April 1976
Divine Times

Premies Sophia's Very Own Community

- An old-time premie's views on community and keeping it together

This is a picture of my very own household community. It sits on my desk in a frame that until several months ago wrapped around a picture of Guru Maharaj Ji. Sometimes during the day, at moments of indecision, I stop and consult it for the little bits of silent support it is always ready to offer.

It acts as a reminder of the wonderful warm year and one half 1 have so far shared with these people in a little house in the Capitol Hill section of Denver. Oh yes, I have lived with some of them longer - like Malcolm who made the Satsang Cinema films. He's from Australia. You can spot him with the toothpaste grin in the bottom left hand corner. And Richie, a mechanic and grease-monkey, he's peeking in the picture just above Mal. Lenny, next to Richie, and Richard who designs the layout on this paper, grinning with glasses in the upper right hand corner, are also long-time friends. The five of us moved here together a couple of Christmases ago from "1410". a giant old mansion that was home for 40 or so ashram residents in years past.

Lenny's resting his chin on Sue's head and she's holding her little son, Pyare. Poppa Tom is in the bottom right. See him with his classic New York - Italian "I won't smile any more than this" look? They live in a little apartment on the second floor, one of the married couples who live in the ashram. Between Sue and Pyare and Tom is our housefather, highly opinionated but generally sensible, Barbara Casey. She came to live here from Los Angeles only about six months ago.

Kathy, who is center in the picture, is our housemom. Next to her on the right is Diana Stone, New England debutante and socialite turned nun. Her aunts, Auntie Louisa and Auntie Barbara, in their '70's and very proper ladies both, have often dropped in to have dinner with us when their world travels have brought them through Denver. Next to Diana, almost check to cheek, is down-home Guy Murphy, an electrician, who handles motors and electrical things with a love and care you would expect to find only in a surgeon of high skill.

John, top of the picture with the heard, has since gone to Minneapolis to live in the ashram there. When he was living with us he was our housefather. During his reign. he - also from New York - ensured that all residents had an every Sunday morning dose of fresh bagels.

And me? I'm in-between Lenny and John. And as you maybe now have guessed, I write for that upstart of a publishing enterprise, Divine Times.