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International News

Mahatma Krishnasukanand in Holland: 'Enjoy, but always keep Guru Maharaj Ji in between you and this world.' HOLLAND

When premies here gathered for a meditation retreat with Mahatma Krishnasukanand, Guru Maharaj Ji presented us with the first really beautiful summer weather after a fortnight of rain and storm. Now we could have some workshops outside, as we'd planned.

The premies were really happy because they knew Mahatma Krishnasukanand was coming.

They couldn't keep from turning their faces to the door, each time it was opened by a just-arriving premie. At five o'clock we had group meditation and right after, Mahatma Ji arrived, wearing a beautiful white coat, his "apostle-coat" as he called it. On one side there was an embroidery of Maharaj Ji's face and on the other side Durga Ji's. Mahatma Ji was shining. ''I can't help it,'' he said, "If I meet premies, I have to smile.''

After arriving and having little conversations with some of us, he went into the woods with Jos, our National Director for a walk. Talking with Jos about the premies, he said that they were really happy and strong, and that the group, small as it was, would really be able to propagate.

While they were walking, the whole atmosphere became very quiet. It was turning to sundown. Not a leaf was moving and no sound could be heard, only the footsteps of the two enjoying the amazing power of the Holy Name. Jos said afterwards that it was as if he found himself walking on the eternal path. It looked so beautiful with Mahatma Ji at his side, and sometimes a little rabbit jumping over their way. But all of a sudden Mahatma Ji stood still and said, "This is exactly that thing which has always brought people away from this path. Not misery, because that brings people to this path, but the beauty of this world." And the same night, he related this in satsang: "You really can enjoy this world, but always keep Maharaj Ji in between you and this world."

Mahatma Ji also told how tricky this path is. "Only people who have much devotion and make ceaseless effort will be able to realize this Knowledge. The Perfect Master is the only one who is automatically one with it and all other people in this world have to make constant effort to be and stay one with it. Because the more you start experiencing, the more difficult it will become."

As Mahatma Ji was saying this you could just see that he had realized it through his own experience. He said: "Doing service can save one from getting lost from this path."

The theme of the weekend was the message of Guru Maharaj Ji's Bihar satsang: Faith, Dedication, the Knowledge and Maharaj Ji. Mahatma Ji also said: "If you really love someone, then you'll bring him to Maharaj Ji's lotus feet. Then leave him there, because you know that from now on Maharaj Ji will take care of him." We always have to be in the background, Mahatma Ji explained, and only help people unselfishly, to make them understand that they can support themselves by meditation and Maharaj Ji.


Mahatma Ji arrived here one happy Saturday night. Many people were waiting for him at the ashram and no one would leave until Mahatma A though tired from his trip, happily gave a most beautiful sat-sang, followed by a short group meditation; the beginning of two beautiful weeks in which Maharaj Ji taught us so many things.

Since there were so many people waiting for Knowledge and such a short time for Mahatma Ji to stay, there was a lot to do. Satsang was given almost non-stop in and outside of the ashram. There were about 160-200 people for satsang every evening and we had to hold general satsang outdoors. There was simply no room inside. Luckily, it's summertime here. With all the smiling faces around it was like a mini-festival.

One evening, there was a little spontaneously organized pantomime show about premies, meditation and the mind. One premie after another joined in the pantomime until there was one big beautiful dance. Everyone was singing "The Lord of the Universe," "You are my only Light," etc.

About eighty people came to a meditation picnic we had on Saturday morning in a little wood by an old castle. Most of the activities, however, were concentrated around our only ashram, which is in Tel-Aviv. We have plansfor one center to open in Jerusalem and another in Haifa, a little community in the south. There are about 400 premies in Israel now, most of them around Tel-Aviv.

Since Mahatma Ji's visit, we have 126 new brothers and sisters, and satsang is as high as the sky.

Orna Helstock
Tel Aviv, Israel

Finnish premie band plays at Helsinki Day: songs of love, life and nature FINLAND

We find this internationalizing of all functions in the Mission a very great gift from Maharaj Ji, as it makes possible a smooth flow of information from him to us, from us to him and from community to community world-wide. The family feeling just grows and grows.

We have active premies living in three places. The Helsinki community is the biggest one, having thirty premies who come regularly. Helsinki is the capital of Finland with half a million people, so we have much left to do here. Turku, a town of 150,000 people, a hundred miles from Helsinki, has ten regular premies. Then a premie owns a farm and a beautiful mansion in Hogsar, in the Finnish archipelago, where all Finnish premies gather about once a month for satsang, service, meditation, sauna and TLC. We find the Finnish sauna a very good way of cleaning and relaxing the body. And jumping into the sea after the sauna is magnificent. Right now we are putting together a 15-page newsletter to give everyone here the latest news and satsang. We hope it will help bring a sense of community to all here in Finland.

Hogsar meditation retreat

The sun went down for only two hours and we sat in meditation all night on a very beautiful mountain, sang Arti at sunrise, 3:00 AM, and went for a swim. By Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, the weather was fine all the time, and we all came closer to him and each other.

Propagation on Helsinki Day

On Helsinki day, June 12, there were many free open-air activities around the city, and our premie community arranged a pizza, cake and biscuit sale at the market place where we have our health food store. One brother was doing palmistry, telling people they'd better find some real base for their lives … Free food samples were given in the shop, and our band was on stage singing songs of love, life and nature. Maharaj Ji was shining everywhere.

Jukko Vuoristo
Helsinki, Finland

Half-time Service

Performers of the Living Arts in Winnipeg made Canadian history on July 1st as the first premies to perform at a football game half-time. Invited to perform along with several other groups, the premies acted out a mime in front of the 18,000 spectators. The PA system was to make a prepared announcement about PLA, a part of Divine United Organization, an organization bringing peace through meditation etc. etc. But all that came through clearly was, "Divine United Organization … meditation … will perform for anyone.


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