Page 2THE DIVINE TIMES October 25,1974


That Fine Connection

Raja Ji and Claudia have recently completed a Canadian tour. The following are excerpts from Raja Ji's Satsang at the Holiday Inn, Winnipeg, on September 27th.

Prem Rawat: Divine Times magazine I am a devotee, and devotion is between us. That thing, is what we need, the devotion, that line, that's the only thing we have to create. Once we have that line, that line of devotion, that's the thing we need. And the finer it gets, the more beautiful it is, the better the experiences. By the word finer, I mean the more receptive you are, the more you want to dig it.

Once you have that Knowledge, you can really get along in the line, you are right there, you are right in the moment, you can dig everything. Because you know you are for real, you are in this world, you don't have to ask the question to yourself, "What am I doing here? " If you ask that question, you are saying, "I am playing a part" … and the part you are playing is playing, after receiving Knowledge, an insurance agent. You are selling the best insurance anybody can buy through love, and that's what you are selling.

The moment you are letting go again, you stop meditating, something happens to that line there, right there. And mind always tries to become your master, he's always punching, bang, bang, bang. He's always trying to punch. All he wants to find is just a small puncture to get out and he's gonna take you out again. As long as you have created the connection with Him, with the Lord, he, the mind, is under you, everything is fine.

So to get the mind under control, you first of all need Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, which you can,get with no problem because the Grace is always there. Grace is here, we can see it if you want to, but if you don't want to see, you don't have to see it. The Love is there, the Grace is there. You have to improve on that connection, make it so fine, get it to such a point that mind can't escape, he is under you.

Some people have this conception about service, that service means living in the ashram, and living the ashram life and this, this, this, this. Service means, serving the Lord in every way. You can just give. Propagate the Knowledge, tell people about Guru Maharaj Ji, and that's the best service you can do, by just telling people about Him…Don't be one of those who are selling, trying to sell their act to you. You can sell people Maharaj Ji's, Knowledge. Not sell them, but just obtain their love for it.

And you know, it's just so beautiful, because that's what everybody needs, you know, that love. They're looking for it everywhere, they won't find it, I know that, some of us know that for granted. But just make them realize before they bang their heads in every corner of the world…

So you can change everything. You have to go, okay, I'm going to do it, you know, I'm going to do it right now. And you can do it, no problem.

Just imagine the whole world having the same understanding. No problem, no problem at all and just everything will be in such harmony. Everybody has the same understanding, everybody has the same thing in their mind, and they understand each other at the same time the whole world is continuing.

That's what we have to bring, by meditating, by doing service of any kind, by doing meditation and going to satsang. And just, that's it, and having devotion towards Maharaj Ji and trying to improve that fine line of devotion.