get together get stronger

This satsang was given by Guru Maharaj Ji on June 14, 1974 in Los Angeles

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji I understand that many premies won't be able to come to Amherst. At least they should try to make it there. But if you can't, I guess, you know, premies are premies. And premies are like united power.

It's like, there can be eight pistons and eight pieces of block lying in four corners of the world, but they wouldn't produce any horsepower. But if they all are combined, and the carburetor is put on top, you wouldn't believe - it produces 350 horsepower. Out of that same thing which could have been in four corners of the world producing nothing, just nothing. But when that is all combined, it's too much, it's amazing.

And it's the same thing with premies. There are all these people all around the world doing nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, it's zero. Even if they are doing anything, it's for their own destruction. It's completely zero; it's completely nill. But when they are all combined, put together, and made premies, then they have an enormous, amazing amount of power.

See, the thing is, still you have to come together.

See, the thing is, still you have to come together and do something. Sitting in your seats and relaxing is nowhere. There are two parts of an activity. One is spiritual, which already has taken place, and we all have realized Knowledge, and we are into it. But the physical part of the same activity is to just open up, to just completely, completely open up and go ahead and tell every person that this Knowledge is there. That's the physical part.

I mean, when I received Knowledge, I could have just been sitting in India, relaxing. Tell you, it was a big house.I could have said to myself, "Listen. You have realized the spiritual part of it, and you are only concerned with that. So, beat it." And I could have been sitting there, and all these premies which are now here, wouldn't have been able to realize this fantastic Knowledge.

gt02 (17K) "From where a man comes, no matter what you do, there is no destruction. But in this world, you can destroy everything. And this is what man is up to."

But, no, I came out and did the physical part of it. And that is to just go ahead and tell everybody, cooperate with each other, and just go like a tank, blasting through everything. Even a tank is not a perfect example, because when a tank blows up, it blows up sky high. But this Knowledge, this united power, is made in such a way that it will not blow up. It will have no end to it, because it had no beginning to it. It was always there.

"Love is the greatest unity. When it combines all of us into one part, it takes us right through. Then we can give this whole world Knowledge in maybe one day."

If you make something, there is always a gap left in it where it can also be destroyed. It sounds very, very strange, but only through Knowledge can you understand how everything that is created into this world will be destroyed one day. But this Knowledge, which has no beginning, how can it be destroyed?

When a person first stepped into this world and started understanding it then came the word 'destruction.' He had come out of something which had no destruction.

And that is why a person who comes into this world has to learn everything about this world; has to learn completely everything. Otherwise he is called wild. Because where he comes from, it's a little different. And the major part of it is destruction.

Why does a man completely want to destroy? Because it is something that is very, very rare for him - a very rare thing. If you see little kids, and they see ants, they'll just chase 'em down, wherever they are, and they just stomp on 'em, and just kill 'em, everything, destroy 'em. They just love it. They see a bee or something, they just chase it around till it sits somewhere, and throw rocks at him, and just see him die, destroy him.

Because from where they come, no matter what you do, there is no destruction. But in this world where they are, they can destroy. Everything you can destroy. And this is what man is up to. It's just like a little puppy, like a little child.

It is for you to understand what this Knowledge is.

Now, whatever I am going to say is going to be probably very common or not very common. But you know, it is for you to understand, for you to really recognize what this Knowledge is and what it can do. And until we have that practical experience, until we really meditate, we are not going to gain anything from it.

We have to understand. This Knowledge was already within us before we received it; before it was revealed to us, it was already there. What was it doing to us? Wasn't giving us any peace. But then, when it was revealed to us, and for the first time in our life we concentrated on it, for the first time in our life we really focused at that point, immediately we feel that energy there. Immediately.

And that's the whole thing, that you have to focus yourself till you permanently get focused. You focus so much in it, that it permanently gets focused.

I was starting a motorbike up today, and I pressed the gas so that it would heat up, for a long time, and I left it; it got stuck there. It's like, just keep it there that long, and it'll get stuck. That focus will just focus for once and for all, and just stay there.

All you have to do after that is just sit down, relax, and watch the beautiful movie. It's such a movie that it will give you sound, picture, water, and the most beautiful vibration. It's a beautiful movie. I mean, they don't even make it. You see this beautiful waterfall, and you are watching, and before you know, you are drowned. You see these beautiful things happening, beautiful vibrations, before you know, you are completely merged into it. You see this beautiful sun, and before you know, you are right into the heart of that sun. And this is what this Knowledge is.

gt04 (82K) Okay, and I hope you make it to Guru Puja. If you don't, when I come back maybe we can hold a big program here, just to cover up for Guru Puja.

But the only thing, you know, I can say is, there are many premies who think, "Wow, what's the big deal? I mean, we have received Knowledge now, and what does he want us to do more?" Listen, it's not what we want you to do, it's something you must do. I mean, not even mentioning it. It is something in you that'll compel you to do it.

So the first thing you should understand is Knowledge, by doing sat- sang, service, and meditation. It's like a strong dosage which you are given, and you just heal faster. I mean, a man heals himself, his body is made to heal himself, but when a doctor gives you some medicine, it heals faster.

The same thing with this Knowledge. Knowledge is there, and it's supposed to grow itself. But these three things - satsang, service and meditation - make it grow a lot faster. And when it's there, it's all you want, it's so beautiful.

Strongness is when everybody gets together with love

So premies, get together, get strong. Because that's where we all want to be. You have never experienced strongness. Maybe some people are the bosses of their house, so they know. But this is not what strongness is called - that's called meanness; you are mean to people. But what is strongness is when everybody gets together, with love. And then …

Listen. You can take a dog and beat him up to hell. He won't do what you want him to do. Love him, and like him; you tell him to do something, and he'll do it. He'll do it like that. That love is the greatest unity. When it combines all of us into one part, it just develops us, just takes us right through. Then we can do whatever we want to do - give this whole world Knowledge in maybe one day.

But it takes cooperation, it takes unity of all premies. So thank you very much, and I hope to see you in Guru Puja. If you can't, see you later.

"There are all these people all around the world doing nothing. But when they are combined, put together, and made premies, then they have an enormous, amazing amount of power."

gt03 (100K) Guru Puja

Lou Schwartz, Coordinator of Guru Puja '74, noted that, "We are at a very special point in time. The events of the past months have had a tremendous impact on the lives of all devotees, not only in the way these events shape our personal growth, but also in the direction which the Mission is taking. The one lesson which has been taught, and is ever-unfolding, is that this path of Knowledge is very simple, and does not leave room for any excess thoughts or beliefs. The path of dedication is one of constant meditation, and following the agya of Guru Maharaj Ji. In order to experience fulfillment in our lives, we must do nothing more, and nothing less. This is the path of perfection.

This issue pictorially highlights past celebrations of Guru Puja, and explores the meaning and significance of puja in the life of a devotee, as the experience grows and deepens. This year, Guru Puja '74 comes at a time when we are COLLECTIVELY making a transition; a transition based on an increased understanding that we are devotees of the living Master in a very contemporary world, with its own special attributes and context. Guru Puja '74 reflects a time when we can get together in love to understand our very real, practical role in Guru Maharaj Ji's mission, as it expands worldwide.

As we gather together to express our love and to honor Guru Maharaj Ji, we also come with a renewed and energetic commitment to serving Him. As we realize together the relevance of this Knowledge not only in our lives, but in the lives of all people as well, we begin to understand that Knowledge is the keynote - and our lives the context in which it can come into play.

Guru Puja is a time for every devotee to reaffirm his relationship with Maharaj Ji. Once Maharaj Ji was asked about the relationship between himself and his devotees. He answered with a story about Krishna:

"Krishna was asked, 'Who is more loving to you and who do you love more, those who pray to your formless state or those who pray to your form?'

"He said, 'I love those devotees who pray to my formless form but I love those devotees more who pray to me in my form. Because I can see them, I can feel them and go alongside them as they go along.'

"So Lord Krishna preferred those who pray to his form because he could do lilas with them. This world is the greatest lila God ever created. So many small things rubbing here and there, chattering to each other here and there. So he says I can do my lila here but I cannot do my lila there because there I have no form."