Guru Maharaj Ji: Bihar, India, April 15, 1975

You people who are sitting here are probably thinking, "How can we help Guru Maharaj Ji?" I'll give you an example. Suppose Mahatma Sampuranand decides it's very important to walk from one end of the stage to the other. If he doesn't have legs, how can he do it? He will have to use legs or something else to transport himself across the stage. And that's what you are, you people are my legs and you are my hands. I can sit and think and plan everything out, I can shout out to the world, but if I am to get this thing done, if I am to spread peace to the world then I can't do it alone, I'll need your help. I have brought this Knowledge, and I will spread this Knowledge, but only with your help.

And dear premies, if you still want to just keep a picture in your house and say yes, this is my Guru, and leave it at that, then forget it. That time has now gone; it's been gone a long time. A new time has come like the time Guru Govind Singh said, "Forget all your theories about violence and nonviolence, and pick up your swords." Now the time has come to fight. Not to fight with a sword, but with your faith as your weapon, with your dedication, with the power of the Knowledge.

- Guru Maharaj Ji
Bihar, India
April 15, 1975

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