11/75 - Divine Times



Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaji We have all gathered here for Guru Puja, and 10,000 to 12,000 premies are here. People who have just come to see what's going on, maybe they will never or maybe they will - understand the importance of this function.

Because this function has got to do with something which is undescribable by these words. It has something to do with pure love. It's something that is so beautiful. And that love has been formed now, is there now, between me and the premies.

This Knowledge is what has brought it - meditation is what has brought it together. Today we're trying to scream, we're trying to tell the whole world that what we have is something for you, what we have is the most beautiful thing for you.

The story Marolyn was just telling you, I tell you, it's true. It's really true. Because in this world, we are there, but the darkness is also there. We are covered, we are completely covered with the darkness. And then somebody comes along and shows us the proper path, the correct method of actually living in this world.

Premies, there is really nothing to say, you know. It's all been said. There is just one thing, and that is: satsang, service, and meditation.

That path that we searched for our whole lifetime is right there, just three steps away. It's just so beautiful, because something that we have been waiting for all our lifetime, searching for all our lifetime, is now only three steps away.

And the three steps are the most fragile ones, but if you cross 'em and they are very, very easy to cross - but if you cross 'em, we are there where we always wanted to be.

the value of zero

I was trying to explain in Copenhagen that the value of zero is the most important value. We have tried the value of one, and the value of two, the value of three, four, and so on. But we have never tried the value of zero.

If we try the value of zero, maybe that's where the answer lies. Because one starts from one and ends at one. Two starts from two, and ends at two. They are limited figures. But zero has something behind it which has no limit.

That zero is where we have to focus; that zero is what we have to realize. I mean, what is zero? If I say, "Give me zero money," okay, so it's been already given.

Same thing with the Knowledge; "Give me that Knowledge." Because Knowledge is zero, physically it has already been given to us. But now, the only part left is that it should be revealed to us. It should be shown to us, it should be revealed to us. And when it is, it's just so fantastic. It's so beautiful!

Man, I was trying two, I was trying one, I was trying seven, ten, eleven, twelve - my answer was zero! A man trying to get a figure one hundred keeps on putting one, one, two, one, three, four, and he can't get one hundred. Because he doesn't put those two zeros there. And all he needs is to take one, and put two zeros there, and that makes it one hundred.

That one hundred is what we have been always searching for. Because, have you got any idea? I mean, this world is expanding so much, and going into just everything it can go into.

So much there is, but have we been able to bring peace? Has there been peace on this planet earth? Not only taking into account our physical part and our technical part, but taking into account our religions. They have been there, they were put there and we are following them. It's an ancestry.

We don't know who started following them. Maybe our great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather or somebody. We don't even know his name! And that was given to us, and this is given to us, and here we are with it. And there is this whole world. But what happened to the peace?

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharajithe mind's alibi

It's all disappeared. It just completely disappeared. But no! This is what people think because it's a little excuse for them. What happened to the peace? "Disappeared." And that's their little alibi - that's their mind's alibi.

But if someone really goes ahead and says, "No! That is more than impossible," then he goes ahead, realizes this Knowledge, and then it's just so wonderful, it's so beautiful. Because that's what he has always, always, always wanted to know. And there it is, all there, right before him - everything he wanted.

It's like that little boy who always imagined, imagined and imagined, and one day got Aladdin's lamp. It's all he ever wanted. This Knowledge is that Aladdin's lamp that we have been always trying to find.

The Knowledge is the reason why we take these microphones and big huge loudspeakers and cause so much gathering and then challenge that we are going to accomplish peace in this world. Because we are sure; we have realized it, we understand that we will be able to realize. And we will be able to accomplish peace.

Premies, there's just one thing left. So just go ahead and meditate, and tell people that what we have realized is much more than what they are imagining, what they can expect.

So we are all here, and tomorrow there is going to be a Darshan line, and all the premies will be able to have Holy Breath and Darshan.

We have come here, and then we are going to go. There is going to be one more program. I mean we can just arrange such a way so that we can hold programs forever and ever and ever. I mean it's possible. But the most important thing is that we should be able to gather something, we should be able to realize something out of these functions, out of this that's being given to us.

We should really understand that it's Grace that has been given to us. It's that Grace, that pure Grace that is here. Because of that pure Grace everything is existing. I mean, how many people are there who understand this, that we are here and living on this planet earth purely because of Grace. But it is perfectly true. Like, that's the reason.

love exists

I'm sitting here, and giving satsang, and talking about all these fantastic things, and people say, "Eck. I don't know what he's talking about." It's like a pickpocketer who always likes to pick pockets. He is there, and there's a big bunch of people and he is expecting to pick pockets. Then there is this man who looks very thin and very poor, and he walks away. But then his friend comes to him and says, "Listen. That thin man who just passed - he had a lotta dough." And the man goes "Wow. If I only would have known that at the time." Then it's of no use, because he's gone. He's gone - he's probably somewhere else. But this is what happens.

See the mind just comes in, takes us away and puts us somewhere else. This is why always a Perfect Master has come into this world, to put us back into a place where we are supposed to be. And he does.

So premies, there is just nothing to say. It's just that everything is so beautiful. Everything is just so fantastic - because this Knowledge is there. I mean without this Knowledge, it's like a beautiful car with flat tires. All you' can do is jump in and out of that car - that's all.

This world is that way. You can just come and go, come and go, come and go, come and go, and it's worth nothing. But with this Knowledge it's worth everything - everything. This is why God has put it there - for a use.

People think, "Aah, this whole world is like this," and, "whole world is like this," and, "whole world is crazy," and, "this is crazy." Maybe it is a little bit. But what has been given to us, by God's Grace, is there to be enjoyed. And they are really not enjoying it. But when this Knowledge is there, when we have realized our aim, our goal … it's like, if I take a car and start driving in Massachusetts, the whole state, I'll probably get stuck somewhere right in the highway without any gas. Because I don't know where I have to go, I have no aim, or any intentions to go anywhere. I am just riding around, so-called.

This is the condition of the whole world. Riding around. And people get stuck in the middle of the highway without any gas. And then there is no phone to call Triple A either. You get stuck there, and it rains and thunders, and then you say, "Oh, only if I would have known." And you knew all the time. But it was like that little alibi, "If only I would have known."

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharajimucho fantastico

There are two choices. One, to get stuck in the middle of the highway, and the other is to be at our destination where we have to be and where we should be. This is why we have been put into this world.

So premies, just understand. Because it's so beautiful, it's so beautiful, it's so perfect - it's mucho fantastico.

Love is such a strong thing, that pure love is such a strong thing. It's most intense; it's most powerful. And here we are, and this function is going to be here tomorrow also.

Just try to make as much use as possible of this. Because, there are so many leaves that fall off a tree. But there was one poet who was standing there. He saw this leaf fall off from this big huge tree, and he said, "Wow. This leaf is never going to go back to this tree again. The wind is gonna take this leaf miles and miles away. It's gonna be disintegrated somewhere else. It's never going to take the same form again. Never. Never in those centuries to come. It has broken from the tree."

That is so saddening, so moving. But this is a big tree. We have come here - and one day we are going to be broken from it. But if you really have understood this Knowledge, then it's like when we fall we are made the manure for the same tree. We go back into the same tree as we were.

That is what everybody is looking for. There is all love and that's what we have to understand. Just be in it. It's so beautiful,and so perfect.

So just try to understand. Understanding is the whole key to confusion. If you do not understand, there is going to be confusion. If you misunderstand, there is going to be confusion. If you understand that thing, which is within inside of us, which is the reason we have come here, then there is no confusion in our lifetime.

Because we know why we have come here. We know. If there are two different things in front of me, and one really looks big and is a very odd size, I'll say, "What is that? What is that?" If somebody can just tell me that the purpose of that thing is to take pictures, then I'll understand that it's a camera. Then I won't be using it as a walkie-talkie; then I won't be using it as a carburetor in the car. Because I know it's a camera now. And so I'll only use it for taking pictures.

most primordial identity

The same thing is with this life, premies. We have come and we are here now. If we do not know why we have come, what is the basis of our life, then we won't know why we are even here! And this is why there is so much confusion in the world. People don't know who they are.

It's like people say, "Oh, this is Mahatma Sampuranand Ji." And say, "Very pleased to meet you." But what was his name before he was born? He had a body at that time, you know. But he had no name. That was put on him and he has become Mahatma Sampuranand Ji, but that is not his true identity.

That true identity is within inside of him. If one day he dies and is buried, and the grave stone is all mashed away, and somebody comes along and says, "Whose graveyard is this?" people are gonna say, "Don't know." Because they never knew that true identity of Mahatma Sampuranand Ji. All they knew was his name; a false identity that was given to him.

That true identity of ourselves is the most primordial identity, that most primordial vibration that is within inside us. When we understand that, then we perfectly know, without any doubt, without any confusion, why we have come into this world.

So, blessings to all the premies. There is going to be some more music and there is going to be some more satsang, too.

Try to understand, realize. And all I can say is that you won't even have to try and still you'll be blissed out. Because that's the way it goes. Nobody can help it.