DECEMBER 11, 1973

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board works! Send your ad with 25C per line (30 letters per line; count punctuation and spaces as letters) to: Bulletin Board, Divine Times, P.O. Box 6495, Denver, CO. 80206. Deadline one week before publication date.

ANYONE KNOWING the whereabouts of these people, please contact Susan James, Corresponding Secretary, 511 16th Street, Denver, Colorado: John Driscoll, Aim Ferry, George Gurkovic, Leonard Ferencak, Ann Fowles, Mirdza Finch, Marion Gares, Thomas Steineman, Denise Tuttle, Robert Marcoux, Dick O'Kane, Bill Norton, David Byrd, Alex Laughlin, Jeff Goward, and Ellen (who knows someone in the schoolhouse in Tallahassee) Kimball Brown" Tom Rother, Kevin Lloyd, Jay Krough, Marcia Kappler, Mariann Leisinger, Alton Brody, Peter Bisset, Stephen Carroll, Kenneth Crawford, Cheryl Desch, Bob Boenau, Sheila Daly, Chrsitopher Gibbons, Eileen Ertel, Jane Jasper, Backy Harris, Vance Hughes, Robert Rochek, Doug Bethune, Mark Charde, Richard Browne, Jerome Mason, Mike Miller, Michael Myers, Kenneth Bass, Henry Wise, Jan & Paul Wilson, Michael Orchard, Elizabeth Burns, Amy Super, Kate Spencer, Patricia Steele, Robert Sorrell, Hermana Elsa Inglese, Charles Harris, Carl Roles, Martha Williams, David Byrd, Marion Gares, Steven Wolcott, Carol Tremmel, Anna May Cole, Robert Marcoux, William Norton, Denny Davis, Bruce Goldberg, Pat Guidi, John Cave, Richard Grossman, Edward Mendez, Christine Scott, and John Quale.

MARRIED COUPLE wanted to assist my wife and me to operate thriving service company to support DLM. Private apartment in premie center. Call or write M. M. M., 2156 Linden Ave., Madison, Wis. (Tel) 608-244-5580.

PREMIES URGENTLY NEEDED to establish a Divine Light Center in the San Antonio area. If interested in propagating the Knowledge, write to Jeff Fredericks, Box 2487, Randolph AFB, Texas 78148, or phone (512) 652-3261.

MOVING? Send us your new address early so we can send you Divine Times and And It Is Divine to the correct address. Each time one of us moves without doing this, it costs us a dime in postage due. The rate has been about 50 a day, so there's $5 a day down the drain and there's so much to do. Send it to: Distribution, Box 6495, Denver, CO 80206.

ACTORS: Shri Hans Productions is filming a feature length film at Millennium and needs actors and actresses with experience in films. Any premies with experience and availability should send a resume and set of pictures to Shri Hans Productions, 316 N. Larchmont Blvd., L.A., CA 90004, attn: Jacques Sandoz.

HELP! We are finding it very difficult to balance on a one legged stool. If there are any premies in the North Bend -- CoDENVER(Oregon) area who want and need the grace of Satsang, Service, and Meditation under the Lotus Feet of Our Lord, please contact us. Michael & Coral Ireland, 651 Lewis Street, North Bend, Oregon 97450. Tel: 503-756-5014.

DIVINE SALES IN DENVER has a new hand craft center in the store at 1040 E. Colfax. We'll gladly accept contributions of your products or supplies.

FILM INDUSTRY: Any premies who have had any experience in the film industry, either in production, set construction, camera, make-up, or art dept. and are willing to work on a feature film to be made by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace soon … contact Jonathan Mills, Shri Hans Productions, 316 N. Larchmont Blvd., L.A., CA 90004.

VIDEO EQUIPMENT OR VIDEO TAPES of the Holy Family needed. Anyone having access to good equipment or tapes please contact John Berzner, Shri Hans Productions, 316 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004.

DENVER RENT: Preferred married couple, single will do to share two bedroom house. Immediate occupancy near Colorado General Hospital. Share expense, responsibilities, and meditation. Call: 333-3373 after 5:30.

ACTORS: Shri Hans Productions is filming a feature length film at Millennium and needs actors and actresses with experience in films. Any premies with experience and availability should send a resume and set of pictures to Shri Hans Productions, 316 N. Larchmont Blvd., L.A., CA 90004, attn: Jacques Sandoz.

HELP! HELP! HELP! I am about to lose a beautiful premie house in Tahoe Vista area of California because I can't afford the expense. If you are interested in coming to the Land of Opportunity and spread the Knowledge please contact me: Lane Moller, c/o General Delivery, Kings Beach, California 95719.

VIDEO VAN to record the historic events now taking place on this planet needs equipment. Anyone with access to or possession of 1/2", 1", 2" video components, porta-packs – mixing panels, monitors, playback and record decks, tripods, dollys, etc., to be donated or rented. Contact Shri Hans Productions, TV Dept. 316 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004.

ISRAEL: Anyone wishing to do propagation in Israel after Millennium contact: Michael Sussman, 22 Elko St., Brighton, Massachusetts 02135.

PREMIES NEEDED. Reorganize center/ashram in Madison, Wis. Good service company rolling. Call or write M.M.M., 2156 Linden Ave., Madison, Wis. (Phone) 608-244-5580.

GREATLY NEED FOUR more premies to establish an ashram. Come right after Christmas if you can. Write to the Divine Light Center, 1521 So. Elwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119.

BEEKEEPING: Anyone experienced or just interested in helping to start a Divine Beekeeping Project in Colorado, please contact Brian Moro through DLM Ashram,- 1410 High Street (377-9513), Denver. Also anyone knowing of someone who could be of some assistance in any way, we would appreciate you letting us know.

MAGAZINE LAYOUT DESIGNERS urgently required to help design And It Is Divine. Contact David Passes, c/ o AHD, 511 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202.

ARTS AND CRAFTS COLLECTIVE: Any sisters or brothers with ideas on working and growing together, making and selling crafts (possibly exhibiting) to propagate the Knowledge, please contact me: Marcia Rubenstein, 1041 Pugsley Avenue, Bronx, New York 10472.

ALBANY, N.Y.: Premies needed in Albany, New York. Two houses – lots of room. One woman with children and couples. Starting a Divine Restaurant. Need cooks, servers, dishwashers, etc. Contact: 73 Pleasant View Ave., Albany, N.Y. 12203. Or call (518) 438-5868.

DEDICATED PREMIES needed in Greeley, Colorado, 50 miles north of Denver. Contact us as soon as possible: Corinna Emerine, 2208 11th Ave., Greeley, Colorado 80631. Divine Light Center.

CARTOON CONSCIOUS brothers and sisters: There are cosmic characters just waiting to sing the glories of the Lord. Sat-sang you never heard from Yogi Bear, but they need our service. If you have ability with drawing, painting, creative writing, or can produce unusual voices, fantastic. Get together some kind of resume "Voices on Tape" and send right away to: Shri Hans Productions c/ o Steamboat Willie, 316 North Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90004.

CARTOONIST ABLE TO PUT ACROSS SATSANG: with humor and love (books and magazines, not films) please contact: Charles Cameron c/o Divine Times.