Guru Maharaj Ji flew into Denver on Sunday, April 28 with the pre-announced intention of "getting everything straight." Wasting no time, he called a program for that evening and spoke to an overflow crowd in the Cosmopolitan Hotel

Shape Up or Ship Out

Shape Up Or Ship 0ut

In powerful tones, Maharaj Ji told his devotees to decide either for or against Knowledge. "If you have faith that this Knowledge is gonna get you somewhere, then shape up and tell people about it. If you don't, forget it, ship out. There is nothing more."

shoot straight

Stressing that time cannot ever be regained, he exhorted premies to act now. 'We have to shoot straight, there are no shortcuts. I want every premie to unite and show the world that there is something more fantastic, beautiful, united, vast and mellow than what they have experienced before. The opportunity for people to hear satsang is now. We should wake up." Later he said premies should get together and "shake down this world and all the evil will completely fall apart."

why be shy?

Of those premies too shy to give people satsang, Maharaj Ji asked, "Does this mean that the Knowledge is not greater than the darkness? If it is, then why be shy? If the sun comes out and people don't realize it, then I should go out and yell 'the sun is out.' "

Maharaj Ji said that if peace is not established then "you are the people who are gonna be blamed for it," not the people who are without Knowledge. He also said there is no point in criticizing people living in illusion. They must be shown something else.

To explain his point he used an analogy of a man sitting inside his car trying to see what is outside. "if we have any intention of seeing the front grill we have to get out of the car and get right in front." He went on, "there are five different points from which you can see that front grill but one point will give you the perfect perspective."

The theme that underlay his satsang throughout the entire week was that premies must take the Knowledge and use it to become self-sufficient. He said that his duty was to give Knowledge and inspire people, but that the premie's duty was to realize and implement the Knowledge.

Confusion and questions are to be solved through meditation, not by asking Maharaj Ji. "I can give you a thousand answers and you you will never be satisified," he observed, "I have given you the answer to everything and that is this Knowledge. If you cannot get your answer through this Knowledge then forget it by words, you'll never get it. You'll be coming to me a thousand times a day with a thousand questions."

Later in the week Maharaj unfurled the DUO flag at the national headquarters for the first time. After he had run it up the pole he said, "Now I have done my duty."

After Sunday's program he drove straight to national headquarters where he inspected the organizational chart and went over projects with mission leaders until three o'clock in the morning. This week, Maharaj Ji worked in his office several hours each day fine tuning mission plans and giving agya.

Maharaj Ji promised to give a program every other evening for the duration of his planned one month long stay. At the beginning of each program he said that there was little to say since he had already given us Knowledge. But he managed to come up with some startling and inspiring messages anyway.

In one satsang he described our mission as "Mission Impossible, and we better get our work done at the right time and moment. We better accept the leadership of the right man."

The third satsang was unparalled for its intimacy and intensity. Maharaj Ji described in length his debt to his Guru Maharaj Ji, and how much premies need Guru Maharaj Ji now.

" People think, 'Now we have Knowledge so we don't need Guru Maharaj Ji,' but that is the time we need him most. I'll try and tell my experience with Guru Maharaj Ji.

just like you

"He took me away from all the junk that I was put into and put me in such a beautiful spot. Only one person, I cannot give credit to anyone but my Guru Maharaj Ji. If there would be no grace, I would have been just like you in every sense, the mind trip and everything. But he has taken me completely out. I mean out-and put me in this beautiful spot. What if I had displeased him right then and there saying, 'I have Knowledge, now why do I need Guru Maharaj Ji?' If I cannot believe in the source of the Knowledge, how else "Only if you do meditation will you understand it."

we need grace

He described a point where "you see nothing but light. All you hear is music, and all you can feel is the word vibrating. All there is to drink is nectar. To get to that point we need grace. Once grace is with us we can be doing anything and still have this experience with us."

He urged all premies to continue meditating: "Meditate, it's no burden. Maybe for a while it's a burden. Premies sometimes have fine experiences, but then it starts fading away. They get confused and more confused. This is a most important time in your life, because this is where the Knowledge is fighting the mind. Some premies get freaked out and leave it. If you leave right then, you're gone. No good. Just keep meditating and the mind will get out of you.

"Premies who are not meditating are like getting three tons of vegetables in their house and not eating it. When it starts rotting, phew, it's gonna rot like hell."

mind out!

Maharaj Ji briefly mentioned his plans for Guru Puja. This year the festival will be celebrated in Copenhagen, India and Massachusetts. "In Guru Puja I intend to get this mind straightened out. Out of almost everybody who comes to Guru Puja. Because it's getting heavy each day. If Guru Puja goes the way I have it planned in my head, by the time it's over the mind should be out. I mean out. "

Maharaj Ji went on to speak about himself. "I am a person of my own. I do not lean on concepts that are fed into me. I never wanted to be tied down in the ropes of concepts and come up straight as sugar cane, because there is something in this world that is more beautiful.

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Ship Out

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"In this life nothing means nothing to me. Not my brothers, nor Mata Ji. I might as well be frank with you. I respect them all because they should be respected. I love Mata Ji and I respect her. But there is grace. and if there wouldn't have been grace, I wouldn't even have been born. The one thing most important in a being's life, the most, most, most, most, most utmost important thing is Guru Maharaj Ji, because he can give new birth."

In his first satsang, Maharaj Ji warned that, "This is a point where l am being heavily objected to spreading this Knowledge. But I have full intentions to go ahead." He noted, 'There was never a time when a Perfect Master came that anything went smooth. The ocean is so huge but does it stay calm? There are always waves."

Maharaj Ji repeated the warning on the third night. "I can see my obstructions coming in the way. Like Tulsidas said, don't go where you were born because all you are going to get is a big baloney out of that. You won't believe the way the obstructions are going to come in our path; you should count on them coming. It's going to come from some people you don't expect it to come from. You might take this as a prophecy. It's gonna get so heavy that it will knock the air, out of you. But if we are all together we may end up knocking the air out of them."

He advised, "There will be a thousand things coming and a thousand things going but what we have to understand is grace, this Knowledge, and to do our service. We should not be bothered by any of those other things."

And It Is Divine
And It Is Divine
And It Is Divine

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