Rally in front of State House Boston, Mass.SOUL RUSH

A Joyous Pilgrimage to Houston

Soul Rush, a pilgrimage for peace and an invitation for all Americans to come to Millennium '73 in Houston, took off with a rousing start in Boston on Oct. 24, then swept on to Plymouth, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. with the message of the advent of real peace on earth.

Candelight procession on the way to the White House The demonstration of peace began in downtown Boston on the 24th of October, where the 500 Soul Rushers gathered in front of City Hall to begin their parade through the heart of Boston's business section where thousands saw their banners, horsedrawn carriages, and colorful costumes. One member of the troup, costumed as Paul Revere, led the parade past the Old North Church, where Paul Revere's signal of alert came from. Over a thousand gathered before a stage decorated with banners, one side proclaiming, "World Family Reunion," "With God All Things Are Possible," and "Liberty and Enlightenment For All." There, they heard satsang from premies and Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji, and an invitation to the program that evening in the Boston Music Hall, located in the heart of the theatre district.

The program that night was to be the prototype of those to be held on the rest of the Soul Rush route, eventually to storm a total of seven cities. Short satsang was given by Rennie Davis and Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji, and then the lights dimmed for a showing of a special; 30-minute version of the film, Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? Then the curtains of the stage parted on Blue Aquarius, and Shri Bhole Ji, elder brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, swept onstage to direct his band. The entire audience was driven wild with the energy he pumped from the band. Bostonians were standing in the aisles, dancing and shaking; at the end, all were on their feet screaming and begging for more, more, more!

Pilgrims assembled in front of Plymouth Rock monument. Rainbow-painted buses traveled to Plymouth, the landing site of America's original Pilgrims, to read the Call to Millennium, written at the Pilgrims' Congress. The day was cold, windy and overcast. A hardy pilgrim stood and read: "We, the disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji, know that America was born to breath free…A great change is coming. A child is on the planet who has declared, 'I will establish Peace in this world'… Every American is invited."

Concert audience in front of Washington Monument. The Soul Rushers then proceeded to a hall in Plymouth, where an original, one-act musical play was performed, filling the entire audience with tears and laughter.

Philadelphia, Pa., the city of Brotherly Love, saw Soul Rush arrive on October 26. Following the Soul Rush format, a parade and rally were held in the afternoon, followed by an evening program in the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, a nearby suburb. Over 2,000 attended.

Approximately 3,000 disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji were joined by 4,000 others in a silent, candlelight procession around the White House on the evening of October 28. The day began with a rally at the Sylvan Theatre, near the Washington Monument. The thousands gathered there heard disciples talk about Guru Maharaj Ji and then the driving sound of Blue Aquarius, before the candlelight procession began promptly at 5:00 pm. At one point, the marching line stretched all the way around the White House, from the Elipse to Lafayette Park, and the whole executive area was surrounded by candle-bearers, their candles glowing in the night. The people marched in complete silence, maintaining what one disciple described as a "deep meditative atmosphere."

The purpose of this march was to invite President Nixon and the people of America to the Millennium '73 celebration. During the procession, the President's helicopter descended and landed on the White House lawn.

The march ended at a stage set up in Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House, where disciples sang many traditional songs, including "America the Beautiful," and devotional music. After the evening rally, one woman getting into her car said, "this is the greatest feeling of peace I've ever experienced. A change is going to take place in our country, and at last it will be a change for the good of our citizens and actually for the good of all humanity."

Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji and friend in Philadelphia. The Soul Rushers left the next day for Columbus, Ohio, from where they would proceed to Indianapolis, Indiana; Kansas City, Mo., and then to Houston, to prepare for the great Millennium '73 celebration in the Astrodome.

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