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WWA Aids Vietnamese Orphans

Vietnames Orphan Cuter Than PremlataLast month, as Saigon fell, 120,000 South Vietnamese were evacuated by ship and by plane to the U.S. and it's bases in the South Pacific. Among these were 2,100 orphans airlifted to the United States. One planeload, with 270 children aboard, landed in Denver.

The Friends of Children of Vietnam, an organization which operated in Vietnam throughout the war, accommodated the orphans in the newly opened Continental nursing home until local adoption agencies, flooded with applications, could match children with welcoming families.

When the children first arrived at Continental, supplies were short. Volunteers were few; they had no supervision and quickly became so exhausted they could not keep going. Some 50 infants needed constant care. Older children wandered about listlessly, with nothing to do. Some were sick; others whimpered endlessiy, unable to sleep, unable to smile, unable to speak to the volunteers in their own language. They were given coca-cola and bubble gum and unfamiliar food, dressed in unfamiliar clothing, called by American names. Meals were chaotic; discipline nearly impossible.

When the Friends of Children of Vietnam asked for help they were describing the situation as desperate. Then from all over Denver, people began to come: housewives, schoolchildren, volunteers from social service organizations - including WWA. They were organized into 4-hour shifts. A cab driver found himself staying up all night in a roomful of infants, changing diapers for the first time in his life. A grandmother who played half the day with toddlers found the work so fulfilling she said she didn't want it to stop. A seventh grade girl almost cried when the child she took care of was finally placed in a home.

It seemed that what these children needed was warmth and love and caring. Unable to take them back home, unable even to speak to them, the volunteers, premie and non-premie alike, learned just to be with the children, to give them some human kindness as the first salve on wounds which will be long in healing.

Many premies volunteered. They experienced the joy of love and the joy of doing service. And they also learned something practical about doing service: organization, calmness, patience, and being clear and well-rested in an emergency situation count more than just being there. They did not make heroes of themselves staying up for 36-hour shifts. They used common sense and kept their lives in balance. They did not abandon their children at home in order to care for the orphans; they made sure their own lives were in order first. They came when they could, did what they could, and trusted that others would be there when they had to go.

The war in Vietnam is over. Some of us who are now premies devoted years and even went to jail trying to end it; others of us fought there-and some of us paid little attention to the whole thing. But now, no matter where we stood, the horror and destruction that had been such a part of human history for the last 30 years has finally stopped.

Vietnamese Shadows
Everything changes.
The wheel of the law turns without pause. After the rain, good weather.
In the wink of an dye
The universe throws off its muddy clothes.
For ten thousand miles
the landscape spreads out
like a beautiful brocade.
Light breezes. Smiling flowers.
High in the trees, amongst the sparkling leaves
all the birds sing at once.
Men and animals rise-up reborn.
What could be more natural?
After sorrow, comes happiness.
Ho Chi Minh

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Dear AMP,

Thank you Guru Maharaj Ji.
You've given us everything and this small amount or even all the money in the world could never repay for what it is that you've given to us. The love behind this gift is infinite and without your love all is meaningless. So my Lord please protect me always and keep me in the shelter of your love and grace so that I can return to you what you have given to me. Bob and Jeanne Hunt
Kansas City, Missouri

Dear Brother or Sister,
This is my 10 per cent from this week and last. This is the first time I've sent it in - I have to tell you how that happened- expect it happens to a lot of premies. 10 per cent seemed so puny, you know - I had a debt to pay first - no more putting it off so I decided to wait on giving money to the Mission till that was done - so 21/2 months later here I am only able to do the 10 per cent - grateful to be able to send in that "puny" amount - you know? Guru Maharaj Ji put all the obligations in the way as obstacles to show me that the amount wasn't the point - just the giving back to him that mattered - just for the joy it gives us.
Your sister,
Agnes Winkler
San Francisco

Dear Sirs:
I have the Knowledge from Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and from that experience I am convinced that this is the true path to that which we call God. I want to express my deepest thanks to him, to you, and to everyone connected with Divine Light Mission. Also I wou
ld like to join the Active Membership Program. Enclosed is ten dollars for this week.
Jai Satchitanand, David Underwood
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My dear Brothers and Sisters in Finance,
This is my 10 per cent for two weeks. In the future it will be approximately $10/ wk.
For a long time, I thought, "Oh, I can't really give 10 per cent of my paycheck because I have little enough to live on." But I'm learning that I really can trust Maharaj Ji to take care of everything - always.
L. Sutter
Miami, Florida

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
By the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, I can make another small donation to DUO. May it help with the propagation of the Knowledge and more beautiful festivals.
With all the love from my heart,
Darlene Bennett
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Dear Brother or Sister,
Jai Sat Chit Ananda. We have been humbly trying to join the AMP by sending our money to you for several months. But we haven't received any little cards or anything so we're not sure if we are successful. We surrender. Please sign us up in AMP. Please find enclosed check. Please note new address for my wife and I.
We love you.
Neil and Holly
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Jai Satchitanand,
Enclosed is a money order for Divine Light Mission, our Lord's tool in bringing peace on earth. This is sent with love for love, as part of the 10 per cent plan.
Your brother,
Perry Craig Wander
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