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Divine Times - 9/75

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outdoor block dance near the Center where almost a hundred neighbors turned out to groove to the divine music of the premie rock-jazz band "Providence". More than a few got a shock from the unexpectedly soulful sounds, and the evening ended with everyone - young and old, black and white - dancing around in a circle and holding hands.

"What my involvement in PACE really taught me is that you can never know how Maharaj Ji works. Just meditate and keep on going, follow his commandments and give whatever you're doing as service for him. I used to go and think, wow – all these people are just concentrating on their differences and yelling at each other. There's no holy company here … what am I doing here … they don't want to hear satsang. But through Maharaj Ji's grace, these people just mellowed out to a place where they could see premies beaming and participating in events that before only got them uptight.

"My advice to premies in other communities is to go where the people are and get involved with an organization and just help them do what they want to get done and maybe you won't give satsang for six months, maybe a year, but if you have a strong commitment and stay with it, sooner or later Maharaj Ji will just blow the place apart."

Premies You have all probably seen the beautiful photos in And It Is Divine of Guru Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji that were taken in the redwood forests near Santa Cruz when Maharaj Ji visited our community for a short time last year.

This year, to commemorate the event, the premies here organized the "First Annual Celebration of the Silver Swan," and held a concert in an open field opposite a local college. Three hundred people came and danced from noon to sundown to the best premie music we could arrange. There were local groups (Fred Coleman's Real Name Jazz Band), and, as a special attraction, Jiva was enticed from their current engagement at Nectar Madness, a premie restaurant in Lake Tahoe.

Across the field opposite the stage we set up a photo of Maharaj Ji. I happened to pass by a young couple wondering aloud, "Is that really Guru Maharaj Ji?" "Yes," I said to them.

And everything is happening because he came to Santa Cruz?" "Not exactly," I said, "It's all happening because he is."