Divine Times - July 1977 Volume 6, Number 6

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Preparations Au Canada

Three weeks after Holi and still no hall, still no housing, still no idea of exactly how many were coming and still very little service … but more satsang than ever and more meditation than ever. At one point Maharaj Ji's staff in Europe phones and suggests that perhaps Montreal is the wrong place. Alternatives are suggested. "Not so," comes the word from Maharaj Ji. And not only "not so." He has invited all the European premies and wants Montreal to prepare for ten thousand or more.

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Let It All Happen! Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Montreal on Friday, April 29, 1977

And so this whole quest. this whole chase of humanity is just going to go on. I mean, obviously, Jesus came, Ram came, Mohammed came, Buddha came. And today we follow their footsteps. Great. Fantastic. Do we also know what happened at that time? People rejected. People refused. Now, have we taken preventive measures" Have we been quarantined against this? Have we had our innoculations so that when Lord comes this time everybody is going to say, "Right on! I accept you
And I know, like, there's never going to be an end to these programs. These are going to just go on, (applause) they're going to become bigger, and bigger, and bigger. And more premies, and more people receiving Knowledge every day.


August Calendar

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The Montreal Experience

Saturday. The day of the "blue tube," when each of us came around a corner and gasped to see Maharaj Ji looking in our direction through a long tunnel of blue fabric, which he had designed himself. He sat for many hours, allowing premies to pass through slowly, feeling unrushed, in total privacy with him during that moment we stood before him and felt that power, that simplicity, that love which neither he, nor we, could explain.
After his satsang, Maharaj Ji left the stage to change into his Krishna costume, then returned and was crowned by Durga Ji. With the arena lights turned high, premies from all over North and South America, along with those from faraway places such as Australia and Japan - and many who had accepted his invitation to follow along after the European programs - joined in a deeply-felt Arti.

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Conference on the Mount

The only appropriate location seemed to be a ski resort because the conference had to be held somewhere near the residence Maharaj Ji used during the Festival: Peace Flight '77.
And Maharaj Ji finally let everyone do pranam, even stepping down from his chair so that premies could build a small stage suitable for the purpose.