Divine Times - 8/75
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Everyone Has A Service

Caracas, Venezuala

Dear brothers and sisters,

Jai Satchitanand!

This Guru Puja festival has been remarkable. It was the first visit to this continent by Guru Maharaj Ji, and by this fact alone we knew it was going to be incredible. But what heightened the experience of the love and power of Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan was the devotion of the Latin American premies themselves. Those of us who served our Latin American brothers and sisters preparing this program were really humbled by their efforts. "Ha sido un privilegio," … meaning it has been a privilege - and it really was!

DLM festivals have seemingly gone through stages of development, paralleling our understanding of how Guru Maharaj Ji wants us to dedicate ourselves. We've had "public" festivals (Montrose, London, Copenhagen) that were in one sense premature, because we were not together enough ourselves to express our experience to nonpremies.

This year's Hans Jayanti signifies a new stage in the growth of the American Mission. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us agya to hold a public program, acknowledging this year's propagation efforts. He is personally looking forward to it.

From an administrative perspective, we will try to insure that care is taken to provide a meaningful program for both premies and non-premies. Those of you who've asked to do service at the festival (or who will volunteer yourselves when you arrive) should really understand how privileged we are to serve the servants of Guru Maharaj Ji. Though we often forget, festivals make it so clear what a grace the opportunity of service is.

But equally important is the service all the premies will have to do from now until the festival to help make Hans Jayanti '75 what Maharaj Ji hopes it to be. Here are some things to remember and do:

1) Registration and Charters: Pre-Register Now! Don't wait until September to make your financial arrangements. We need your help and payments immediately to allow us to meet our costs. Huge commitments have been made, along with hotel, charter, food and location down payments that must be fulfilled now.

2) Housing: We have had instances in both Amherst and Toronto of premies "crashing" dorms and hotels. In Orlando we have secured quality hotel accommodations; yet the hotel managers have told me they are taking precautions against our members illegally sleeping on the floors of their friends' rooms, etc., by having security checks. Do not plan to come to Orlando with the intention of "crashing" hotel space. Make your reservations as soon as possible. DLM has overcome much negative publicity because people have observed our ways and worked with us and have seen how this Knowledge makes a human being real. Let's not jeopardize the progress we've made.

3) AMP: By announcing at Holi (in March) that Hans Jayanti would be held in Florida, we tried to give everyone adequate time to save the additional money they would need to attend. DLM depends on premies' regular support, and our money shouldn't just change from our right hand to our left hand. AMP payments should not be diverted. Yes, money's a bit tight, but with three full months ahead, the extra income can be obtained. Festivals put us all through our needed changes - by having to be concentrated and diligent in our work, whether it's in the countless hours we put into organizing the festival, or the hours we put into earning money to attend. To Guru Maharaj Ji, any effort we put forth to serve him is the same.

4) Propagation: Although the premies in Florida have a special opportunity because of our statewide campaign, all of you should encourage your friends or relatives to accompany you. Obviously, in most cases this is not practical, but there are nonpremies who can afford to come and who want to see Guru Maharaj Ji.

5) Darshan: Guru Maharaj Ji has commented on just how precious the privilege of darshan is. With 10-15,000 premies expected, we are working to make the darshan line as flowing as possible. In the past, many premies have abused the privilege of darshan by going through the line more than once. Guru Maharaj Ji will decide the approach to be used and it will be our responsibility to cooperate.

These may seem like minor points compared with the work of organizing the festival, but the amount of understanding we show for these basics will definitely affect the success of Hans Jayanti. Understanding stems from our awareness that Maharaj Ji is the controller of this life, and how we need to respond (with that awareness) to the situations in front of us. For the majority of premies these few points are the service you have for Hans Jayanti '75. Service that should be taken and performed with thankfulness and love.

And Hans Jayanti '75 will be a garland of love for us all, Guru Maharaj Ji's premies.

"My blessings to all of you, and I love you all very much," he told the premies at Guru Puja. He is speaking to all his premies. He loves us all so, so much. And though, he said, we can never say "thank you" to the Perfect Master, we can realize our life as service to him.

See you in Orlando,
Your brother in his love,
Lou Schwartz
National Director

Keep In Touch on the wire …

Dear Premies:
All the European premies have been requesting for me to come. I hope you are all working hard and are actively involved in the arrangements for this year's European Guru Puja festival to be held in Germany. I am coming.

Blessings to you all,
Sant Ji Maharaj

This week Guru Maharaj Ji is in Essen, Germany at our second Guru Puja festival of the year. He is scheduled to return to the States after Essen, but he may make stops in Italy and England on his way back.

Raja Ji and Claudia to make U.S. tour: Just released. Guru Maharaj Ji has instructed Raja Ji and Claudia to tour eight U.S. cities: Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit - all before Hans Jayanti in Orlando. Then Guru Maharaj Ji will be on the road himself! Plansare notyetfinal, but it looks like he will be visiting many U.S. DUO communities.

Hans Jayanti planning: This year we're having a big festival. Each community and some larger DIC's will be responsible for organizing their own part of the program. Festival organizers are already meeting in Denver, and by the first week in September a propagation campaign will be on throughout Florida.

Full reports on these and other stories in next issue …