Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazine
Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazine


As the devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji, our time is coming. In June and July, Maharaj Ji was the host at two parties for all premies who were in driving distance. The first was in Malibu at Guru Maharaj Ji's own California home and the second was in Boulder, Colorado, at a small ranch tucked away in a hidden valley.

Just before the first party in Malibu, Maharaj Ji said, "If this works, we're going to have lots more." After the second party in Boulder, Maharaj Ji was impressed with the "mellowness" of his premies. It was beautiful to see him sitting on top of the "Starship Prachar" mobile home laughing with Durga Ji and bouncing Premlata on his knee as all the premies danced in circles below and the sky turned from pink at sunset to deep blue.

P.0. BOX 2083
July 14, 1975

Dear Ted and all of our Friends of Divine Light,

We at Hidden Valley want to take this opportunity to thank you for restoring our faith in mankind; we are still overawed by the cooperation and love generated so beautifully by your marvelous devotees.

Our business, as you can imagine is extremely hectic. We had just completed a particularly miserable week of hiring, firing, undermining, backbiting - all of those things that, unfortunately, make people just what they are. Sunday is always very busy, very hectic and very tiring - everything always goes wrong. For some unexplained reason, according to Cindy, the day went perfectly. No problems at all - most unusual. I, personally, returned from a very bad day at the horse show to feed my championship mare, which three vets have declared permanently lame, to discover her in perfect condition. After you left, we all felt such a peace and calm not experienced here in many months. We can only attribute our excellent day to the love your people brought to Hidden Valley - I can only feel that Capitol Doll's amazing recovery was due to the energies being sent out - affecting even a dumb animal and a heartbroken woman.

Thank you so much for sharing your love with us - please, make Hidden Valley your home - you certainly won the hearts of our skeptic family.

Much love and go in Peace!