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Two more new words, fragmentation and integration:

Fragmentation happens whenever we try to live by our concepts - about anything. About our life, about what is spiritual, about what isn't spiritual. It seems now that we've got to really get to a point of understanding ourselves as a part of life. We have to be able to realize and experience Knowledge in every aspect of our lives and not think that if I do this, I'll be experiencing Knowledge, but if I do that I won't be able to. Okay, maybe as we grow, we begin to experience that there are certain activities which ultimately aren't beneficial, but that isn't something we can tell each other to follow blindly. We have to come to an understanding about our own weaknesses and our own limitations, at the same time as we are coming to an understanding of Knowledge.

On the other side of the coin is integration. Our life and the experience of Knowledge aren't two separate things. Integration is completely understanding the purpose of our life to the point of being able to recognize it at every moment and in whatever circumstance we may be in. That's very ideal. But it's a process of growth we're all undergoing and to even recognize life as a process is a big step. To try to be more real at every moment is what we have to strive towards; we can't be content to become real in theory any longer.

Raja Ji Rawat Raja Ji and Claudia are going to be spending much of this year touring extensively in North America. In January, they visited five cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami and Gainesville, Florida. The purpose of this tour is primarily to help inspire premies in the communities they visit, so it is a little different from the last tour, when Raja Ji was guest speaker at a series of public programs. In addition, these tours will take Raja Ji and Claudia to several of the smaller DUO centers.

In March, Raja Ji and Claudia will continue the tour in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, spending as much as four days in each community. "Guru Maharaj Ji wants this tour," said Joe Natter, who is setting up the tour arrangements. "Raja Ji is Maharaj Ji's ambassador. When Maharaj Ji himself is visiting some of the foreign countries, Raja Ji will be here in the States helping premies get their day to day lives with Knowledge in order.

"Come May, Raja Ji and Claudia's tentative schedule has them on the West coast and then in July on the East coast. There will be some public programs, but it is pretty clear now that Maharaj Ji doesn't want to see large numbers of people come to programs if there is no premie community to support them when they become interested in Knowledge."

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With the release of JIVA's new album on Dark Horse Records, we'd like to announce that we still have available a limited number of copies of JIVA's first album, recorded and produced for the Toronto Hans Jayanti festival.

Because the premies have the "basics," now we can begin to do some introspection. Maharaj Ji said: "Everybody came together and looked at everybody's faces and said, 'Okay, we've been doing this service for three years, what are we really supposed to do?' "

Understanding is meaningless unless it is shared. One person may have a greater understanding than someone else, but if he isn't understanding enough to know his insight needs to be shared, then he doesn't have an inkling of what real understanding is at all.

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