Ocean of Satsang

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Guru Maharaj Ji's and Durga Ji's satsang by phone to a New York Knowledge Session, on October 25, 1977, Durga Ji's birthday

Guru Maharaj Ji:

In this life a lot of people just look forward to so many things. And then you have to just, you know, turn around and realize: What is this life really for? You have to like stop for a second.

This world is going at such a fast pace all the time. You know, it's like, sometimes you end up in Rome, or something like that, and everything is so slow - because I've been trying to find out exactly what's been going on about this festival, and sometimes it's so slow. And then, the other times it's just so incredible. You get to New York and everything is just going "bam, bam, bam, bam." Or you get to Los Angeles, and you go out shopping or something like that, and you really see that there's so many people and they're pursuing so many things. And yet, they're pursuing it - and they really believe in pursuing those things, obviously because they're pursuing it, but they really don't understand why they're pursuing those things. They really don't understand what is the motive, what is the purpose, what is the ultimate goal behind pursuing all those things.

But the thing is, when you receive Knowledge, it's such an incredible experience that it really brings us to that understanding that this Knowledge, that Guru Maharaj Ji, that his Grace, can really bring us to who we really are.

You know, this one premie asked me this one question once. It was a couple of days ago. This one premie gave me this one computer, and we were just trying to program everything into this computer, about all these initiators and everything. Of course, it was very unsuccessful. This premie said, "What if everything was taken over by a computer?" And I said, "That's very possible. You know, you could do just about anything."

But if this whole world did get taken over by a computer - which almost it is now, because mind is almost like this incredible computer - this whole world would be in a chaos. And why? Because everybody would be pursuing a motive that they really don't know about. But Knowledge, if we receive Knowledge, it's so beautiful. Because it really brings us to that experience of knowing what we are all here for.

"We have to be able to
ride those waves and just
stay on top all the time,
and then it's very

- Durga Ji

And it's just like, there's so many explanations, you know, there's so many proofs people want, and there's so many things people want. But Knowledge is an experience in itself. And it is the experience; it is an experience. And you have to realize that experience all by yourself. And nobody's going to tell you that experience in words. And yet, you have to just experience it.

And so, it's like, all I can say - really, I just picked up the phone and found Mahabir giving satsang, and then Gurucharnanand Ji came on. And Marolyn is here, too. But it's just so beautiful that I can share some satsang.

Because in this life, there's a lot of things that happen; and believe me, there's a lot of things that are happening right now. And you can look to a lot of answers and you can look to a lot of solutions. But there is no solution far more precious, far more greater, far more infinite, and far more beautiful, than Knowledge, than Grace, than Guru Maharaj Ji.

And it's just so beautiful because I mean, it's always beautiful. And yet, every premie in this whole world is being given an opportunity to come to this festival and be there in Rome. Well, Rome has got nothing to do with it so far as I'm concerned. It's just that opportunity for all the premies to come together in one place and enjoy that bliss, and that satsang, and that darshan, for five days.

Because, really, satsang is such an infinite ocean. And this ocean is always constantly going, constantly going. I know the premies know that I live on this hill and (laughs) I can always see the ocean. And you see this ocean, and every time you look at it, there's all these waves constantly on it. And these waves are constantly crashing; always, all the time, there's something happening. And yet, in itself, it's so calm. In itself it provides so much.

And it's just like, Knowledge is really an experience that we have to understand, that we have to really accept - that we have to really realize, and then accept. Because Knowledge can bring us to that point, that mercy, like the ocean, that constant revelation, almost, that's going on for Truthfulness. Not a revelation for destruction, not a revelation for anything else, but a beautiful revelation that is going on within inside of us, bringing us to that beautiful Knowledge.

So, here's Marolyn …

So I hope I'll see all the premies in Rome.

Durga Ji:

Jai Satchitanand, everyone. Wow, today's been a really incredible day for me. (Maharaj Ji in background: "Yes, it has.") And it's been really beautiful, you know. It just started out really beautiful in the morning, and it's continued to be

30 Divine Times

Ocean of Satsang

Durga Ji aka Marolyn Rawat very beautiful, and a lot of things have happened. But the most beautiful thing that has happened through the whole day is just experiencing Guru Maharaj Ji's mercy, experiencing Guru Maharaj Ji's Love, experiencing Guru Maharaj Ji - just his Grace that allows us to surrender.

Because in this world there are so many things that happen, and if we are not allowed to surrender by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, then it's really difficult. It's just like we can't just say, "Oh, I'm going to surrender." Because it's really out of our hands. It's Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace that even allows us to surrender. And then the different situations that happen in the day - we can just float on top of it. Just like a lotus just floats on top of the water. We don't have to be dragged down underneath and experience the pain of drowning, experience the pain of just being dragged under, and just be completely taken under by the situations that life has.

It is like an ocean. And it's full of waves and they go up and down, and up and down, and up and down. We have to be able to ride those waves and just stay on top all the time, and then it's very beautiful. We experience Maharaj Ji just holding us on top of the water and just letting us go up and down with each swell. And yet we're not really going up and down. We're just riding it out.

But the whole time we can stay completely in the state of bliss, no matter what comes our way, by his Grace. And that's such a gift, because if we didn't have this gift, if something came in this life to us, a situation came and it wasn't what we wanted at all, and it wasn't what we expected, and it really took us by surprise and gave us a big pull, it would be like: "Wow. What's happening?" And it would just be like a shock to us. And who would we turn to if we didn't have Guru Maharaj Ji? What would we do? We would be so lost. Because of his Grace, he lets us surrender to him and just float on top of it all, and just remain constant in our experience of Guru Maharaj Ji, no matter what's happening in our life.

That's the way today's been for me. A lot of things have happened. But I can just smile through all of it because I know that he's just holding me so closely and just so dearly. And by his Grace, I'm experiencing that. I can look around and see that the premies in the residence are also experiencing that. And it's just so beautiful that we don't have to have those frown marks between our eyebrows that so many people in this world have because of the situations that come their way. They completely destroy the Peace and the peacefulness that is lying within.

You look at a baby, and there's never any frown marks on a baby because it's so pure. But I look at Guru Maharaj Ji and there's not one - there never will be a frown mark on Guru Maharaj Ji because he is that lotus that floats through life, and no matter what situation comes his way, he's just on top of it all the time because of his experience within. And he's giving us this same gift. He's giving us this same opportunity to just be with him, just be at his lotus feet.

Because he does have lotus feet. His feet are just above it all. If we cling to those lotus feet then we, too, are able to just be out of the heaviness of this world. It's a beautiful experience for us. It's beyond any experience that the world has to offer. And to be able to come together and celebrate Hans Jayanti, which is really building and building and building, I know within me, and I hope within everyone, to just come together and experience Guru Maharaj Ji, experience that Love and that Grace that he keeps showering on us.

It's really too much. But he's offering it, and so we have to be able to accept it by his Grace. It's just everything.

So, I'm really glad that this opportunity came for me to share what I'm experiencing. I probably can't even begin to really share it with you like I'd like to, but I'm glad this happened anyway. So, thank you and Jai Satchitanand.

Guru Maharaj Ji:

You know, ah, just one more thing, for all those premies who received Knowledge just today. You know, Knowledge is like a balloon. The more you blow into it, the more it expands. But then there is a point to it, see, and that's the point of Grace. If you blow into it too much, it'll explode. And it's just an example I'm giving to you because there's a lot of balloons around here and I've been blowing a few for Hansi and Premlata and, as just an example I want to give you, Knowledge is just like a balloon. More you try to concentrate on it, more it blows up, the bigger it gets.

But you have to have Grace. If you don't have Grace and satsang and darshan and the opportunity to do service, it's going to definitely explode. And so, it's like so beautiful because we can really feel that within our hearts after we start to meditate and start to do service and start to experience Grace, you know, and start to have darshan.

So I just really want to say one thing to all the premies there, is that I love them. And ah, I hope they can try to get to Rome. There's so many premies coming from all around the world.

We just got this whole trip together with India, you know, and there's a lot of premies coming from India and there's a lot of premies coming from everywhere, and every premie, just it's so beautiful, you know, it's so natural.

It's just coming along so beautifully, you know. And I just hope I'll see all the premies there. So, my blessings to all the premies.

So I'll be signing off now. Okay, so I'll see you later.

November/December, 1977 31