DECEMBER 11, 1973

'Conquer That Judas'

Bal Bhagwan Ji aka Satpal Maharaj brother of Prem Rawat Yesterday I read an article in the paper, the Denver Post. It was about some theologian, some professor who was talking about Guru Maharaj Ji and different things. And it was so strange; it was so beautiful, it was so strange. According to social standards, Maharaj Ji is a kid, and Maharaj Ji is only fifteen. But his age is so powerful, because all these people are freaking out now. It's just like an apple. If the knife falls on the apple, the apple is cut; and if the apple falls on the knife, still the apple is cut. And these people are in the same position as that apple: if they accept Maharaj Ji they think they have to leave the church; if they don't accept Maharaj Ji then they cannot give that experience that Maharaj Ji is giving, and they are losing their own people. So if they don't do that then they are losing their people, and if they accept Maharaj Ji then they have to leave their church. They cannot do anything; they are completely cornered. And they don't even understand that they themselves have knowledge of scripture, they themselves have the church, and they have so much organization and they have so much money and everything; but still that money and those many things cannot solve their problem.

I was coming from Los Angeles to New York, and I was on the plane, a 747 Jumbo jet. I was sitting there when suddenly one air hostess came and said, "Where is Guru Maharishi?" She never said Guru Maharaj Ji, she said, "Where is Guru Maharishi?" I said, "Who is Guru Maharishi?" And she said, "I want to speak to Guru Maharishi." I said, "No, there is nobody known as Guru Maharishi. There is Guru Maharaj Ji." But she said, "Yes, yes, yes, that's Guru Maharishi." Because she was confusing Guru Maharaj Ji with Maharishi Yogi, and then she was putting the name Guru in front; it was like a mixture of the two things, like a solution, you see? (Laughter). She wanted to know about Maharaj Ji, because she heard about Maharaj Ji and about Millennium '73. Then all the air hostesses came down there, and we had a beautiful satsang for two hours on the plane. And then they told me to stop because they couldn't hear any more; they said, "We cannot digest this. We have to sit down and think this over, because our minds are completely blown out now and we cannot understand all this you are saying."

I was telling them simple things. I was telling them very, very simple things, very logical things. Because if I take two things - for instance, if I put a candy and chilis before a child, definitely he's going to take the candy, he's not going to take the chilis. He knows the candy is sweet; he knows the chili is bad, it's bitter. In the same manner, I was giving them simple logic - just like a child. And the stewardesses were picking my things and they were completely throwing all the bitter things off.

I said to those girls, "Okay. Don't you believe in Jesus Christ?' And they all said, "We believe in God and we believe in Christ." I said, "Okay, if you believe in Christ, why do you need a rule book? Why do you need a rule book? Because the apostles, all the twelve apostles, they loved Jesus Christ. They all loved Jesus Christ and they never had a rule book. Did they? They never followed any gospel. They were gospel-less. And they still loved Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ made them his apostles. He made them his apostles without a rule book." So we can also, without a book, experience that thing, and scriptures only help us. But now actually instead of helping us they are taking us away from reality. They are completely taking us away from reality. For instance, if I go to India and I see a beautiful Taj Mahal and I say, "It's beautiful, it's white and the sky is blue," I just write it, and I make it a scripture. Then your children go down there, but there has been a war, and Taj Mahal is destroyed; they go down there and they see the ruin, and they say, "Oh, this is not Taj Mahal. According to this book, Taj Mahal was white, it was beautiful, the sky was blue. And it's raining down here, and it's all black, so this is not Taj Mahal." And we can completely deny that fact, because you go into the book.

It's very strange - like, even people like Billy Graham, Dr. Billy Graham, he is supposed to be a doctor. Jam not a doctor, but he is supposed to be a doctor. And I read his pamphlet, his pamphlet was about "D-day," "Doomsday." He said that St. Paul in his Bible says, "The time is at hand," whereby he was proving that the time is at hand because St. Paul says it. But the point is, St. Paul was living in the first century. So either he was talking about the 20th century and fooling his own people - talking about this century and telling a lie to those people and actually in reality he was talking about this century, he was speaking a lie in his own time - or he was talking about that century. And if he was talking about his century, his time, then that sentence is not meant for us. Because in that time it was so quick, it was so fast, that St. Paul was like a very, very heavy evangelist, and he was trying to tell people the time, is at hand and the day after tomorrow the Christ is going to come down - he was just talking like that. And since then, people have been waiting; every priest who was a priest believed that in his lifetime there was going to be the last judgment day-every Christian believes that it will be in his lifetime; it's not going to be in twenty lifetimes or thirty lifetimes, it's going to be in his lifetime. If you also believe that, "In my lifetime that thing, that last judgment day, the rapture is going to come," and you are going to be sucked up. But people never thought about the ceiling. So if you are sitting down, and if you are sucked up, then first of all you are going to bash your head against the ceiling, yes. What will be left will be a skeleton, you see, because the skin is gone.

Bal Bhagwan Ji aka Satpal Maharaj brother of Prem Rawat So still, we add so many superstitious things, and this is called "blind faith." I was speaking to David Hill and he was saying, "My friend, if you want to believe in this book, you have to have blind faith." And I couldn't say anything to him because he was telling me what I wanted to tell him. Yes! I was astonished! I couldn't say anything! The point is that we people have to have the real faith and not blind faith. Anybody can believe, can sit down and believe, "Oh, God is going to break this pillar and come out," we can all believe that, but we know actually, we know that something is manifesting, and through that thing we can experience what is inside that. So actually, we people have solved the puzzle.

So now we have to experience that. The thing is that the whole experience, the spiritual experience is like an onion - you peel one skin, then there is the second skin, and each day by meditation you are peeling your skin off. And as you are peeling your skin off you are coming closer and closer and closer and closer. Finally you come to the center point. So this whole spiritual evolution is just like an onion - you peel each day, by meditation you peel your skin off. And finally you come to the nectar, finally you come to the point. So, dear premies, really now we have to meditate, and this is the time that we people have to serve. And service is very important.

For instance, if you were made to more like organize these people, then you would want that everybody should like believe in you and follow your direction. In the same manner, it's very, very important for us to help each other. And people who direct us, we should listen to them, and if anything is wrong then we can suggest and tell them that this is wrong, and this is the correction, this is the solution. But then again, we have, to cooperate with them, because the thing is you have a human body; if you want to go to the right, the whole body moves to the right - it doesn't happen that your left foot goes right and your right foot goes somewhere else - it doesn't happen like that. Or your one eye is looking toward one side, and the other eye is looking toward the other side; it doesn't happen like that. The whole body follows one direction. In the same manner, the whole mission, everybody, every member in the mission, every devotee has to follow one direction. And that's why we people need your cooperation. So this is very important.

And really premies, because Jesus Christ … Christ means "the annointed one," and if you can be annointed then you also can be Christ. And everybody has twelve senses: the five working organs, the five sensory organs, the mind and the intellect. We all have twelve organs. In the same manner Jesus Christ also had twelve apostles. And one of them was Judas, wasn't he? In the same manner, our mind, who is like one apostle, is Judas. Yes. And he's going to betray everybody, every Christ. You cannot have a history where it says Judas supported Christ. You have a history that says that Judas betrayed Christ. And everybody has a bit of Judas inside him. That mind is inside you, that's the thing. So you have to tell that Judas, you have to give him like a heavy rapping. Because everybody has a Judas inside, everybody has that mind inside him. So the thing is: we have to really control that mind, we have to really control that Judas, we have to really make him a devotee, we have to really make him our slave. And that's the most important thing.

So dear premies, the most important point is that we all have to meditate, and we all have to conquer that Judas. Because otherwise every one of you will be crucified, yes. Every one of you will be suffering. And we have to have this resurrection, and this Knowledge is resurrection - this Knowledge is that real spiritual baptism. This Knowledge can really resurrect us, this is really resurrection, because you can see your past life and you can see that life dead now, completely dead. And just after the Knowledge, after just three days or two days or one day or even three seconds, yes, you just became a new person - now you are a devotee. Tulsidas, who was a saint, says that the Holy Name of Lord Rama is like a tree that fulfills all boons. And in this age of Kali Yuga, he says, in this age of machinery, in this mechanical age, that Holy Name is the only shelter, because that is not mechanical, that's spiritual. That Holy Name is the only shelter. And then further on it says that anybody who meditates on the Word is a very fortunate man, is a very, very fortunate man. And Tulsidas says, "I meditated on the Word and I did not remain Tulsidas, but I became a devotee, Tulsidas, I, became a devotee." And so anybody who meditates on that Name becomes a devotee. So the point is that every devotee must be disciplined, we all have to have spiritual discipline. We have to discipline our minds.

So many things are systematic, but now all the systems are like just collapsing because now we are going to have this energy crisis. And every premie, everybody, is having this energy spiritual energy maybe, or gas energy or gasoline energy, any energy - but we are having this energy crisis, a world energy crisis. … So ultimately the point comes that everything will be dark, and everything is like, we have crisis, crisis, crisis, crisis, Watergates, Watergates, Watergates, Watergates. And that's the point. When the Lord comes, you can read all the scriptures and it says, "When He comes He comes in the time of misery, in the time of suffering." He doesn't come when everybody is well off, He comes when there are crises, when there are problems.

So in the same manner, when Jesus Christ came the sins were increasing, increasing, increasing, and there came a point of saturation because everything has to stop. In the same manner, now everything is coming to a stop. And so whenever the Divine Master comes, like Lord Krishna says, in the Bhagavad Gita he says that, "When there is evil in the world," when there is evil, not virtues, "when there is evil in the world, then I come to establish righteousness, I come to establish religion, I come to establish dharma." When there is evil, when there is darkness, when there is suffering.

So dear premies, now we have to really really meditate, really really go on that thing. Once Lord Buddha was sitting down and many many disciples like you people were sitting down around him, and many people were atheists and they started questioning Buddha, they started telling him, "You talk about God, you talk about a creator. Now first of all tell us who is God, what is God, how did He create this creation and how did He make this world which, is full of suffering and misery and this and that." And they started asking him all these questions. Lord Buddha first of all was listening, listening, listening. Then everybody stopped, they paused for an answer and then Lord Buddha spoke. He said, "There is an oil can, for instance, here on a shelf. And there is a white cloth. And the oil can falls, oil is on that white cloth, and the white cloth is dirty, it's spotted. So a man comes down there, and the man says, 'Oh'. He sees that oil on that white cloth and he says, 'What happened?' The question comes in his mind, 'What happened?' So he looks up and finds the oil can. So he understands, 'Oh, the oil fell from the oil can'." So that question was solved.

Then, then the question comes again, how did that oil can fell? A cat was running, the cat pushed that oil can, and the oil can fell. The question comes, why did that cat come along that way? Because there was a dog, and the dog was running and chasing the cat, so the cat came in that direction and the can fell. Now the question comes,

DECEMBER 11, 1973

Satsang by Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, Dec. 7, 1973 in Denver, Colorado

why did that dog come in that direction? Why was the dog running? So the answer for that is that a man was sitting down, and the dog was coming and chasing the man, so the man hit the dog and the dog ran. And when the dog ran the dog found the cat and the dog started chasing the cat and the cat came in that direction and the oil can fell. Then the question came, "Why was that man coming?"

So there is no end to these whys and whys and whys and whys. You can go on and on, there is no end. Is there an end? But if you go on asking why, why, why, why, what'll happen? That oil on the white cloth will become very, very hard. So when it becomes very, very hard, even if you put soap or washing powder or anything, any acid or anything, the oil will not be removed. So what'll happen is that that white cloth will have that big patch of oil. So what will you do? You'll take that cloth, you'll stop asking all these whys and whys and whys and whys and take that cloth and wash it, wash it in time.

Bal Bhagwan Ji aka Satpal Maharaj brother of Prem Rawat So in the same manner, you can sit down and ask, "Why did that happen, why did this happen," and "Why did this happen?" and you are asking all these questions why and why and why, and each day I am coming and giving you the answer; and finally you realize, "I came to meditate." But then you are so old that you are near death, and then you can't even meditate because you are dying. And then the big patch, the big dirt, is very hard, and you cannot do anything then. You cannot go back, you cannot even repent.

So, dear premies, do not trouble your mind, because by doing that you'll be hardening that patch, and this patch will increase. So I think you people understand my point, I made it clear. So this is the point, this is, the real thing. All these theologians are asking why and why, until now, till now, after 2,000 years, they have not solved all these mysteries, they haven't even answered any question.

So the point is now they have to decide, they have to understand for themselves, that Maharaj Ji is no joke, he is not like a gimmick, this is not a rip off, this is something very very serious, and they have to answer this question because if they want to survive, if they want to live they have to really answer these questions. One clergyman was telling me, "Oh the church must die." I said, "Why?" He said, "The Lord died and he got resurrected, so we must also die to get resurrected." And I said, "The Lord was Lord, but we are not Lord and if you die you will be dead. You won't rise again because the Lord had all the miracle power and miraculous powers. He rose again because he was Jesus Christ. You people are all clergy people. If you die, I think your coffin will be just locked up." And they understand this, that all the churches are for sale.

You can imagine anybody making a movie, you can imagine Jesus Christ coming down, having his robes, long hair and everything, walking on the street. First of all, a policeman is going to catch him and say, "Cut your hair!" And then all these people who are like drunk are going to take him and mug him, or rob him - this is it, this is the world. And in this manner we are going to receive him. Then the police car stops, and the policeman knows that these people are hooligans, so he's going to catch that Christ and put him behind bars, because he knows that this fellow created all the nonsense. Even though he was innocent. If he goes, in the church he'll see people playing bingo and then he's going to think about his time when in his synagogue people were playing, selling things, and making that whole synagogue into a marketplace, and he said, "Hey, don't make this place a robbers' cave." If he walks straight in which is really strange - if he walks straight in and stands before the priests, then those people who collect donations in big boxes are going to come, lift him up and throw him out.

And that's the way people are going to receive Jesus Christ, I'm telling you At one point in the Bible it says that he is going to come on a big cloud, on a white horse, with a big bang, and the trumpets are going to blow off. On the other hand, in the Bible it says that he is going to come as a thief in the middle of the night. If we believe in one thing you don't believe in the other one, if you belive in the other one you don't believe in the first one. You don't know what, how he is going to come. And so, there's a very simple test; the Doomsday leaflet says there's a very simple test: just see his hand and you'll see the holes down there and you're going to know by that whether he's the real one or not. But what about other people coming? Because many, many people were crucified, you see, this was a common punishment. If they come down they might say, "Okay, see our holes." You don't even have baptism. It says in the Bible, St. John the Baptist says, "He who will come after me will baptise you with Holy Spirit and with fire." They are not asking for that holy baptism, that Holy Spirit, spiritual baptism.

They are not asking for that baptism of spiritualism or of fire, but they are just seeing his hole. And you are going to give that life, whole life, you are going to dedicate the whole life for that hole - yes. As if the aim of your life were that hole in his hand. No! Long before he had that hole many many people believed in him. They never believed in him for that hole - no. They believed in him because he gave them Knowledge. And so actually if we want to believe in him we can only believe, not on his hole, but on his Knowledge.

You people have been given this Knowledge, and now you have to practice it because it's very smooth, it's just like the snow; Maharaj Ji said that this snow is the biggest communism because it makes everything white. And so this Knowledge also will make everybody a devotee. I think you have to proceed on this path and really meditate, because meditation is very important. Really this is the time, because this is Millennium now - isn't it?

I was really surprised because I said that people are talking about the devil and different things, and they say, "You are anti-Christ," they don't even understand what is love. They have this hatred, you see? And they think the devil is so powerful - but tell me one thing - even if this devil exists because the picture that you have before your eyes is this, that the devil is very big, the devil has all these pleasures and he has all this materialism behind him, all the drugs and everything - and God has nothing! God is just standing like that down there and like God cannot do anything. But that's wrong. God is like beyond everybody, like God is the Father, God is all-powerful, He's supreme. If God is supreme, the devil does not exist before Him. The only thing is, you have to know God. And once you know God you are all-powerful, the devil doesn't exist. Like even Jesus Christ, even he himself, he wasn't talking about the devil. So who spoke about the devil? Who started this nonsense?

You people went in the church, you never got what you wanted so you just went out, you started going to different sects and different religions and different religious groups, different experiences and so on. In the same manner, when the church was being formed and everything was growing, people were totally dissatisfied. People started doing different things, so what they tried is they started praying to God in an opposite manner. That means like you have, "Our Father who art in heaven…" this prayer, they started reciting this prayer in the opposite manner. They said, "Okay, if this doesn't work out then the other thing might work out." Instead of saying God, G-O-D, God, this doesn't work out so say dog, d-o-g, just, just turn it. Even now, if you go to London there is a sect, and they have a big frame which is empty, and beside that there's a big picture of a dog. They believe when God comes on this earth He's going to have a big dog with Him, you see. And if you go to New Hebrides the people down there they believe when God comes He's going to bring motorcycles and airplanes.

So some of these people were, you can say, being thrown away from the main path, or from the church. They completely defected from the thing. The church became very angry and said that these people are the devil, and the word devil came into existence; the words like anti-Christ came into existence. And then the witchcraft trials began. They killed thousands-and thousands of people, and they created this fear, and everybody started experiencing that it's the power of the church. Even now the church, in London, I think it's called the Church of England isn't it? Now still they have their own law, they practice their own law. If a priest does anything the church judges that thing. The court cannot do anything, the whole matter goes to the church and the church judges him. Even till now the church is like judging their own people. And they completely had this influence.

And your people, the fathers who started this nation, America, were fed up with all this nonsense, so they came here. Because they wanted to escape, they wanted liberation, they wanted freedom, and this was not freedom. And so they came down here for freedom. Then the whole thing they started themselves, and now the whole thing is manifesting. I believe that we people are our own problems, we people are a problem for ourselves. Because if this finger is here, there's a probability that this finger might be cut, someday it'll be cut with a knife and then I'll feel the pain. So this finger is a problem for me. In the same manner we people are a problem for ourselves. But when we experience, when we experience the solution inside us, when we experience the reality inside us, when we meditate, then automatically our mind instead of going to the problems, or going to the world, it goes onto that Holy Name. The experience is our source, and then automatically, it's just like we go to the protons - we don't revolve like electrons revolve but we go in the nucleus, and the nucleus is stationary.

Dear premies, it's really important for you to do service, because service teaches us all this meditation, because it strengthens our meditation. You people are coming here, you people are hearing discourses, and in the same manner you can utilize this body, this hand and mind and everything in this service, and this service will help you in meditation - it's very, it's very important. Like going to your classes and just coming back is no good; you have to do the homework, and this homework is service. You can listen, you can see and do everything, but this homework is very important, and this homework is service.

You have to really utilize this body for Him who has created us because, He has the right for that. Even if we take drugs, even if we commit suicide, that's not the solution. Because actually, death is not a problem, but a solution for the whole like thing, for the whole suffering, because now you have to work for your stomach, you have to work for clothes, you have to work for so many things. And a full stop is death, because if you die then everything is solved! But you cannot die, because you have no right over your body, this body doesn't belong to you. And so if it doesn't belong to you, you have no right to kill this body. Only one person has this right, and that person is God. So I think the only way you can repay Him back, the only way you can give Him back what He created is through the service, through doing His work. And there are many many channels. And so really you have to do service; it's important.