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To broaden its base of support, Divine Light Mission has placed new emphasis on the coordination and formation of Divine Information .Centers (DIC). Unlike ashrams which prescribe a lifestyle, DIC's prescribe a function. This function is to propagate Knowledge in its vicinity and to give financial support to Divine Light Mission in America and the world.

Maharaj Ji recently asked for the mission to be "internationalized." This means that global mission activities will be administered and supported through one international headquarters located in Denver. Because America is the richest nation in the world and one of the few able to send money to other countries, the role of all American premies will be to support global prachar.

Presently, Divine Light Mission in America is making enough money to barely pay for its own activities. To finance propagation internationally will require more premies to support the mission.

The first step toward broadening the base of support in America is to strengthen our network of DICs. At national headquarters a full time staff looks after the needs of all the centers. Advice about howto obtain films, arrange mahatma visits and conduct other activities is available through headquarters. Premies wishing to become an official center should write Karen Sann c/o DLM, Box 6495, Denver, Colorado 80206.

The following is a brief report on the activities of some of the centers:

… Premies in Fayetteville, Arkansas have been giving satsang to the mayor who said he wants to hear "more about this Guru business." …

… A bazaar is planned in Carbondale, Illinois with a flea market, fishpond, musical performances, tarot card readings and a spaghetti dinner …

… Premies in Tampa, Florida have just moved into a new house. Community is emphasizing a11-premie activities. Mahatma Guru Charanand coming - 60 people attending satsang …

… A natural foods restaurant will be opening soon in Key West, Florida

… Premie community in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida increases from 2 to 18 with Mahatma Guru Charanand's visit …

… Many received Knowledge in Hawaii with Mahatma Jagdeo's visit. New premie houses starting there …

… Friday-night-at-the-movies begun in South Bend, Indiana for premies and children. Good response to cartoons like "Sunshine Makers" and other Truthful hits…

… In Greenfield, Massachusetts which is near Amherst, visitors from national headquarters have been dropping by to prepare for festival. Good chance to do service for Guru Puja …

… Premies are being brought closer together in Lansing, Michigan through a food co-op and new house …

… Many premies from Gulfport, Mississippi went to Denver for Maharaj Ji's darshan programs; those returning gained a wider perspective and now want an ashram in their city …

Omaha, Nebraska is growing stronger all the time. Looking for another house, applicant ashram wanted. Work taking place with city in "Keep Omaha Beautiful" campaign …

… Loreli Bode of Reno, Nevada is working on a master's in psychology and has been conducting experiments on premies' respiration heartbeat, etc., while meditating. Premies from San Francisco, as well as others passing through have participated. Results should be ready soon …

West Orange and East Brunswick, New Jersey have come together in joint community projects. Recently held a clothing give away …

… 250 acre farm acquired by premies in Cincinnati, Ohio. They visited a premie farm in Cornwall, England and came back with much insight. Fifty active premies, all householders and all tied-in. No regular ashram, but have formed a corporation, profits sent to DLM. Community is half black. Bob Mishler, Nancy Brown and Charles Cameron have visited. Good media coverage. Propagation in black community is fantastic. PLA doing weekly skits, reported to be very good …

… A puppet show is being worked up for children and institutions in Erie, Pennsylvania

… A swan float entry won third price in Newport, Rhode Island in a Bicentennial parade. Gold trophy being sent to Guru Maharaj Ji …

… Natural foods restaurant opened in Austin, Texas. Newspaper there rates it as the best food in town …

… In Spokane, Washington the World's Fair is underway. Premies rented a small storefront where films can be shown, information on Guru Maharaj Ji and DUO will be available. Gina Michelle made a stain glass window portrait of Maharaj Ji for the ashram …

… Pattie Nolan and Robert Culting of Albany, New York were the only white premies to attend the Third World Prachar weekend in Washington, D.C. They were well received due to their extensive work in minority neighborhoods.

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Volume 3, Issue 2
June 15, 1974
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