Coming Down To Houston


Dr. Ron Peters is down in Houston developing the special health care facilities that will operate during the three days of the festival. As coordinator of Shri Hans Humanitarian, Dr. Ron is setting up an extensive clinic in the Astrohall, with a smaller clinic in the Astrodome itself. A dozen first aid stations will be located around the Dome for emergency situations.

Herbalists, masseurs, physical therapists and doctors of traditional medicine will be on duty throughout the three days. The Astrohall clinic will be staffed by two doctors, two nurses, six counselors, and many others. An individual with any sort of problem can come to the clinic and get professional help. The preparations take in account several hundred thousand people coming to the festival.

"Hopefully," said Ron, "all the health services can be free." He is trying to get supplies donated, and the staff at Shri Hans Humanitarian will work without pay. "If we can't get supplies free," he said, "then the only charge will be medicines at cost, and that on a donation basis. Good health should be free."

A major concern at Shri Hans Humanitarian is preventive medicine. "Preventive medicine is simple, really – provide for mind control, which comes through meditation, sleep, food, exercise, fresh air and water, and the body will be healthy under most circumstances," explains Dr. Ron. "We will be checking all sanitary facilities and providing for good water and nutritious food. Also, both to insure a clean and bright environment, we will wash down the entire Astrodome."

Culture shock

Dr. Ron expects two major kinds of health problems at the festival. The first kind is "statistically expected illness." This includes colds, viruses, headaches, cuts and bruises. The second kind is "event-related illness." The high energy of the event and culture shock will affect some people, so counselors will be available to offer therapy, and resting places in the Astrodome will be opened up to help these individuals "get away from it all" for a short period and then return to the festival. "This event is going to be very highly charged," said Ron. "There will be so much love and so much energy that those who aren't meditating may not be able to handle it. We must provide for their 'welfare."

Shri Hans Humanitarian seeks to establish a "consciousness of better health" among people and will demonstrate this consciousness in the health care service at the Astrodome. "These physical bodies are given to us to take good care of," Ron points out, "and it is important to respect them as temples for our souls. The best medicine on the market is pure love!"

Astrodome Map * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pack your bags, buy your
ticket,fly to Houston to join
Millennium '73, an event which
has never happened before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


From North:
Rte. 59 – take 90 W. to 610 to Astrodome Exit.

From East:
Rte. 225 – merge into 610 to Astrodome Exit. Rte. 10 -- take 610 S. to Astrodome Exit.

From West:
Rte. 10 – take 610 S. to Astrodome Exit.

From Southwest:
Rte. 59 – take 610 S. to Astrodome Exit.
Rte. 45 (75) – take 610 W. to Astrodome Exit.


Walk to Main Street, take "8600 S. Main" bus to Astrodome.
Greyhound: walk on Texas St. past La Branch to Main St.
Trailways: walk on McKenney, past Fannin to Main St.
Union Station: walk on Texas of Praries, past La Branch to Main St.
Southern Pacific RR: walk on Elder to Preston to Main St.


Millennium '73 shuttle bus service every hour
OR take S. Main limousine, then 8600 S. Main St. bus
OR take Rte. 45 or Rte. 59 to 610 to Astrodome Exit.

Transportation will be provided to and from the hotels to the Astrodome.
However, if you wish to rent a car, make arrangements with an agency
before your arrival in Houston to insure its availability.

Logistics Checklist

What to Bring:

We urge you to reserve hotel space.

1) At least four changes of clothes. The weather will be between 55-70 degrees.
2) Bed roll for people with non-hotel housing.
3) At least 30-40 dollars.


Bus service will be provided as part of the Air Charter Fare and will include busing between the airport and the hotel, also between the hotel and the Astrodome, from November 8-10. Those flying by regular commercial jet can ourchase tickets for local bus service for $10.00.


1) Vegetarian lunch will be served at the astrodome costing $1.50-$2.00 per meal.
2) Hot dinners will be served in the Astrohall costing $2.50-$3.00 per meal.


We request that you stay in hotels. Nice, inexpensive hotel rooms are available, and will be arranged for you by the form below.

Medical Care:

The Astrodome and the Astrohall both will have treatment centers for physical and spiritual complaints. These will be staffed by M Ds, RNs and Red Cross workers and will be open from 9:00 AM until 10:30 PM.


Until Millennium '73 anyone desiring information about the festival should stay in close contact with his nearest ashram, or write the Houston Millennium Headquarters: 3400 Montrose Blvd., Suite 803, Houston, Texas 77006. Phone: 713 526-7201. At the event itself, there will be information booths in the Astrodome, and in the Astrohall, and in other areas of the city. Telephone information will be available by calling communications central 7137748-4500

Charter Flights

These charters are legally restricted to Members of Divine Light Mission and their Parents.

All individuals planning to take the Divine Charters to Houston for Millennium '73, should be aware that infants two years of age (24 months) and under can fly on the charters free of charge. Also, all children under 7 years do not have to pay for accomodations in Houston. This means that those children between the ages of 24 months and 6 years 11 months need only pay the charter airfare to Houston. However, a charter application clearly indicating these conditions is required. If your child is an infant 24 months or under, all that is required is that you add + INFANT to your application.

Parents of members will soon be receiving information packages about Millennium '73. We are making all effort to make their stay in Houston especially comfortable. Parents have the following options available to them:

1. They may choose to provide their own transportation to Houston and be accomodated in the Shamrock Hilton with other parents in which case they must fill out an appropriate housing form and send it to Houston.

2. They may choose to fly on the charter flights and participate in the charter package. In this case, they should fill out a charter flight application and mail payments to Divine Travel Services in Denver.

3. They may choose to take advantage of the inexpensive charter fare and stay in the Shamrock Hilton, with other parents instead of the charter group. In this case, they should fill out the "Parent's Charter Flight Application" and send it with payment to the Divine Travel Services. Also they should fill out the - appropriate housing form and mail it to Houston.

In order to obtain applications and information concerning the cost of airfare for parents (option #3) and children ages 2-7, you should contact your local ashram or Divine Travel Services in Denver (303/534-7157). This price will of course be the package price for your area minus the computed accomodations cost.

All members and their immediate family interested in taking advantage of the convenient charter arrangements should send in their applications immediately with payment to Divine Travel Services 51 1-16th Street P.O. Box 6495, Denver, CO 80206. No personal checks will be accepted for payment. The time is NOW for supreme effort from all premies to make Millennium '73 a reality in November. So please do not waste time.


Special arrangements have been made for the parents of disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji. They will be staying in the Shamrock Hilton Hotel in Houston, special buses will provide transportation from the both to the Astrodome at various times throughout the day and evening, and parents will have reserved seats in the Blue Circle, the best seating in the Astrodome.

Largest Peacetime Aviation Movement

Thirty jumbo jets from around the world will bring thousands upon thousands of Guru Maharaj Ji's followers to Houston to attend the three-day celebration. Jets from London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Cologne, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Kenya, Beruit, India, Nepal, Ceylon, Tokyo, Australia, Peru and Toronto will ferry in his disciples in the largest charter flight movement in aviation history.

En route to the hotel, the Rainbow Guides will explain in the appropriate language about the hotel regulations, meals, transportation to the Astrodome (which will be regularly provided by a shuttle system of several hundred buses), and other necessary information. A short explanation of each day's events will also be given.

At the Astrodome, only those who have chartered flights will have reserved seats. These seats will be the best in the house, directly in front of the stage. Every other seat in the building, though, is absolutely free and open to one and all.

Chartered planes will come to Houston from practically every major city in the United States. As each plane lands in Houston, the Rainbow Guides (disciples dressed in color-keyed costumes) will meet each delegation, help them through customs and into the buses and coaches which will be waiting outside.


Parents are advised not to bring their young children to Millennium '73. Bill Manning, director of Shri Hans Educational, suggests, "It is better to leave a child at home with familiar surroundings."

Facilities in the Astrohall will be provided for childcare, but parents must accept complete responsibility and care for their children at this facility.