Hans Jayanti
Hans Jayanti

Hans Jayanti '75

Pre-registration Over

Pre-registration for Hans Jayanti '75 ended October 5th - but you can still attend the festival. As of this printing there are still hotel accommodations available, and the food-service is flexible enough to serve late-registrants. To register at the festival site, go to the Information Center and you will be directed to the "Late Registration" area, where you can complete your registration.

Come Prepared

The most comfortable, hassle-free way to attend this year's Hans Jayanti festival is to bring enough money with you to register and check into one of the hotel rooms we've reserved for the event. Four nights in a hotel, meals for every day of the festival and registration will cost only $80.00 (price includes a $5.00 late-registration fee). Registration and meals only will cost $40.00, but there is virtually no other place to stay or camp near the festival site other than the hotel accommodations the Mission has set up.

Come on Time

The festival doors open officially on November 7th, but you may arrive and check into your hotel room a day early, on November 6th. Do not plan to come to the festival site any earlier; all needs for premies to do service before the festival have been filled, and there are not accommodations available for anyone arriving earlier than November 6th.

Come Together

Guru Maharaj Ji is our Perfect Master; his Knowledge is infinite and there's no limit to the height our experiences can take us. Hans Jayanti is Maharaj Ji's gift to us to sit with him, play with him, listen to his satsang and do pranam. Let's grab our chance and leave all our expectations and pre-conceptions behind. Maharaj Ji's here to take us home.