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Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazineAnalogy

Along the highway near Maharaj Ji's residence there is a series of great cliffs that divide the sea from the coast of California. Here the road has no guard-rail and its surface often gets very slippery from the rain.

One day last month a driver lost control of his car and spun off the road. His two back tires were the only thing keeping him from falling onto the rocks below. Yet while he sat there teetering, a mysterious wonder appeared in his rear-view mirror; moments after the accident two premies on their way to the residence passed by the scene. When they arrived at the house they told Maharaj Ji what happened and asked if they could take the tractor they were using and go help the man. Maharaj Ji insisted on driving the tractor himself.

For the man in the car it was a prayer answered. Guru Maharaj Ji quickly got out a tow chain, hooked it up to the car's bumper and pulled the car safely back onto the road. Then without even a second to accept a thank-you, Maharaj Ji was back on the tractor and down the road.

"That's just like Maharaj Ji," said one brother, "He teaches us how to get on the road, to get on the path, and tells us to pay attention, to meditate and stay on the road. We drive along, lose control and almost kill ourselves going off in the ditch of this world. Then time after time Guru Maharaj Ji comes along with his tractor and pulls us out - just lifts us out of the mess we've gotten into and then drives on down the road with no questions asked."

The Seagulls' Call

The ocean is so constant here, almost absolute. So steady and eternal, making all this human reality of houses, stores, commercial and domestic hustle-bustle look transient and foolish. So awesomely beautiful that people don't have the capacity to see its beauty but once in a great while. That's what makes crazy people - seeing more beauty than one has realized in one's own self; the fuses blow.

I used to go to the ocean, sit there. get immobilized by the strength of its glory. Then back to the apartment, maybe only 1000 feet from the water, but I'd be thousands of miles away from its wisdom, spinning off in some fantasy world of my own creation. Then years, lifetimes later (maybe a few weeks) I'd happen to find myself back by the ocean, my mind rotating in my own world. A wave would come crashing through the wall of my absent-mindedness; my thoughts would vanish like the foam on the waves; I'd be sitting there with my revered friend, the ocean, and he'd say, very kindly, gently, "Where have you been, Bill?"

And I'd say, "Well, I was, uh … I don't know, exactly."

"You've been right here. But you seemed occupied, so I didn't want to disturb you. What were you thinking about all this time?"

"Well, I was thinking about this, and this, and then there was that thing that …" And I'd be telling him all this stuff when I'd realize that he knew all about it, castles in the sand. Oh, I've been so foolish.

"We should begin now," he'd say patiently, "there's much for you to learn today." My schoolbell was the seagulls' call.

Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazine

"Time and the world, money and power belong to the small people and the shallow people. To the rest, to the real men belongs nothing. Nothi.ng but death."
""Nothing else?"
"Yes, eternity."
"You mean a name, and fame with posterity?"
"No, Steppenwolf, not fame. Has that any value? And do you think that all true and real men have been famous and known to posterity?"
"No, of course not"
-Then it isn't fame. Fame exists in that sense only for the schoolmasters. No, it isn't fame. It is what I call eternity. The pious call it the kingdom of God. I say to myself: all we who ask too much and have a dimension too many could not contrive to live at all if there were not another air to breathe outside the air of this world, if there were not eternity at the back of time; and this is the kindgom of truth. The music of Mozart belongs there and the poetry of your great poets. The saints, too, belong there, who have worked wonders and suffered martyrdom and given a great example to men. But the image of every true act, the strength of every true feeling, belongs to eternity just as much, even though no one knows of it or sees it or records it or hands it down to posterity. […]Ah, Harry, we have to stumble through so much dirt and humbug before we reach home. And we have no one to guide us. Our only guide is our homesickness."
- Herman Hesse

The word is out: The Word is in.

Well, you see: once upon a time there was a blazing fire inside me. The cold could do nothing against it, a youthfullness, a spring no autumn could touch; a source of light, glowing wells of joy that seemed inexhaustible. Not happiness, I mean joy, felicity, which made it possible for me to live … There was an enormous energy there … A force … it must have been the life force, mustn't it? … And then it grew weaker and died away …
- Eugene lonesco

Do meditation, do service and give satsang.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

Stay high, keep moving and give all of yourself away.
Neal Cassidy

Knowledge is directly proportional to the extent of the experience; experience Knowledge and know God.
- S. Tompson

Beauty is the highest form of genius because it needs no explanation.
- Oscar Wilde

This meditation is like a toaster you put a question in and tick-a-ticka-tick-a BLAM! Out pops the answer.
- Bill Ross

Those who bring sunshine to the hearts of others cannot keep it from themselves.
- J. M. Barrie

"When you're there, you've never been anywhere else." - Cliff Bowden

"You are so concerned with where you're going that you miss the beauty of where you're at."
- Guru Maharaj Ji

Without his grace this never could be, I found God 'cause God found me.

Definition: Universe, from the Latin verb vertere 'to turn'. Literally "turned into One."

Circles and Lines
There is a relationship between what we think is out there in the world and what we experience as being out there. There is a way in which the energy of thought and the energy of matter modify each other and interrelate. A kind of rough mirroring takes place between our mind and our reality.
We cannot stand outside this mirroring process and examine it, though, for we are the process, to an unknowable extent. Any technique we might use to 'look objectively' at our reality becomes a part of the function that shapes the reality from which we do our looking. Our looking enters as one of the determinants in the reality event that we see.
- The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, by Joseph Chilton Pierce

Show me what a man is ignorant of and I'll be able to understand what he knows." -M. M.

Cosmic energy is love, the affinity of being with being. It is a universal property of all life, and embraces all forms of organized matter. Thus, the tendency to unite; the attraction of atom to atom, molecule to molecule, or cell to cell. The forces of love drive the fragments of the universe to seek each other so that the world may come into being.
- Teilhard De Chardin

that I know
I know
and that I don't know.
But I forget.
I see that I am blind
and I see the blinding light
in everything,
but I forget.
I see what I know
I think
I know what I see.
But sometimes
I forget.
And This is the Way
It should be.
At the end of every forget
I remember.