Guru Maharaj Ji: Caracas, Venezuala, July 25, 1975


So understand, and give satsang to people. Give satsang to each other, give satsang to non-premies, and encourage them. Because you see, maybe I have been Graced to experience this Knowledge all the time, and Graced to have this agya to continue giving this Knowledge to people. It's so beautiful; it's just very blissful. I have got every Grace, I have got everything, and to some people, I am their Perfect Master; I am their Lord. But still, premies are my hands. Every time I have to do something, I have to go through premies.

One poet says, "What is Guru Maharaj Ji's world? What is the Perfect Master's world? His premies. His devotees are his world. He lives with them, he plays with them, he comes for them, and it's them. That's his world."

- Guru Maharaj Ji
Caracas, Venezuala
July 25, 1975