Divine Times - 9/75
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A letter from Mahatma Satchitanand

Bill Patterson aka Mahatma Satchitanand Bogota, Colombia

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Satchitanand!

I want to try to make a habit of writing to you as often as I can to keep you informed of the activities here in South America.

This service is so incredible I can hardly believe it. Four and a half years ago when I left for India, I was ready to go into the mountains somewhere and just realize God or whatever. I had this really strong feeling of completely disappearing into this experience, of completely submerging myself. Now I understand what it means to completely submerge myself into something. In this service it's really that - submerging completely in Guru Maharaj Ji's grace and just becoming a tool. Maharaj Ji was giving me satsang and he said that if a devotee can have even the tiniest realization of Guru Maharaj Ji, then he has to have humility. He has to dedicate his life to Maharaj Ji.

It's so obvious that it's only Maharaj Ji's grace that flows through the fingers of a mahatma and touches whom it wills, how it wills. I don't have to add anything or change anything or make the experience somehow more cosmic or more profound. I only have to get out of the way and let him do what he wants how he wants. There have been Knowledge sessions here where the aspirants were asking, "If this is just the seed, how come it's so overwhelmingly powerful?" So incredible. I figure it's all just for me, so I can realize that in this life I exist only to die into Guru Maharaj Ji. The drop of water falls into the ocean and just merges.

Loring (Baker, DUO Director, Caracas, Venezuela) and I brainstormed a seminar program here, and there are some inspirations worth passing on. I see that this world is naturally made for preparing a person to receive Knowledge. We don't have to force realizations. We simply have to present information and let people figure everything out for themselves. Then their realizations have some meaning - it's not just a trip we're giving them. I figure that rather than saying mantras are horrible and useless, for example, it's much more effective to just present them with a mantra, let them experience the merits and demerits of it, and then let them decide for themselves what they think about it. Rather than telling aspirants that meat is not good for you, let them prepare a vegetarian meal, offer it to the public, and let them realize for themselves what is good and what is bad. I really understand that Knowledge isn't a thing of concepts. Realization of Knowledge is realization of the purpose of this entire creation, and that's pretty enormous. Why should we try to limit it? Offer the truth, give satsang about Knowledge, show them all the other alternatives, and let them decide for themselves. It's so much better to have all of the challenges and all of the freakouts out of the way before Knowledge, rather than after Knowledge.

To live in this world and be empty is such an incredible thing. I tell you, I'm blissed out. The whole combination of doing a new service and being in a new environment and having to do all of my thinking in another language has just ripped the whole control of my life out of my hands. I feel like a little baby; I don't have any defenses or security in this world, but I'm in the arms of Guru Maharaj Ji, and he is providing everything. For years I thought about things like humility and such, but you can't think about it and realize it at the same time. You can only realize it, and if you do that, you don't even exist. What an incredible mysterythis love is!

Give my pranams to my Lord. Jai Satchitanand!

Your brother in his service, Mahatma Satchitanand

A letter from Pranam Bai

Kathy Sullivan aka Pranam Bai Malibu, California

"What a man could imagine to be a fairy tale, a magical thing, He has made it a natural thing."
- Guru Maharaj Ji, "Little Drops of Mercy."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Jai Satchitanand.

Once a human being has realized that the aim of his life is to surrender to the power of this Knowledge, then all of his experiences become the same; they come from the same source, and they have the same result - to bring him closer to Guru Maharaj Ji inside. There may be many different things going on at many different times, but through everything there is one thing going on and that is our own love affair, inside our own hearts, with our Lord.

When I was asked to write something of my experiences so far, as a mahatma, living in Guru Maharaj Ji's residence, my first reaction was to look to the essence of what I experience here, and that, of course, remains unchanged. I am the spiritual child of my Lord, who has given me this life and this Knowledge by his Grace, and this is the most basic fact of life for every devotee.

There is really no way I can express in words what I am experiencing and still do justice to it. Often I feel as though I have been taken out of this world, internally and externally, for however long Maharaj Ji allows me to remain.

I'm sometimes reminded of a quote of Maharaj Ji's, "What a man could imagine to be a fairy tale, a magical thing, He has made it a natural thing." That he would choose to make this being and this body, abused for years in ignorance, a channel for his grace never ceases to amaze me.

In many ways this is like a dream come true. Maharaj Ji's residence sits like a white jewel in the hills overlooking the Malibu coast. On most days the house is visible far down the highway. It is peaceful, idyllic, surrounded by natural beauty, and as one person put it, it is "almost suitable for Guru Maharaj Ji."

And yet even the love and bliss that surrounds this beautiful place can only be experienced when we are experiencing the completeness that is inside us. However incredibly, heartbreakingly beautiful it can be here (and it can be …), anyone with concepts about living in Guru Maharaj Ji's home will learn one lesson; the same lesson thatwe learn over and over again -that ultimately Truth is within ourselves, peace is within ourselves, and within ourselves is the only place we can always be close to Guru Maharaj Ji. Each of us is equidistant from love, and each of us has an equal chance to reach it.

I constantly help prepare and improve Maharaj Ji's residence for him to make it his home, and I pray for the grace to do the same with my own heart; by realizing the Name that he has given me, and by remaining aware of just how precious each moment I spend in this place is to my immortal soul.

Jai Satchitanand,
Your sister, Pranam Bai

And that's the whole key - giving that love back.
- Durga Ji

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