The Montreal-to-Mt. Pocono Affair

Edith Provost left Montreal on Friday evening, September 2nd, to drive to the "Court of Love Retreat." When the car she was travelling in broke down several hours later, Edith and her fellow travellers found some premies to stay with for the night, and the next morning took a bus to Vermont. But there were no planes scheduled to fly from Burlington to Allentown, Pennsylvania, until late in the day, so they decided to fly to New York to save time. Their adventures had just begun, and for Edith, a memorable experience of the fruit of surrender was about to unfold.

Arriving at the New York airport, the premies discovered that there would still be no way to fly to Allentown for hours. Trying to meditate and not become frustrated at the difficulties they were facing, they took a bus into New York City, still hoping to find a quicker way to get to the retreat. The bus from the airport left them several blocks from the main bus terminal, and the group began to walk, but suddenly Edith noticed that she was walking alone -- somehow she had lost the others. She searched for them with no luck, and by the time she arrived in Times Square, she felt the need to sit down and meditate on the nearest bench. (Edith found out later that her friends had given up and gone back to Montreal.)

The next step seemed to be to try to exchange her Canadian money for U.S. dollars. When someone approached Edith and asked if she needed help, she told him her story, and the man offered to find a bank and exchange the money for her. Edith innocently gave him the money and sat down again to wait for his return. But an hour passed, and with Guru Maharaj Ji in her heart and nothing in her pockets, there was only one place to go: the nearest police station.

It was quite a story to try to explain to the officer, but fortunately she didn't have to go too far. Someone behind her interrupted -- he had overheard her say she was trying to get to the Poconos, and asked if she was a premie! He explained that he knew and liked some premies, and they had told him about the retreat. Then he gave Edith some money, accompanied her to the bus station and put her on a bus bound for Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Edith didn't know exactly where she was supposed to go -- the premie who knew the details had been with the group she lost in New York -- so she took a bus from Allentown to Mt. Pocono, which seemed like it might be the place. Quite late in the night, she stepped off the bus in the middle of the mountains. There was just nothing to be done but hike into the woods and find somewhere to sleep.

The next morning, she began to walk through a nearby town, asking everyone if they knew about the retreat and could tell her how to get there. No one knew, but Edith kept going, her trust in Maharaj Ji feeling much more real then empty pockets or an empty stomach. (She had used up the money on her bus rides.)

Edith made all her effort -- laid all her cards on the table -- and then, sure enough, Grace took care of the rest. Walking into a local store, she recognized two Canadian premies who had come to buy some food for Raja Ji's nearby residence. The brothers fed her well and then drove her to the retreat in the residence's Mercedes. They drove through the security check-points right up to the stage, and deposited her in a front-row seat. And surely the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji's Love that had been present throughout her adventure allowed her to appreciate his surprise appearance the next afternoon all the more.

20   Divine Times