Christmas at the L.A. residence began early. The premies had hidden all of Maharaj Ji's presents until after he had gone to sleep on Christmas eve. When he came down in the morning the presents were all waiting to be opened. There were hundreds; they had' been wrapped and sent by loving premies from the four corners of the world. Maharaj Ji spent the whole morning opening each one himself.
The most notable present was a Lotus sports car (faster than a Maserati), sent by the English premies. The only hitch was that the car arrived as "spare parts" - completely unassembled. The problem left Maharaj Ji undaunted: within 48 hours and a little help from "greasy fingers Bob," he had it all put together - a job that usually takes a garage at least two weeks

The best of artists hath
no thought to show Which the rough stone in
its superfluous shell Doth not include: to break
the marble spell
Is all the hand that serves the brain can do.

- Michelangelo

Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazineInner Game of Tennis
Random House publishers report sales on The Inner Game of Tennis are still doing very well. The book, written by premie Tim Gallwey is still averaging over 1,000 sales a week. The latest word is that Tim will be doing a second book, to sequel his first, to be called The Inner Game of Tennis 2, and may soon be producing a series of special filmed lessons in the Inner Game for use on nationwide T.V.

For my mother and father
who brought me to the game
and for Guru Maharaj Ji
who showed me what winning is

- Tim Gallwey
dedication for
The Inner Game of Tennis

… And It Is Divine
Guru Maharaj Ji's visit last month to Denver, with a review of the Mission's current financial situation, led Maharaj Ji to decide to cut back And It is Divine production to a quarterly publication. It was also decided to add more color pages to the present size magazine and raise the cost to $2.00 per issue.
Just days before Guru Maharaj Ji made his decision, And It Is Divine received its first award. The Mead Award was presented to Divine Light Mission by the Mead Paper Co., "… in recognition of the capable presentation of subject matter, quality craftsmanship and skill in the field of graphic arts." The award was the first, but it is not unlikely that more will follow.

My confidence in the future of our species is not due to ignorance of its failings. My confidence is based on two different but related sets of facts. First, the human species has exhibited for at least 100,000 years certain traits which are uniquely and pleasantly human and which are more interesting than those that account for its bestiality. Second, the human species has the power to choose among the conflicting traits which constitute its complex nature, and it has made the right choices often enough to have kept civilization so far on a forward and upward course. The unique place of our species in the order of things is determined, not by its animality, but by its humanity. It is not sufficient to know that Homo sapiens evolved from a certain kind of primate. A more important question is what he would like, or should try, to become.
- Rene Dubos

News From The Religions
New head of the Church of England is Dr. Alfred Coggan, taking over from retiring Archbishop of Cantebury Michael Ramsey. New primate says he'll work to turn church's attention away from introspection about what's wrong with religion, towards more social work and action in the world …
Major doctrinal change amongst Krishna worshippers ISKCON: their leader, the aging A.C. Baktevedanta, speaking in Paris, says it's no longer necessary to chant the Hare Krishna mantra to merge with God. Any name for God will do because, unlike worldly objects, God is His Name … New book on Religious Movements in Contemporary America says new movements attract anti-social elements who emerge reconciled to the system as a new army of inwardly tranquil white collar workers. The losers will be Christian churches who are beginning to be alienated from technological society.
- Glen Whittaker

Hitch your wagon to a star. - Emerson

At a program in New Zealand, Guru Maharaj Ji had just finished giving satsang when someone stood and asked: "Guru Maharaj Ji, I've had your Knowledge for a year now, I've tried it and now I don't like it. It's not my trip. I'd like to ask you to take it back." The hall became silent. Needless to say, no one knew quite what to think. Guru Maharaj Ji waited a moment before making his reply: "Listen buddy, I'm goin' to tell you a story. This reminds me of something that happened to Shri Maharaj Ji, my Father, in his time. Someone like you came to him and asked Shri Maharaj Ji to take the Knowledge back. My father said, 'Okay, but when you come you'd better bring four people with you.' 'Why should I do that?' asked the man. Shri Maharaj Ji said, 'Because it'll take four men to carry away your coffin.' "
- John Miller

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

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Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazine When last in Denver, Guru Maharaj Ji was invited to see how progress was going on the upcoming wedding film.
Both he and Durga Ji sat through the entire film. When it was over, he made a number of comments and suggestions on how the film should be changed and amended. The biggest change he made was his idea for a new ending for the film. The film, said Maharaj Ji, should end with Durga Ji giving satsang about the beauty of our family.

From where there is duality … there one sees another; there one smells another; there one hears another; there one speaks to another; there one thinks of another; there one understands another … [But] whereby would one understand Him by whom one understands this all? Whereby would one understand the understander?
- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad II, 4

Guru Maharaj Ji stays prominently in the world news. After national press coverage of his new house, car, the Bright as Light Laundry, National Director Mike Donner's imprisonment for anti-war activities, the Creator of the Universe and Durga Ji are amongst the 9 fun couples of the year, nominated by Esquire Magazine.

The recent Time Magazine article on America's pets said that the food consumed by this nation's pets could wipe out the world's famine problem.

I'm nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too?
Emily Dickenson

Michael Nouri is currently playing Tom Conway, a lawyer on the NBC soap opera "Somerset". This is broadcast nationally every day. To get him on more often, send cards and letters to: "Somerset", NBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, NY

The Samadhist: A Description
In a recent paper (Jain and Jain, 1973), we examined what the science of yoga is and what it is not. Yoga's final goal of "Absolute (Nirvichar) Samadhi" and how it is to be attained through the technique of blocking all mental processes (Chitta-vritti Nirodh) was discussed. Even though Samadhi has been described as the supreme state of consciousness and the ultimate state of being, one is still confronted with such questions as: 1. Of what relevance is the Samadhi to everyday life, and 2. How does a Samadhist (one who has attained Samadhi) differ from any other person? Are there characteristics specific to a Samadhist so as to differentiate him from others?
Mishrilal Jain, Ph.D.
Kamal M. Jain, M.D.
Timonium, Maryland

Man's true aim is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
-- Catechism

To laugh is proper to the man."
--- Rabelais

Social Justice
Is there any hope for man? … One can be optimistic, I believe, only if this generation - the young particularly - can shuck off the madness of the nightmare that man for centuries, and increasingly of late, has been living. A new vision is needed if man is to create on earth the beauty that this planet manifests from afar. The vision must be one 'of social justice, of the interdependence of all mankind. Unless the equality, the oneness, and the common dignity of mankind pervade the vision, the only future of this planet is violence and destruction on an ever increasing scale - a crescendo of inhumanity that can only result in total destruction. …
I believe that none but the young - and the young in heart - can dream this vision or pursue this ideal, for it means leaving behind the conventional wisdom that pervades the aging bones of the Western world.
- The Humane Imperative, by Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. (Yale University Press). © 1974 by Yale University.

Look up Maharaji in an etymological dictionary.

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"Give us this day our daily mask."
- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Tom Stoppard.