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Durga Ji aka Marolyn Rawat, 1975 Durga Ji's Satsang Jhumri Talanja, in Bihar, India, April 19, 1975.

Dear premies,

How truly wonderful it is to be here with you. It seems like we've waited so long to come to see you. For so long we've waited, and we felt your love pulling us here. It's incredible, all the love that you have for Guru Maharaj Ji. I've felt it, and Maharaj Ji's felt it, and now that we're finally here, it's just so complete and beautiful.

It's really clear now that Maharaj Ji is making us a family. He's making us the most beautiful family that this world will ever see. He's uniting the east with the west. There is no difference between east and west, because we are all one under his lotus feet.

Each one of us premies, each one of us lovers of Guru Maharaj Ji is just a flower. We are flowers that he is tying into a thread of love the whole world wide. That thread is his Holy Name which is going to unite this whole world in love.

Each one of us is Maharaj Ji's child, his very own special child. We're his babies. Now he has come, he is our Father, and he is here. He is here to save us, because each one of us is so hungry and so thirsty for that love that he has to give us.

Guru Maharaj Ji has clearly shown that he is our Father. There is only one Father, and this Father is the Source. There are no other Guru Maharaj Ji's; there is only one Guru Maharaj Ji. There are no other Gurus, there is no one else to follow. Guru Maharaj Ji is the way.

Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us that everything else is limited; everything else comes to a stop. But this Knowledge is forever. This Knowledge is infinite. This Knowledge is what we've been searching for forever, and now he's revealing it to us.

And Maharaj Ji has shown us that it doesn't matter what possessions we have in this world. There is no difference really between the rich and the poor if we have this Knowledge, because we are the richest. We are so completely rich in his love. This is the treasure that we're all looking for. It isn't in worldly possessions. It isn't in anything finite this world has to offer. What we are all searching for is Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge; that Knowledge that he has given us, the Knowledge that we must constantly meditate on.

So premies (and we're all premies; we're all lovers of Guru Maharaj Ji), it's so important that we do exactly what Maharaj Ji has shown us to do, because this is the key that unlocks the door to salvation, that unlocks the door that we've been looking for forever. This is the treasure that we can't lose. So, it's so important to do meditation, and to do agya of Guru Maharaj Ji.

There's only one thing I want to say to end this satsang, and that is just to realize how much Guru Maharaj Ji loves us. With that realization of how much he loves us, then we start to give back the love that he has given us. This, premies, is what we're really searching for. Thank you, and my blessings and love to you.

The Treasure We Can't Lose

Two satsangs given by Durga Ji on her trip to India with Guru Maharaj Ji.

Durga Ji aka Marolyn Rawat Durga Ji's Satsang Calcutta, India on April 27, 1975.

Dear premies,

Maharaj Ji has blessed us so much. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us such a gift that we'll never know how beautiful this gift is. There's so much confusion in this world; there's so much craziness. Where is everyone going? Where are the people of this world going? They are going nowhere. Without this Knowledge, without this gift that Guru Maharaj Ji is giving to each one of us, we are going nowhere.

Just riding here in the car, I was looking at the city of Calcutta. It doesn't matter if it's Calcutta or anywhere in India, or anywhere in the West, or anywhere in the world. Because there is mind. And where there is mind, there is confusion.

It is as though Maharaj Ji has put an oasis in the middle of the craziest cities for us. And he has made this oasis a place of perfect, perfect harmony, a place where each one of us can go and rid ourselves of the confusion and the craziness that is tearing at us every minute. When we go there, premies, we know that Guru Maharaj Ji has come for each one of us. Guru Maharaj Ji does not come for himself. Guru Maharaj Ji comes when there is darkness, when there is confusion. And there is very much confusion and darkness in this world.

In this oasis, we have the key. When we receive this Knowledge, Guru Maharaj Ji gives us the key to open the door to this heaven in the middle of confusion and darkness. But premies, it does us no good at all to have this key if we don't use it. We need to open the door and go in and bathe in the love and the peace and the beauty that Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us. If we don't use it, it does us no good.

There is always going to be opposition. There are always going to be forces that are trying to destroy the work that Guru Maharaj Ji comes for. So we must be very clear. We must be very one-pointed. We cannot let these things distress us, because they will always be there. Guru Maharaj Ji puts us to the test. He will always put us through the test, to see whether we will stay with him, or whether we will be distracted and go to the other forces. But there is nowhere if we're not with Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the real thing; this Knowledge, this meditation that he's shown us is the real thing. Everything else is a shadow, it's just a shadow. The world without Knowledge is racing and trying to find its shadow, and they think this is the real thing. They see something dark, and they say, "This must be it." They're all looking and searching for this shadow, but there's nothing there. We must look towards what Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us, because that is the real thing that's casting the shadow. We must take our consciousness from that which is dark, which is nothing, and put it to what is real. Because there is only one real thing, and that is this Knowledge, this meditation, that keeps us right where we are supposed to be.

This test is not only on a physical level, premies. It's something that we must be able to pass at every breath. Because Guru Maharaj Ji tests us with each breath. If we are with him with every breath we take, then we are truly his devotees.

So we must realize why Guru Maharaj Ji is here. He is here for you, and he is here for me. He is here for us, because we are one. We are one heart loving our Lord. And so it's very, very important that we realize how much Guru Maharaj Ji loves us.

In fact, we can never realize how much Guru Maharaj Ji loves us, because it's infinite. But we have to keep remembering that he has given us everything. He has given us this body, and this body is very important right now to realize who we are and why we're here, and who Guru Maharaj Ji is, and why he is here. We must take advantage of this now. And so the premies of Calcutta must unite together. You must be strong, right now. Not later, right now, because there will be hard times. But if we're together now, then Guru Maharaj Ji will take us and keep us in that place that he has shown us.

It's very wonderful to be here. As soon as I stepped into this hall, it's like, there's so much love. If we unite ourselves in that love, there is nothing that can tear us apart, there is nothing that can separate us from our Lord. It doesn't matter if we're from India, or from America, or from Europe, or South America, anywhere. We're all really the same. We're all devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji. This is the one-pointedness that we must keep all the time.

Now I think we will have darshan of our Guru Maharaj Ji, which I know you've waited for so long.