Millenium '73


Millennium '73. The name means a thousand years of peace. And now in Houston Texas, and across the globe, we are celebrating a great festival of peace, under the banner Millennium'73

Two great religious Teachers have walked this earth in recent years. Like Moses, Christ and Buddha, they have taught men a pathway to peace. This festival is a birthday homage to one of them, and a platform from which the other will address the world.

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, known as Shri Maharaj Ji, was born into a noble Indian family. After leaving his wealthy home, he spent his life revealing to the people of India the secret of life – the eternal source of peace which we call the Soul. For forty years he traveled across India, often on foot, gathering ever larger crowds to hear him speak. He directly showed them the hidden energy which supplies the human frame with life, and guided their footsteps with compassion and wisdom.

Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Ji's birthday has been celebrated each year in India, with a great festival known as Hans Jayanti. Three years ago, in 1970, the annual Hans Jayanti Festival was the occasion of a momentous announcement by Shri Sant Ji Maharaj, Shri Maharaj Ji's youngest son, then only 12 years old. Addressing a crowd of more than a million people, he declared:

"Give me your love, I will give you peace. Come to me, 1 will relieve you of your sufferings. I am the sourceof peace in this world. All I ask of you is your love. And what I can give you is such peace as will never die.

"I declare I will establish peace in this world."

This speech had such a powerful impact on those who heard it, that it became known as the Peace Bomb.

Guru Maharaj Ji has undertaken three World Peace Tours since his Peace Bomb announcement in 1970.

While the world about us is beset with crisis upon crisis, Guru Maharaj Ji will address the World Assemblage to Save Humanity in the Astrodome, and present his concrete plan for world peace.



12:00 Overture: The Apostles
America's devotional rock band will begin the day's presentation.

12:15 Welcoming Address Joan Apter and Charles Cameron, masters of ceremony for the event, will welcome the disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji, their guests, and the members of the international delegations to the Millennium celebrations.

12:45 Arti
Thousands of voices will join in singing this ancient song of devotion to the Perfect Master.

1:15 Amazing Grace
The Apostles.

1:30 Windows in Time: Past Perfect Masters
Charles Cameron narrates stories from the lives of some of the better known Perfect Masters, illustrated by black and white drawings on, the enormous electronic Astrolite screen.

2:00 The Perfect Master is Always Present
Mahatma Guru Charnanand, Guru Maharaj Ji's first apostle to journey to the west, will speak about the Perfect Master and his endless task of revealing the light to men.

2:30 Lord Christ
A new concept in theatrical production was developed in order to present the story of Jesus onstage at Millennium - Astrotheater. In its premiere performance, Lord Christ traces the life of the Perfect Master, climaxing in the Sermon on the Mount.

3:15 Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji
Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, will speak.

4:00 Dinner Interval
6:00 P.M. Music in the Dome, featuring the soul music of Eric Mercury.

7:00 Millennium '73
Bob Mishler, President of Divine Light Mission America, will be the first speaker of this evening. His theme will be the importance of Millennium to America and the world.

7:30 Blue Aquarius
Shri Bhole Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's brother, introduces his Big Band, Blue Aquarius. "It is a new sound of '73 and of the future. It is free sound. This new sound we have realized with the help and by the grace of Guru Maharaj Ji."

8:30 Guru Maharaj Ji
The highlight of the opening day of the festival will be Guru Maharaj Ji's first address.

The evening will close with a song from Alan Thomas, and the singing of the traditional devotional song, Arti.


12:00 Arti
The ancient song of devotion.

12:30 Overture: The Apostles

1:00 Introduction for the day
Joan and Charles welcome the assembly and introduce the theme for the day.

1:15 People who Look for Peace get it.
Disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji describe their experiences of this Knowledge.

2:15 Shri Mata Ji
The Holy Mother of Guru Maharaj Ji, Shri Mata Ji, will address us.

3:00 Krishna Lila
This beautiful Indian story has been performed internationally by the Divine Light Dance Ensemble. It now comes to the Millennium '73 stage, in a new version - choreographed especially for this event. The dance celebrates the love of a devotee for the living Perfect Master through the tale of Lord Krishna and his beloved gopis.

4:00 Dinner Interval
6:00 P.M. Music in the Dome, featuring the Apostles devotional rock band.

7:00 The State of the World
Guru Maharaj Ji's only western apostle, Mahatma Saphlanand Ji, will speak about the present world crisis, and the solution offered by Guru Maharaj Ji.

7:30 Blue Aquarius
Blue Aquarius presents a historical medley of tunes from our generation.

In the Beginning was the Word
Blue Aquarius joins with the Choir to present Erika Anderson's original choral work "In the beginning was the Word."

8:30 Guru Maharaj Ji
Once again, Guru Maharaj Ji's address will be the keystone of the day's program.

The evening will close with a song from Suzy Witten and the singing of the traditional devotional song, Arti.


12:00 Arti
The ancient devotional song of praise to the Perfect Master.

12:30 Overture: Blue Aquarius
Blue Aquarius will express the rebirth of planet earth and the dawning of a New Age with their joyous music.

12:45 Introduction for the day
Joan and Charles welcome the assembly and introduce the theme for the day.

1:00 Shri Raja Ji
Guru Maharaj Ji's brother Raja Ji will speak.

1:20 A Divine Organization
Guru Maharaj Ji's Divine United Organization proclamation is read, followed by a formal call to humanity to join in the New Age by all practical means, giving generous support to Maharaj Ji's program for world peace.

3:15 Blue Aquarius
Blue Aquarius will again uplift us with their "non-stop energy of love."

4:00 Dinner Interval 6:00 P.M. Music in the Dome, featuring the devotional rock music of the Apostles.

7:00 A Thousand Years of Peace
Rennie Davis, the General Coordinator of the Millennium '73 Festival, will speak about the future family of man.

7:30 Blue Aquarius
The Astrodome shakes as Bhole Ji unwinds in his final Millennium '73 appearance.

8:30 Guru Maharaj Ji
Guru Maharaj Ji's final address of the festival to America and the world.

The singing of the ancient devotional song, Arti, will bring the program to a close.