DECEMBER 11, 1973


Report from Spain Report from Spain

At last things are coming together here in Spain. When Mahatma Gyan Yoganand Ji arrived early last month, we were having lots of difficulty trying to legalize ourselves. But with his inspiration and help – he chose the President, The General Secretary and the Board of Directions of the Mission – we are completely legalized in Barcelona as a cultural association, and this will apply for the whole of Spain within a few weeks. So soon we can start the practical steps to establish Guru Maharaj Ji's perfect society in Spain – DUO, publications, Divine Sales and anything else that will help us to spread our Lord's message throughout the land.

Mahatma Ji stayed for more than three weeks and toured many of the cities and towns giving programs. In Jerez, a village in the south, we had a beautiful program attended by 400 people. They listened amazed to Mahatma Ji explain about the Knowledge. He advised all the premies to spend their time serving Guru Maharaj Ji, who is playing with the world as a child plays with an apple.

Not long after his visit, a strange thing happened in a little village in the south. For the last two years some people there claimed to have had visions of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. They claimed that she told them of the great changes soon to happen in the world at the beginning of the Age of Peace.

When Mahatma Ji was in Jerez, one of those waiting to receive Knowledge was a lady who often visited that village to consult a clairvoyant who regularly had visions. A few weeks ago, she went along with some other premies and brought with her a picture of Guru Maharaj Ji; as it was customary that visitors brought pictures of their most honored saints to the clairvoyant.

The clairvoyant went into a trance, and after all the people had offered her their pictures, the premies went forward and gave her the picture of Guru Maharaj Ji. She immediately kissed it and cried out, "This is the child!" Everybody who heard her was amazed and asked her what child she was talking about. She replied, "The Virgin Mary says that he is the Master who has come to give happiness to millions of people."

This produced quite a reaction in the village. Many people wanted to know more about Guru Maharaj Ji. So the premies gave satsang to a most receptive audience that afternoon. Once more – and this time in a most unusual way – hundreds more have heard about. Guru Maharaj Ji.

Raja Ji in San Francisco

"I have come to talk of Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. Many people say, 'Why doesn't he perform miracles?' To me, this light of a million suns is quite a miracle. He will give it to us. What he wants in return is love. Nothing else. If you love him it would be far out," Shri Raja Ji explained at a post Thanksgiving Day, San Francisco program attended by 900, including members of local press and radio.

"Love is opening the door, love is what we came here for" was sung to begin the program. Thanksgiving harvest fruits, pumpkin, squash, and apples covered the stage. Looking over the excited audience from all over the city, a member of the local DUO community began the evening satsang by speaking directly to the San Franciscans. "Americans want the best; people come to San Francisco because they think it is the best, most beautiful city. Now this Knowledge is offering the people of San Francisco the best experience you can have while you are alive. Don't be afraid of this Knowledge, it will not hurt you. True brotherhood is alive now!"

Amid the many fruits and flowers on the stage, Shri Raja Ji chose a garland of pink carnations. Holding it in the air, he said, "This garland is so beautiful, so far out. You can't tell the difference between the individual flowers, they are all the same. This is what Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge is doing for us all, making us one beautiful thing. Guru Maharaj Ji's aim is for everyone to have peace, not to go to the moon or undersea, just to have perfect peace in this world. That is what he is offering now, while you are in this human body."

To a very loving "Bolie Shri," Raja Ji left the stage while Mahatma Saphlanand continued satsang. "It is not a pleasant thing when you leave your body in an ugly sick bed or old age, a shot in a battlefield or street. That is the atmosphere from which you will go into a deep sleep begging for peace, light and Knowledge. Then it will be too late. If you don't have peace now before you die, you won't have it after you die. This is a dangerous thing. People are in the greatest danger when they think there is no danger at all Today through mass media we are capable of spreading immorality, illusion and suffering. But Guru Maharaj Ji uses the same media film, microphones, cars and planes to spread this Knowledge. Who else could put them to such good use, to end suffering?"

After the program Raja Ji met with local World Peace Corps members at the temporary residence. "WPC should work for the community, then branch out." Mahatma Parlokanand then began giving Knowledge to the 90 people who had earlier signed up for it.

Paradise Farms

"For centuries mankind has mismanaged the planet, and this is now culminating in a desperate attempt to satisfy his selfish desires by generally hammering our resources harder than ever. This is so clear in the field of farming where man-made artificials have become an accepted part of modern farming. Basically the reasons artificials have to be used is because we take out from the land more than we put back. We are upsetting the perfect harmony of Mother Nature. At first one might say, 'What does it matter if we put it back in the form of artificial substances?' The answer is that in just a few years, beautiful, natural soil full of life, bacteria, worms, humus etc., can be reduced to a lifeless sandpit where nothing grows unless tons of chemicals are spread over it to compensate for the natural goodness long since lost.

"Food produced on chemical land is unfit for human consumption. It will keep our bodies alive in the short term, but wreck them in the long term. Without this body we cannot receive the Knowledge of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, and without food we cannot live to realize this Knowledge, which is surely the one and only thing worth doing on this planet."

The above was just a short extract from a regular newssheet published by the Paradise Farms collective. This consists of a group of four farms, two in Wales, one in Northern Ireland, and the fourth and best known at Mullion in Cornwall. For some time now they have been supplying Divine Light Mission and are now expanding by using "Plain Grain Food Supplies" as a London agent for Paradise Farms produce. As well as this, they have put in a tender to rent two small farms, and are still in negotiation with agents in London over "lease-back," a system which would enable them to acquire a farm of very large acreage.

Their methods of organic farming are proving so successful that already Cornish Paradise Farms are selling a large quantity of produce in Penzance three times a week, often to customers who are prepared to travel long distances to obtain pure and healthy food.

Denver Parents

Denver's parents organization has gotten off to a great start. At present we have 30 parents and 27 children. We live in separate premie houses with one center at 1454 Ash St. We have satsang every Sunday afternoon, and also we are giving satsang to the premie community on a regular basis. The nursery at Denver's programs is in our hands now, in that we encourage babysitting at any one of the family premie houses. In this way some of the parents can go to the programs without worrying that their children are not being taken care of.

Shri Hans Educational is helping us to see more light in raising our children spiritually. They hold a parent workshop every Tuesday night in which we practically experience the Rudolf Steiner method.

Due to the great number of responses that we have received since our first article, we have decided to use "Divine Times" as our medium of exchange. In our responses to individual letters we will try to answer all the problems that parents seem to have in common. Send your letters and comments to:

Family Center

1454 Ash St.
Denver, Colo. 80220
(303) 333-6146



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