approaching something with humility. And that makes so much difference.

Like when I was hearing this satsang this morning about these sails and Kathy Cituk was describing the nature of this ocean. And when you hear it, it's so scary. And you think, "Oh, what's my strength? And how much do I trust in Guru Maharaj Ji? And how much am I really comfortably in that boat to be able to cross it?" All these questions just come up. That's one way of approaching it. That's a kind of explanation. We sing that song, "We are sailing," and "We are flying." These all are different approaches to reach to him, to see him once again. By flying .

In Rome Guru Maharaj Ji had that stage, what do you call it - "flying saucer" or something? I don't know what it was exactly. So that was one symbol, one explanation, of what Guru Maharaj Ji's trying to give to us, and where he's trying to take us. And Guru Maharaj Ji gives example about boat, and watching those waves and all those things. But there is some other angle too, that some devotees experienced in their lives, and that's very beautiful for us.

I don't know if this is a song of Mirabai, or someone, a devotee in past. The song goes - I can't remember the whole song it says: (speaks in Hindi).

It's clear to you? No. There are some premies who understand Hindi here. I can't translate exactly, but I can try. The meaning of this song is that since there is love in my heart, there is longing in my heart to be at the Lotus Feet of my Guru Maharaj Ji. Or since there is that impeccable love for the Lotus Feet of my Guru Maharaj Ji, this ocean of mundane existence dried up. There is no water left anymore, so I don't have any fear to cross it. That's one angle to see.

And when you have that angle, then no fear. You don't plan to cross it, because there is no water to cross. It's dried up. So which kind of painting do we want to paint? Which kind of imagination do we want to have? The beautiful thing is that there is no need for us to imagine. Simple is just to be there experiencing it.

We can see how Guru Maharaj Ji is taking us beyond our imagination. Doesn't matter how beautiful, flowery an imagination we have - that we are sailing or we are flying, or we are - what you call - levitating, or whatever. Where to go? I mean, people always have ideas to go, go, go. Where? Point is to be here, not to go anywhere!

We can see that we are completely trained to make moves, and move and move and move and move. And if you are very fast in making moves, you are supposed to be a very smart person, because you make very fast moves. But, what is the result of those fast moves? Checkmate! Every day you get checkmate, checkmate, checkmate. So it's not wise to keep making fast moves. Beauty of the game is to make slow move, and right move. Not to keep making fast moves. And in a way, we are trained to make fast moves. And where we have been, we have experienced, and we can see how people are getting checkmated every day, almost in every situation. And they try to make faster moves to come out from it, but they get trapped. They get checkmated.

And we can see how Guru Maharaj comes along and sits behind us and says, "Wait. You are tired of making all these moves. You have seen that you have been checkmated too many times. Wait. Or just listen to me. I will whisper which move to make. I will whisper in your ear. You don't have to worry about it, don't have to plan about it, don't have to be a smart player. All you have to be is just there, relaxed enough, open enough, to listen to me and then make the move that I tell you."

But sometimes we say, "Okay, Guru Maharaj Ji. I'm going to surrender. I'm going to listen to you. Tell me." And he sits there, and he's watching the whole strategy. He's watching the whole game. And he's not saying anything. And you say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, you are very slow. Tell me, what will be the next move?" And the move is, just be quiet. He's going to tell, because he has taken that responsibility. He wants to do it. You just sit there and listen. Wait. And when Guru Maharaj Ji comes up and he says, "Okay, now move this piece," that's all you've got to do. Move that piece. And wait. Not even think about what will be the next move.

Because that little room that we give for thinking is a big problem for us. We can be free from that thinking; we can be free from that imagination. We just sit there, relax: "Okay, Guru Maharaj Ji, tell me." You don't have to even ask Guru Maharaj Ji: "Guru Maharaj Ji, tell us." But he will tell us. And then we can see that actually he is playing the game. And he's just asking us to keep moving. And it's so beautiful.

Always there is complaint that we complain to Guru Maharaj Ji. I have personal appointments with premies, and sometimes they just complain that "Oh, everything is so slow; nothing much is happening." On the other extreme, complaints are: "Oh boy, it's happening too much. I can't handle it." So the simple point is that if it's too slow or too fast, it's Guru Maharaj Ji's speed. It's his pace. We need to relax and cooperate with it.

And then it doesn't matter where we are. In whatever situation, by his Grace, we can experience his amazing Grace. We can experience that joy; we can experience that flow. And by his Grace here we are. Regardless of all the difficulties and problems; they don't make so much sense. After all, we are here. And we are in this flow. And all we can try to do is to slow down here to experience this flow, to experience this Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, here.

Otherwise, we still keep demanding from Guru Maharaj Ji. "Guru Maharaj Ji, do you want to do this," or "Do you want to do that?" No! He's here. He has invited us. And he has so much to give to us. So all we can try to be are humble beggars with open heart, and have patience to wait until he gives.

And always he's giving. It's not that in a way we have to wait for it. Always he's giving. So all we can do is try. Just humbly beg. And be open to receive.

So thank you very much, and Jai Satchitanand.

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