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Divine Times - 9/75

"I am emphasizing because it is important. If it wasn't important, I wouldn't have cared about it. But because meditation is important. It's the most important thing in a devotee's life. Because until he does meditation, he cannot be dedicated. Until he is dedicated, he cannot be a devotee. And until he is a devotee, the devotion cannot flow out of him. And that love he wants to give to people, and be really full of devotion, that will not happen until you start doing meditation. "
- Guru Maharaj Ji


The rich man, the poor man; the beggar man, the thief. The doctor, the lawyer; the Indian chief - all men, he says, can experience Peace …

"It's a Knowledge review in writing," said one premie. "It's just what I need," said another. Both are talking about a new booklet, "Life With Knowledge," that just came off the presses, and may be one of the most practical satsang publications to come out yet. Though it can't actually fill the place that a Knowledge review can play in our lives to refocus us on the Knowledge, it comes close.

"Life With Knowledge" is a handy, tightly written reminder of all the basics of Guru Maharaj Ji's way of life that we ever so constantly forget:

"One time, Guru Maharaj Ji asked some premies, 'Do you know what God realization is?' When no one answered, he replied, 'God realization is the acceptance of the superior power.'

"When we become conscious of that superior power within us, directing and guiding us, then we are beginning to understand the Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed. And by being in tune with this power and allowing it to direct our lives, we will have what we always wanted - love, peace, harmony, and a sense of purpose in our lives …"

"Life With Knowledge" starts from 'A' and goes all the way home ("this booklet aims to give you some guidelines that can help you experience

Knowledge. We have already been given the perfect formula. Now we must practice it, arranging our lives so that we give the Knowledge a chance to grow and develop") - touching base all the way. In it are hints to help you go deeper into Knowledge when you sit for formal meditation as well as when you walk through the rest of your life:

"Constant meditation is an internal experience, and can be done wherever you are. But there are times when seated meditation is necessary also …

"When setting your meditation schedule, set simple, possible standards for yourself. Don't try to get up at four, take a cold shower, fall asleep at work, and then think meditation is impossible …

"Approaching seated meditation without expectation, accepting whatever experience you may have with love and good humor, allows us to make the long term effort which is needed to sustain the experience of Knowledge …"

The satsang is packed throughout the book, including quotes from Guru Maharaj Ji on appropriate subjects, his letters to the premies, a clear explanation of Agya, a much needed reference copy of Maharaj Ji's five commandments, photos and more.