An Introduction to Divine Light Mission

"Divine Light Mission is not going to give you peace," says Guru Maharaj Ji, "the revelation of who you are is going to give you peace." So why does Divine Light Mission exist? We are only a small group of people, numbering six million throughout the world, but we have come into this organization for one reason. We have been let in on a secret. And the whole purpose of Divine Light Mission is to let everyone in on this secret, for once this happens, peace will be established on earth!

The secret is that there is concrete proof that the Lord is walking on this planet today! This proof exists as Knowledge, a direct experience which Guru Maharaj Ji reveals, which establishes peace in every individual who makes this connection. The secret is that the Lord has come this time for one reason only: to liberate every human being and establish peace on earth for 1000 years. He has chosen America for the advent of the Millennium!

To its members, Divine Light Mission is the logical destination that this generation was striving to reach. In America, most of Guru Maharaj Ji's disciples are veterans of one movement or another.

15,000 disciples from six continents hold a peace rally in Trafalgar Square, London, July 14, 1973

In the 1960's American youth woke up from the dream spawned throughout the 1950's. They faced the facts of My Lai massacres, polluted Potomacs, burning ghetttos, assasinations, and lifeless lifestyles. As awareness of the problems expanded, so did the number of half-baked solutions. People "Tuned in, turned on and dropped out" with LSD or got "Clean for Gene." Others avoided the movements and took their search fof peace on the road.

In the 1970's the Woodstock generation's optimism has faded away. The communes are closing down, the "hip capitalist" is taking over, and "expanded consciousness" drugs are being replaced by methaqualone and other "downs" in an effort to shut out the confusion chemically.

There are about 50,000 people in America who see that America's future and the world's future is brighter than anyone could imagine. They have found that Guru Maharaj Ji is so compassionate and so powerful that he can save this world in the twinkling of an eye! He does this by revealing the Knowledge!

Divine Light Mission would be just another idealistic effort to prevent social injustice if it weren't for Knowledge. This direct experience unites people and gives peace like no philosophy can. Mike Donner, vice-president of DLM and formerly an activist in SDS, compared the mission with other social groups. "These other attempts are based upon some ideology or philosophy shared by its members. But ideas cannot be shared. Everyone has agoalstly different feeling about ,goals and ways to achieve them. That even:- tually leads to the downfall of that particular movement. But having Knowledge puts us all in touch with the same experience. From this base of common experience we can move toward bringing about those changes that are needed."

Another unique aspect of DLM is that it seeks social change by starting within. Donner adds, "The only real social change must start within the individual first, because until everybody has peace and is in the same place mentally, you will have to be putting people in jail. In a society based on the Knowledge everyone will be on the same level of high awareness and pure love."

Breaking concepts

Because the members of DLM are so willing to get the message across, and therefore utilize any technological means 'possible, some people have concluded that DLM preaches "corporate yoga." Actually, by breaking these stereotypes of what spirituality is supposed to entail, DLM has opened the way for thousands of people to consider checking out Guru Maharaj Ji's claim to "show you God face to face!"

Serving humanity within DLM takes place on two levels. First, it involves informing people that the source of their life and the aim of life is to insure that everyone on the planet has the basic material requirements needed to live comfortably.

The basic service arm of the mission is the World Peace Corps. The WPC organizes public programs, puts on festivals, runs transportation for people and products, serves food, does construction work and practically anything else that involves putting manpower to use effectively.

Medical service is handled through Shri Hans Humanitarian services. They plan to open a clinic in New York. Dr. John Horton, director of the organization said, "We treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. We employ all kinds of healing techniques from patent medicines to homeopathic cures. But the most essential medicine is love.'

All written material is published by Shri Hans Publications. To date, two magazines are being published monthly, And It Is Divine and Divine Light. The former is a general interest magazine that treats worldly topics with spiritual insight, and the latter prints the discourses given by Maharaj Ji and members of his family. The Divine Times and the soon to be published Aquarian Times are newspapers. The Divine Times is also published in England, Switzerland, Germany and soon in South America. In October, Bantam books will publish the first DLM book. Four other books are in progress.

Education based an Knowledge is under the domain of Shri Hans Educational, which is opening a trans generational boarding school in December. The artistic resources of the mission are coordinated by the Players of the Living Arts. Musicians, actors, dancers, directors, stage designers and artists work together to provide free entertainment that is uplifting as well as engaging.

Krishna Lila is a dance/play that has been performed at the United Nations and abroad as well as in the U.S. The most recent sensation from PLA is a 50-piece band, Blue Aquarius, which is conducted by Bhole Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's brother.

Shri Hans Films has so far produced five films about Guru Maharaj Ji and Knowledge. The latest film, Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?, was screened at the Atlanta Film Festival in September. See page … The next project is an entertainment film for distribution in commercial theaters.