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International News
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The Pyramid Re-Visited
Mahatma Rajeshwar in the Mid-East

According to the Egyptian premies, Mahatma Rajeshwar didn't take an airplane to Cairo. They say he "beamed in". The following is their wonderful story of his four day frolic in their country:

Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazine "After we picked up Mahatma Ji late Saturday night, we drove back to our small flat in a quiet suburb of Cairo. The next morning, he was up at 5 o'clock! After meditation, we all sat together chatting quietly in the early morning sun, which was illuminating and fresh spring flowers, the delicate camelfoot and jacananda blossoms.

"On Sunday we had a meeting at our house attended by 20 or more people. A lot of these were elderly and they loved Mahatma Ji's simplicity, clarity and directness which pierced their hearts. On Monday, we held a meeting at my school which was attended by about 15 boys, the headmaster, headmistress and a few of the staff. It was extremely successful and Mahatma Ji's satsang was so clear for the students. The following day the headmaster remarked on the meeting and told me that he was most impressed by the talk. In the evening we were invited to speak at the Ananda Marga meeting. The program began with chanting and some spiritual discourse by the A Margers and then it was Mahatma Ji's turn to speak. Mahatma Ji's satsang was so full of love. He showed the people there that mantra's are nothing in comparison with the Word. The whole evening was so beautifully structured that several people who had received initiation from the A Margers received Knowledge two days later.

On Tuesday we took a boat (sailing) up the Nile with about 15 people. It was so idyllic, being gently blown by a breeze, down narrow channels edged by high rushes (which reminded me of Moses!) And watching the evening sun set as the wide moon became more and more vivid, the pastel blue sky darkened, stars began to sparkle. A romantic occasion in which Mahatma Ji sung Indian devotional songs. We clapped, shared figs and dates, and those of us who were open enough flowed in the gentle harmony of satsang.

Following this, a group of people came back to the house and Mahatma Ji cooked a delicious meal in which he added "a meeting without eating is cheating". On Wednesday we had a small select meeting at the American University where Mahatma Ji gave inspiring satsang. The culmination of the whole visit occurred on Thursday when four people received Knowledge and although Mahatma Ji said more propagation was needed, he added that Guru Maharaj Ji's grace would protect and strengthen them.

So the little band of devotees increases and we were so sad to see Mahatma Ji leave on Thursday evening. Paula who helped us greatly in looking after the practicalities of the house also left on Friday to fly to Beirut. So we are again alone and have been so fortunate to feel and be given such a wonderful boost.

I might add that we also took Mahatma Ji to the Pyramids where we meditated inside for half an hour. It was a really powerful experience and he said that through our meditation the pyramids were now again blessed as a sacred place. Later on he climbed up the outside.

We really felt Mahatma Ji was like an elder brother, giving us what we needed in a loving way. Walking in Cairo, shopping, cooking - so elevating and yet so normal.

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Special Propagation Issue:
Next month, Divine Times will come out twice - once to cover current national news and the continuing India events; and again in a special propagation issue, geared completely to giving our aspirant readers a beautiful introduction to Guru Maharaj Ji and the Knowledge. Good reading for all.

Guru Maharaj Ji in India:
More photos, satsang and continuing news from Maharaj Ji's tour of India and the Asian continent. Including the full text of Maharaj Ji's press conference in Lucknow, and possibly Durga Ji's first satsang in India.

The Latin Touch:
More news of Latin America's upcoming Guru Puja festival, including an interview with Latin America's roving, one-man continental headquarters, Francisco Arce, and his regional agent, Loren Baker, DUO director of Caracas, Venezuela, where the festival will be held.

The Great DUO Shuffle:
The scoop on who's going where when. Eight U.S. communities will soon have new DUO directors. Read who they are and what's happening to them in the next issue.

… from Maharaj Ji's Pantry

Lacking a recipe for this issue, I wandered into the art room and got this dish from Joan Swan. In addition to cooking magnificent Arabian food and knowing camels of every size and description, Joan spends her time working consignment for her sole patron - Guru Maharaj Ji, who comes to the art room from time to time to tell her which drawing of Shri Maharaj Ji to do next. It is her beautiful pastels which are printed on the cover and inside And It Is Divine.

Joan is also famous for her stories; she reads fairy tales aloud whenever she can assemble an audience, and when asked to give satsang she is likely to tell a tale from the fourth century about King Solomon always forgetting the Holy Name, and then remembering it just at the most perilous time. "These recipes don't have a darshan story to go along with them," she told me, "though I wish they did." Then, as a consolation she recited a fairy tale Guru Maharaj Ji once told in satsang: "Once there was a kingdom," she said, "and in this kingdom there lived a king and his queen. The queen died, the king died, and the kingdom vanished."

The Delight of the Aubergine*

These recipes will require a bit of your time and patience to prepare, but are worth the effort. Read recipes carefully beforehand and make sure you have everything before you start. This will make things much easier. Prepare tomatoes and dessert first and let them cool while making the eggplant.

Peynirli Patlican (eggplants with cheese) - serves 6

3 large eggplants
4 Jolly Joan "eggs"
(made with egg replacer)
1 t. dill weed
11/2 c. bread crumbs
Olive Oil (for frying)
1 c. Feta cheese (crumbled)
2-3 T. fresh parsley (minced)
1 t. fresh chives (minced)
1/4 t. garlic powder
1 pinch salt (opt.)

Remove tops of eggplants and cut each in four pieces, lengthwise, making four even bread-slice looking sections. Sprinkle these very generously with salt and set aside for about 1/2 hour. This will remove the bitter juices.

In a mixing bowl mash cheese with a fork. Add parsley, dill and chive with the "eggs" and the pinch of salt. Mix them all together until a thick paste is formed.

When your eggplants are ready, rinse them very well in cold water to remove all the bitter juices and salt. Then fry in olive oil until golden brown. Allow to cool. (Pause here for five minutes meditation).

When they are cool, spread the cheese mixture over the face of half the slices, then place another slice over each of these in sandwich fashion. Beat remaining "eggs", then dip sandwiches into mixture and fry again until golden brown. Serve hot.

* In the culinary arts, should you ever find yourself caught in them, eggplants go by the distinguished title of Aubergines.

Domates Dolma
(Stuffed Tomatoes) - serves 6

6 large tomatoes
1 c. vegetable bullion Salt and pepper
2 T. butter

1 c. rice
1/2 c. water
5 onions
1 T. pine nut kernels
1 t. sugar or honey
1 t. basil
1 sprig fresh chopped mint
1 t. dried mint
1 c. Olive oil
1/2 c. white wine or cider
1 large peeled tomato
1 T. currants
Pepper and salt to taste
1 t. dill weed or a sprig
of fresh dill (chopped).

Wash rice well, cover with hot water and leave aside till water is cooled. Then wash again and leave aside. Meanwhile chop and fry onions in oil for 10 minutes (use all the oil). Add rice and pine kernels, and then cover pan and cook for 20 min. on medium heat, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking. Chop tomato and add with currants, dill, mint, basil, water, and wine or cider. Then stir and cook for an additional 15 min. Remove from heat, add sugar last before stuffing tomatoes.

Cut tops of tomatoes and save tops for lids. Clean out seeds and pulp and fill with stuffing. Arrange in shallow baking pan, add 1 cup bullion and cook on high heat (500°) for 5 min. Then reduce heat to 350° and cook for an additional 45 min. - or until liquid has been absorbed. Remove tomatoes from oven, place in refrigerator. Serve them very cold.

Keshkul (Dessert)
- serves 6

A fine and delicate pudding made from rice and almond.

1 c. white sugar 2 c. cream 1 c. ground almonds 1/2 c. pomegranate 1/4 c. pine nut kernels 2 c. whole milk 6 T. cream of rice 1 pinch salt 1/2 c. grated fresh coconut or, 1/2 pint heavy cream (for topping)

In a small saucepan, scald 1 c. of the cream (not heavy), and pour it over 2/3 cup of the ground almonds. Stir well and set aside. Boil the rest of the cream and milk with the salt, stirring constantly. Mix the cream of rice with a little milk and add to milk and cream - boil another 6 min., still stirring constantly. Add sugar, and cream and almond mixture and boil until thick. Take off heat and put in large or individual molds. Chill thoroughly.

Unmold pudding and sprinkle with remaining almond, coconut, pine nut kernels, and pomegranate. Top with heavy cream, offer it to the Lord and eat.

A GOOD SALAD to serve with this meal can be made from: chopped raw spinach, feta cheese (crumbled or cubed), black olives, a sprinkle of mint, chopped tomatoes, scallion onions, chopped parsley, and make a dressing made with: olive oil, the juice of a lemon, juice from the feta cheese, juice from the olives, salt, pepper and garlic.