A Joyous Pilgrimage to Houston

Soul Rush is a monumental, totally unprecedented nationwide pilgrimage for peace. Starting in Boston on October 24, and arriving in Houston 16 days later, Soul Rush will draw America's attention to the Millennium '73 festival, held in the Houston Astrodome on November 8, 9 and 10.

More than 30,000 disciples of Guru Maharaj JAI will take part in this epic voyage across America.

Passing through the historic cities where, over 200 years ago, a small group of people fought for the right to establish "One Nation Under God," Soul Rush will remind Americans of America's spiritual heritage.

The motto of Soul Rush is "Houston or Bust; In God We Trust." Thousands of pilgrims for peace will send out the freedom cry in the streets of nine major cities.

They will hold rallies, programs and parades in Boston, Plymouth Rock, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Columbus, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City and Houston. The bells of freedom and the chimes of brotherhood will ring out, as Soul Rush invites every American to come to Houston and take part in the Millennium '73 festival. Along the way Soul Rushers by the thousands will go door to door with special invitations announcing the brightest message that one person has ever given another!

Susan Gregory, program coordinator of Soul Rush commented, "There has never been an eyent like Soul Rush promises to be. Every night of Soul Rush will be bigger than a Broadway production." Traveling as a part of Soul Rush will be a 50 piece rock orchestra, Blue Aquarius, conducted by Shri Bhole Ji. Blue Aquarius will present free concerts in each major city that Soul Rush passes through.

The invitation calling Americans to come take part in the celebration of Millennium at the Houston Astrodome will be written large over the face of the American continent. And thousands of Americans, young and old alike, will respond eagerly. In 1849 thousands of pioneering Americans took part in the Gold Rush. Today's new frontier is no longer gold and what it can afford; Soul Rush '73 is inspired by the understanding that the Lord is here among us now, that he has come to establish peace on earth, for everyone!

Countdown of Events

More than 500 disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji will huddle together in Boston for two days in order to review the Call to Millenium (see page 2) and the itinerary for the next 16 days. Most of the Soul Rushers will be meeting each other for the first time; they will represent every walk of life and every state in the nation. Twelve Greyhound busts painted in rainbow hues will transport the Soul Rushers on their 2000 mile pilgrimmage for peace. Susan Gregory, a member of the Rush Steering Team described these buses as "meditative beehives moving through America at 70 m . p. h."

While the Pilgrims' Congress is taking place, many thousands of disciples will be moving into Boston from the entire New England area. They will join the. Soul Rushers to celebrate the first step on the long journey to Houston, which will take place on October 24.

Oct. 24: Boston

Soul Rush officially begins and it is "United Nations Day." The pilgrimage kicks off with a joyous parade starting from City Hall Plaza at 10:00 a.m. Over 5000 disciples will march and sing down the Freedom Trail, a mile and a half route through Old Boston. They will pass the spire where Paul Revere's lantern hung at the Old North Church, the Park Street Church where great anti-slavery speeches. were delivered by abolitionists and the. meeting hall where the Boston Tea Party was planned, and the Boston Massacre took place.

Each of these landmarks reminds us of the great American struggle to find freedom and equality for all. Soul Rushers will announce that all nations can truly be united as one planet under God! They will be like inverse Paul Reveres, for they will be warning people to prepare for peace, not war. They will deliver the greatest anti-slavery message imaginable, as they declare that Guru Maharaj Ji has the keys to eternal liberation from suffering and pain.

The parade will rally in the Boston Common, which the Founding Fathers of this country declared a "place for all the people" nearly 200 years ago. For two and a half hours the Soul Rushers will proclaim in song, theater and speech that the hopes of the minutemen who trained on the Boston Common two centuries ago are now realizable, in a practical way. From this rally the pilgrims for peace will pour into the streets of Boston, inviting everyone to come to Houston and attend the Millennium '73 festival.

The evening program will be in the Music Hall, an auditorium seating 4200 people in downtown Boston. Shri •Bhole Ji and Blue Aquarius, the 50 piece rock orchestra, will hold. a free concert with music for all ages, everything from Bach to boogie! And on the huge 52' high movie screen directly above the stage, the award winning film, Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? will he shown.

Oct. 25: Plymouth Rock

This is the day of a new moon. a symbol of new beginnings, and the genesis of a new consciousness! The five city block long parade of rainbow-hued buses will be followed by a massive motorcade of disciples. In the morning Soul Rush will reach Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. It was here that European settlers established their first community on this continent. They braved all the odds and crossed the Atlantic in the Mayflower to fulfill their dream 'of a better life. Now Guru Maharaj Ji has come at a time when the pilgrims' dream has been forgotten, and he promises to fulfill that vision on a world-wide basis.

At Plymouth Rock, the Call to Millennium will be read out to America. The dedication ceremony will consist of theater, group meditation, and the singing of many traditional songs. "Amazing Grace" will be among them. At 1:00 P.M. the Soul Rush pilgrims will head for Philadelphia, and the message of peace will travel on before them like a ripple of warm wind!

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Oct. 28: "Night of light" at White House

The White House Throughout the 1960's a generation of Americans undertook a biannual journey to Washington, D.C. to demonstrate for peace. Millions came and went, returned and tried time and time again to get the message of peace across. Young and old demonstrated in impressive numbers. They tried many tactics. Finally in exhaustion, they decided that no tactic would succeed. Frustration rather than peace was their reward.

In 1963 black arms and white arms linked together, inspired by Martin Luther King's noble words: In 1967 a younger, less organized crowd tried to "levitate" the Pentagon with a circle 'of flower children holding hands and placing flowers in the gun barrels of the MP's. In 1969 a million people somberly gathered at the Washington Monument. 40,000 had died in a war that seemed to be endles. At May Day 1971 the cry was, "If the government won't stop the war, we will stop the government." 13,000 were arrested, freeways were blocked, hatred filled the air. There was no peace. Many lost hope. Peace was a puzzle with too many missing pieces.

Now a 15 year old boy comes to America to proclaim that peace is possible. Backing him up, millions of people declare that they have experienced the gift of peace, the Knowledge Guru Maharaj Ji reveals freely. These millions cry out that Maharaj Ji has a tool that can change the world. They claim from their own experience that Knowledge is the practical solution to all our problems!

– So on October 28, 1973, 10,000 devotees will gather in Washington, D.C. They will invite' the government of the United States to hear the message of a 15 year old who can establish absolute peace on earth. Throughout that Sunday morning they will explain the realization of peace in churches in the city. That afternoon, a mammoth outdoor program will take place, drawing tens of thousands of people. Together they will meet on the Washington Monument Grounds.

This will not be a demonstration for peace, but a demonstration of peace, a living demonstration of Guru Maharaj Ji's power to transform human lives. Blue Aquarius will present a joyous, free concert that afternoon fat the Sylvan Theater which is just within earshot of the White House! Lola Jackson, staff member of the

Soul Rush committee, commented that "In Boston and Philadelphia Soul Rush will point to America's spiritual heritage of freedom and brotherhood. In Washington it will act as a zoom lens on the contemporary scene. Washington is an intense city, especially at this time. The people will listen closely to our message."

Then, as the sun goes down and nighttime sets in, a beautiful candlelight procession featuring more than 10,000 candles will begin from the Monument to the White House in single file. At the head of the procession a devotee will carry an invitation to the President of the United States to come to Millennium '73.

This fantastic moment in American history will become known as the "Night of Light," for into the darkness of this age has come the Light of the World. And soon, the night will be driven away, along with the tears and sufferings and miseries of every person on earth. The devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji will gather in front of the White House to read the public invitation and to proclaim to America and all the world that the Perfect Master can bring peace to this earth through the power of Knowledge!


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Oct. 26: Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love is the next stop for Soul Rush. It was here that the First Continental Congress met and tried to instill the ideals of peace, justice, and purity into the framework of a new country. Soul Rush arrives to remind Americans of this noble endeavor, and point the way to its fulfillment. The thousands of disciples will march to Independence Hall where they will hold a grand rally in the evening. Blue Aquarius will present a free program of joyous music.

Oct. 27-28: Washington, D.C.

Saturday morning. Soul Rushers will lead a caravan to the nation's capitol. They will fan out into the city during the afternoon, and in the evening a massive meeting will take place. Disciples from Miami to Maine will gather to discuss the plan for the next day; when Soul Rush will bring an invitation to the President and people of the United States, welcoming them to Millennium '73 at the Astrodome. (See special section page 3).

Oct. 29-30: Columbus

Here, in the "All-American City," the 500 Soul Rushers, the thousands of disciples who joined Soul Rush on the East Coast, and thousands more from Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit, will gather for a massive celebration featuring music, meditation and spiritual discourses.

Columbus, Ohio is named after the discoverer of this continent. Columbus felt that America was a God-given New Jerusalem. The story of his epic voyage across the uncharted Atlantic is an amazing allegory. He started out in search of the promise of the East, with all its riches, spices and oriental treasures. Just at the time when all hope seemed useless, and when the men on the ships were ready to mutiny, land was sighted and America was discovered!

Today, just as the people of America are losing hope in the face of Watergate, rising inflation, and food and energy crisis, peace has been sighted and the call to Millennium has been sounded loud and clear! A new nation is on the horizon, and the promise of freedom, justice and love is being fulfilled by "a child from the East."

On the 30th of October Soul Rush will offer the citizens of Columbus a taste of the excitement which will prevail at the Millennium '73 festival in Houston in just a few weeks' time. The 500 Soul Rushers will meet with civic groups in the morning. Then, in the afternoon a parade will journey through the city and culminate in a rally. Pilgrims from all 50 states will be there, and a local 21-voice choir will perform. That night another free music concert will be provided by Blue Aquarius.

Oct. 31: Indianapolis

The Soul Rushers will move into the capital of the "crossroads of America," and thousands of disciples will parade down Main Street with balloons, banners and leaflets. Indianapolis is the home of one of the most famous auto races in the world: the Indianapolis 500. And Soul Rush will joyously inform Middle America that it cart stop racing around in circles at 200 mph, and zoom off into a highway with no speed limit except the speed of light, and head straight for world unity!

That evening, Blue Aquarius and Shri Bhole Ji will host another free concert, and the award winning film, Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji will be shown. It will be Halloween, and instead of taking fruit and candy to "hobgoblins, ghosts and gypsies," the disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji will go door-to-door offering a "Treat for America."

Each disciple will hand out hundreds of miniature rainbows. The rainbow has taken on a special meaning this year, it has become the visual symbol of Millennium '73. "We seek to remind Americans of God's love for the world," explained one Soul Rusher. "We have received a gift from God, the Knowledge of that love that sustains life. We finally understand what God's promise of a new covenant with man really means!"

As Americans throughout the nation receive these rainbows, they will be invited to come to Millennium '73. "There is a way to recognize our purpose in living," said a Soul Rusher, "and the time is now. You can chase a rainbow forever and never catch one. But Guru Maharaj Ji can put that rainbow right in your hand. All you need to do to receive his gift is to run toward the Light!"

Nov. 1: St. Louis

This day is "All Saints Day," and Soul Rush will rally in the "Gateway to the West" to the sound of Blue Aquarius playing "When the Saints Go Marching In." Here the Spirit of St: Louis will be recalled. It was through this city that millions of pioneers swarmed towards the Wild West, seeking a freer, better life. Some were motivated by dreams of gold, others sought the "wide open spaces."

They pushed all the way to the Pacific, built railroads, created great cities in the Plains and on the West Coast. Still, the American Dream has remained as elusive as ever.

Now as the Soul Rushers head through St. Louis, pointed towards Houston, the cry is no longer "Go West, Young Man," but rather "Go Within!" These pioneers for peace have discovered that the peace everyone seeks is right within the human heart, revealed by Knowledge.

The people of Missouri, the "Show Me" State, will see the disciples' joy, and they will learn about a way they can themselves know the source of that joy. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "There is a test for the Perfect Master. What is the test? This Knowledge. If this Knowledge gives you peace, he is the Perfect Master. If it cannot, he is not the Perfect Master."

Nov. 2-3: Kansas City

The last full stop before Houston is Kansas City, the "Heart of America." On November 2 the Soul Rushers will go door-to-door during the day and hold a program in the evening. The next day a parade and peace rally will take place.

Nov. 4: Houston

Almost 500 years ago this continent was discovered by Euro

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Guru Maharaj Ji (with camera) and Jacques Sandoz A 70 minute color film from Shri Hans Productions. Winner of the Golden Jury Award at the Atlanta Film Festival in September, 1973.

by Jacques Sandoz

A film has been made which introduces the public to Guru Maharaj Ji. It is 70 minutes long and will soon be released throughout the U.S. In September it was entered in the Atlanta Film Festival, where it won awards in two of seven categories, among more than 2,000 entries. It has been selected as one of the 10 best films, winning the Gold Medal in the Religion category. Also, it received a special jury award for quality.

20 minute special

From October 10 through November 10, 1972, "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" will be shown throughout America. In every city that Soul Rush passes through, the film will play in a theater before, during and after the pilgrimage takes place. For this event, a special 20 minute version of the film has been produced.

Guru Maharaj Ji had a personal hand in the making of this movie. After we did a first version, which was 60 minutes long, he said that he wanted to do the editing for the final version, so he came out to Los Angeles for one week. This was an incredible experience for us. You see, we have a limited capacity, but Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't, so he really knows how to reach people. He cut away all the gimmicks in the film, all the parts that the disciples would have liked but that would not have been relevant to other people. What remains is something that everyone can understand.

He displayed an extreme consciousness about this film, that it is a tool to bring the message of Knowledge to the world. He kept the essence of his mission in the film, and carefully edited the superfluous parts out. Maharaj Ji said we should not present his personality, because the important thing is the Knowledge he is giving to people.

Guru Maharaj Ji was so clear. I have never seen anyone with such clarity working at the editing table. He would tell us to stop a frame, and he would show us something wrong in that frame. Now we had seen the film maybe 50 times and not caught that mistake! So actually Guru Maharaj Ji took this film and improved it tremendously in the one week that he worked with us. He has brought it to the perfection that we could reach; not that he could reach, but to what was possible for us.

Incredible insights

Aided by the experience of working with Guru Maharaj Ji, with the incredible insights into the nature of effective communication that he showed us by his choices on the editing table – we feel that our next efforts can be much more improved. In this way we can become more proficient in reaching that point where people can understand the message that we want to express; which is that Knowledge is being revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji, and this Knowledge is the aim of human life.

This film will be shown free in every city the Soul Rush route.