I love to be happy
You have made me happy
love you.

Crystalizing around my
Rock hard heart.
Where is the door to my soul?

I will let
The Spring come in.
I will let
My Lord love me.

dear Guru Maharaj Ji
i don't care to win
divine poem contests
or even to have you read
anything written by my hand
but i do care to beg
for constant meditation
an endless flow of satsang
service to fill my days
and ever-growing devotion
to you.

dear Guru Maharaj Ji
i love to see your face

Each snowflake you have costumed
Unlike the very next
That one day all must melt as on
By the brilliance of your face.
And float forever peaceful
In the ocean of your grace.

Dear Lord,
I am like a leaf, attached to the tree of maya.
Slowly, slowly you have separated me from that tree.
Now I hang,
Like the last leaf of autumn,
Afraid to fall.
Please Lord,
Shake the branches,
And with Your sweet breath
Blow me onto Your river of Grace
And sweep me up in your current.
Just take me - take me
Into your infinite ocean.

All I can give You is me.

Your Love
causes birds to sing
throughout the day

Please save the earth
from destruction
my dear Master


Your Love can easily
end all bombs

Hungrily I breathe in Life
Always pure and new;
Thankfully I breathe out Pain
Finding rest in You.

You are love.
How can I help but love love
I love you

A tear and a dewdrop
On the cheek of my Beloved
Leave the same trail