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Dear brothers and sisters,

This is a really beautiful time we've come to and in a way I'm amazed we've arrived. This is a point Maharaj Ji has talked about a lot to me and to be here is just really incredible. Because at times it seemed like everyone had so many ideas about what Maharaj Ji wanted but actually nobody was in tune with it at all.

I used to hear people saying things like, we are trying to catch Guru Maharaj Ji's whisper above the heads of the crowd, above the noise of the masses and the noise of our minds. We were waiting to get any subtle hint from him - that's how much we appreciated the fact that we had the Perfect Master to guide us - and yet, even though I'd hear us say things like that I'd watch how we'd not even pay attention to the things he would tell us, even when they weren't so subtle. We had the sincerity, but without a really diligent effort to understand we kept losing it somewhere along the way.

During this period, I would see the incredible patience that Maharaj Ji had to have. To be able to put up with us and really help us keep finding our way. It was then I actually began to experience him as a father. A father so patient with his little children: he can't get angry with a little tiny child for not knowing how to crawl or not knowing how to talk.

And yet Maharaj Ji had the highest concern for us, and dealt with us carefully. If a father really loves his children. he doesn't always do everything for them. He also has to teach them how to do things for themselves. He has to make them realize their potential. Maharaj Ji had to get us to understand that our potential will never develop unless we have the proper understanding to make the effort and put ourselves in synch with the plan that he has. Only then will we develop into real human beings capable of serving him and able to see his plans for all humanity.

And this time now to me, is sort of an endorsement by Guru Maharaj Ji of the fact that we are coming to this point.

In his message to world leaders for 1976, Guru Maharaj Ji said that the people of the world must be called upon to re-examine their ideals and decide what is the aim of life.

For those of us who have had the opportunity to become consciously aware of the fundamental experience (Knowledge), we have the ability to see that all other experiences of life arise from that fundamental reality. It is now possible, with the grace and guidance of the Perfect Master, to become more and more rooted in the awareness of the fundamental reality, and thereby bring all other experiences into the balance and clarity of a perspective focused in the experience of truth. With this awareness and balance ideals come to be realized, become real!

The problem comes in when we haven't really grasped the full impact of the experience of Knowledge because of the patterns of our limited perspective.

In order to receive the experience of Knowledge in the first place we had to go through a process of being freed from the limitations of our perspective. We had to get beyond what we thought we knew, to the point where we could recognize that something was lacking, and without that something, nothing was ultimately satisfying. We had to see that the relative importance of anything was only an arbitrary assignment of a narrow mind, full of patterns and attitudes developed to cope with the darkness of not knowing.

Once we were open enough to understand that everyone in life is searching - whether consciously or unconsciously - we could then seek for ourselves.

It was absolutely essential that we became open to Guru Maharaj Ji for him to be able to reveal anything to us - including the fundamental thing within inside us. Many people who participated in initiations did not have much experience at all, either because they had not opened themselves to be worked with, not having really recognized the need, or because they were not ready to accept Guru Maharaj Ji as the guide in their search.

But for those who have recognized the search for truth and have become open to the experience of Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji reveals, we must now recognize the path of truth, the process of realization. We must make the conscious experience of that fundamental reality the real thing in our lives.

We must recognize the search in order to recognize the path, in order to proceed with the process of becoming conscious of the consciousness, in order to start unshackling ourselves from our concepts conceived in ignorance which limit us in perceiving the truth, the unfettered consciousness we call liberation.

But how are we to continue to learn and grow and proceed on this path to perfection? How are we to realize our ideals? The experience which opens the door to the path comes when we have recognized the search and asked for the Knowledge. Our guide not only opens the-door but also gives us the instructions to proceed, to continue the process, to nurture the seed and protect it as it begins to sprout and grow. Yet many of us find that our past patterns, attitudes and concepts are like persistent weeds that come up and surround and obscure our growth. We have lived with and adjusted to delusions for so long that we are again trapped in what we didn't even notice: the subtleties and not-so-subtleties of mind which attempt to place the fundamental experience, the Knowledge, the path of self-realization, on the level of all the other things in our life - an important thing, but a thing, as if to say there was something else in life - and avoid realizing that the process of self-realization, of consciousness becoming conscious of itself, is life, is what the entire life-death process is all about. And what of our part in this life-death process? My part, my life, as I call it, is simply the collection of conscious experiences attributed to my individual entity, and is my individual contribution to the collective experience of the whole evolution of life, of which I am a part.

I am committed to the life-death process by the fact that I exist, and as a conscious entity I can become aware of the whole of which I am part. I have the potential to understand my part in the whole and the relationship of my part to the whole. And by having recognized the need to know, I can have Knowledge and in Knowledge I can grow.

How can I put my focus, my concentration, my effort, into the process of realizing life's goal instead of being caught, trapped, imprisoned in the things of life? The answer, like the Knowledge, is with me. The connection to consciousness is constant, but our opening to the connection changes.

Each of us has the opportunity either to pursue life's goal consciously, or to be pushed along by life without an understanding of its purpose. If we choose to apply our effort to becoming a real person, then we must learn to move along the path of consciousness in the same way we have learned to walk the path of people and things.

And we must recognize the path we are committed to, and make the choice to put ourselves in a position to be guided, to be worked with, to be fostered along by one whose part it is to guide the process along.

I hope I have made myself clear to you. I didn't want to just simply say, "Be sensitive to the instructions Guru Maharaj Ji gives," because I feel sometimes we don't take the most simple, profound and essential meaning to heart, but only think we do.

Really there is nothing in the world so profound and so incredible as the purpose of life which is being consciously fulfilled by the work of Guru Maharaj Ji and all people who have the awareness of this Knowledge and are taking advantage of his direction. We must choose to put ourselves in a position to work with him, and to let ourselves be worked with.

Jai Satchitanand.

Your brother, Bob Mishler

For those who don't yet know Bob, he has been appointed by Guru Maharaj Ji to take on the responsibility of acting as the president of Divine Light Mission and Divine United Organization International.